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  1. big step up from the S-10. Did you keep it though? S-10's are nice & cheap little trucks to run around in. Trust me, you will love the 4 doors. I settled for an extended cab when #2 was on the way & now since #3 has been around for a year, I keep kicking myself on not getting 4 doors. Clean looking truck for sure! As mentioned, the IH logo adds a couple HP, but add a Turbo decal and you could be looking @ another 15HP.
  2. has that 74 been repainted or new decals? those are some huge decals!! someone at the print shop must have hit the enlarge button
  3. Not sure what type of field this is, but I thought it was a pretty cool picture. Playing in the sandbox near Thomson, IL
  4. Thanks Billy, that means a lot coming from you
  5. That series has always stood out to also...some very beefy about them.
  6. No problem guys...the lumberyard is literally 1 block away from the show, so I kept sneaking over for a few minutes at a time to see if anything new showed up. I was out of town by noon. Typically, there are some large frames that show up, but not this year. Now that I think about it, I should have brought the newly refreshed C over.
  7. Sledge, a JD guy I work with said it was kind of rare, that's the only reason I took a picure of that thing.
  8. Pretty neat unit...I have never seen a Hi Clear AC in person at all, so I thought that was pretty neat also. The dualed up A I got to see in person about a year ago, just happened to deliver to shingles to the owner..he saw my hat and said come with me. He has some cool IH stuff.
  9. Any of you world travelers vacationed in Ireland? Looking a couple years ahead & would love to take a trip to the Emerald Isle. I am thinking staying in a castle would be cool, but from what I have seen, they all look way to fancy for our taste & pictures of their meals look VERY fancy & not at all suitable to me. I would like to try to visit local restaurants & pubs to get a more authentic experience of Ireland instead of the tourist same ole. Got any suggestions guys?
  10. must still run...the elevator that is painted on the door owned it till a couple years & a younger kid recently bought it. It said JD No. 6 for the model of sheller.
  11. this old Merc ad combines farm & truck. Must be from the same campaign as it keeps with the "Move it with Mercury for less" slogan
  12. Off colored FOR YOU RICK
  13. Small town where I work holds a Dutch Days festival every year to celebrate their Dutch Heritage. These are some pictures of the small tractor show this year. IH & AC dominated the color scheme this year.
  14. Yeah...she is husky girl.
  15. True...33' from the seat