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  1. F-14's

    Sorry guys I've been busy with farming stuff and didn't get back to this topic, some of you would be interested in the Fighter Fling series of videos that the F-14 squadrons used to put together for their annual ball. Also a link the the modern Rhino Ball one, C-Rock was on the west coast Super Hornet Demo Team this season and he has some spectacular footage.
  2. F-14's

    The swing wing was their answer to making a Mach 2 capable interceptor that also had high maneuverability and safe handling at slow speeds to get aboard the boat. Here's an old Tomcat demo showing wing sweep and lots of awesome vapes too.
  3. F-14's

    There aren't any flying in America. There are however European countries that operate swing-wing Panavia Tornadoes over here for training, and from a little distance they could look very similar to a Tomcat. The AF does however still operate a handful of F-117 stealth jets, even though that type is "officially" retired.
  4. F-14's

    If you saw an F-14 in the air you were in Tehran- the Iranians are the only people with flying Tomcats. All of the US Navy ones are either destroyed or museum pieces now. There was actually an attempt by Snort Snodgrass and a few others to get some in private hands for the airshow circuit, but the Pentagon nixed that.
  5. Aircraft 101 safety training needed

  6. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

  7. Aircraft 101 safety training needed

    Fairly minimal, honestly. That's been a somewhat common occurrence with F-16s, even in high wind gusts. LOTS of Vipers hurt worse than that have been fixed, too. These are all flying again.
  8. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    Sure was awesome to see Doc and Fifi together at Oshkosh a couple weeks ago.
  9. EAA Fly-Over

    Randy, thanks for piping in on the topic- I better get back to work but I'll give you one more photo real quick.
  10. EAA Fly-Over

    It's going to take some considerable time to do photo processing, but I made two trips to OSH this past week and will try to get back here with a post later. Especially since I know there are several people on this forum who are big fans of the B-29 and having Doc and Fifi together sure was a dream come true. Here's a teaser, though- they called this the year of the bomber, and there was lots of heavy metal in the air. Bad to the Bone, baby!
  11. For the airplane guys......

    I'd love to be down there, sure looks like a great show- and the weather here sucks so bad that I really could have gotten away from the farm for a day or three without feeling too guilty about it.
  12. Talking of minots b 52s

    There have been many BUFFs live through worse problems than this, I saw it discussed on another forum yesterday which is mostly made up of USAF dudes. It of course brings to mind the old story of the F-16 pilot in the landing pattern, though: Tower: Viper 69, turn to heading 090 and hold at five miles, we have a B-52 who lost an engine and has declared an emergency. F-16: Ah, the dreaded seven-engine approach.
  13. What do you think about combine restoration?

    It's a little bit of a tangent to your conversation, but we put a pile of hours on several different 2300 series combines. Electrical problems are nearly nonexistent with them. The wiring harnesses and other components are of vastly superior quality to what is in say a 1460. We fight a few more electrical gremlins in a flagship combine now, but there isn't a single time on it or a 23 that we have needed a dealer tech to get the problem diagnosed and cured.
  14. 706 lp how many made?

    There's been one here since it was almost new, not sure how many hours on it as it's not the original tachometer any more but it's got a bunch, well over 10,000. It's been a really good tractor, just has the standard quibbles of any 06-86 series tractors. Propane engines can be a little troublesome on valves, but they sure are clean-running units.
  15. Jane Fonda Joins Protesters

    On the contrary, I've seen (and felt) a Bone on the deck at max subsonic speed in burner. I'd stand there and watch that all day long.