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  1. I'd love to be down there, sure looks like a great show- and the weather here sucks so bad that I really could have gotten away from the farm for a day or three without feeling too guilty about it.
  2. There have been many BUFFs live through worse problems than this, I saw it discussed on another forum yesterday which is mostly made up of USAF dudes. It of course brings to mind the old story of the F-16 pilot in the landing pattern, though: Tower: Viper 69, turn to heading 090 and hold at five miles, we have a B-52 who lost an engine and has declared an emergency. F-16: Ah, the dreaded seven-engine approach.
  3. It's a little bit of a tangent to your conversation, but we put a pile of hours on several different 2300 series combines. Electrical problems are nearly nonexistent with them. The wiring harnesses and other components are of vastly superior quality to what is in say a 1460. We fight a few more electrical gremlins in a flagship combine now, but there isn't a single time on it or a 23 that we have needed a dealer tech to get the problem diagnosed and cured.
  4. There's been one here since it was almost new, not sure how many hours on it as it's not the original tachometer any more but it's got a bunch, well over 10,000. It's been a really good tractor, just has the standard quibbles of any 06-86 series tractors. Propane engines can be a little troublesome on valves, but they sure are clean-running units.
  5. On the contrary, I've seen (and felt) a Bone on the deck at max subsonic speed in burner. I'd stand there and watch that all day long.
  6. Glad it was a little warmer at Oshkosh!
  7. It was a great season for soybeans here, some truly fantastic yields. Corn rather disappointing in comparison.
  8. Just this summer at Oshkosh I got to stand in a huge crowd and listen to him talk. I only wish I'd had the chance to see him fly.
  9. Mud Hog built them.
  10. Changing out to a Mud Hog is not something you need a dealer shop to do. We bought one mid-season during a muddy harvest for a 2366, got home with it at dark and had the machine in the field next afternoon. At the time we were trading combines every season, so we transferred that RWA to 2 or 3 other combines and got to where we could do it in probably less than 4 hours as I recall.
  11. Mother Nature, of course, holds a bigger role in what actual breakeven prices are for some of us who live where wild yield swings instead of consistency are typical. Kind of a joke to discuss the difference between $4 and $4.50 when you don't know whether your yield will be 80 or 180..... All that said, after the awful crop we had in this immediate locale last year I'm feeling quite fortunate to have a whopper crop and lots of it sold at good prices, we will get some healing accomplished. Cut 65 bpa beans on a farm last week that made 74 bpa corn in 2015, talk about a difference in my mood sitting in the combine seat.
  12. DAPL goes through 4 farms we operate, in fact about 400 feet from where I am sitting typing this on the computer. The big stink out at the Indian site is a load of BS, they were given every possible opportunity to have input and they obstructed or ignored all of the attempts by the Corps of Engineers and the pipeline organization to contact them until it became clear that they stood to not cash in the big bucks. I'm sure the mainstream media also didn't go out of their way to mention that DAPL parallels an existing pipeline by just a few feet going through that area, either.....
  13. Because the QF-4 target drone program is coming to an end, in fact the last shootdown of a Phantom occurred a few weeks ago but Holloman is still flying a handful of them manned alongside the QF-16s. Here's a very good description of the program from the CO of the Phantom target detachment. BTW, if you see the movie Sully those are "Elvis's" jets and he is flying one of them for the film.
  14. Had Metal fan on 2388 fail today .Did it damage your air to air on the 2377?

    Was the replacement fan metal ?

    I found All states tractor parts has a radiator for $1700.



    1. clay neubauer

      clay neubauer

      Replacement fan is nylon, and yes it tore the crap out of our after cooler too.

  15. Also says 1976, with the crazy inflation of that era and not knowing how that 23,000 tractor was equipped I just went for a conservative guess.