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  1. Pickup flatbed

    sounds like a typical day at the lumberyard!
  2. Stolen Tractors

    Look for the guy without a tooth...oh wait, it's PA.
  3. Stolen Tractors

    Look for the guy without a tooth...oh wait, it's PA.
  4. Stolen Tractors

    Look for the guy without a tooth...oh wait, it's PA.
  5. Vintage Ads

    Few more of this AC
  6. Vintage Ads

    this one even got the cows attention...never heard of a roto-baler
  7. Vintage Ads

    single rib tires & grille accents..classic!! Notice the lack of decals on the M & H & those super rare red mufflers
  8. Vintage Ads

    I really like this one with a NF 504. I wonder how well these throwers caught on
  9. Vintage Ads

    this is a small one, but very vintage! I would like to see one of these in action
  10. Stolen Tractors

    Seems like most of these thefts seem like a good idea to the idiots, but once it comes time to execute the plan or haul said tractor, the plans goes down the drain & they dump it ASAP wherever that may be. Around these parts, lots of machinery gets left in fields over night, but haven't heard much about theft. I have no knowledge about old IH keys, but were there only a set number of key designs for say 56 or 66 series tractors. For example, a thief could use another IH key to start another IH tractor he was going to steal.
  11. Stolen Tractors

    now got a red & green redneck around here
  12. 1066 registry

    The tractor i provided is a hydro
  13. 1066 registry

    Have you ran across many hydros?
  14. Stolen Tractors

    That's awesome! There are some real winners these days
  15. Stolen Tractors

    Pardon my lack of knowledge of IH keys, but I thought I remembered that only 9 or 10 different switches were made for IH tractor keys. I think this would make it tempting for another IH owner to try his key if he were to steal another tractor.