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  1. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    bring medium duty & gooseneck to get CDL & then come back with a dump truck with air brakes to get your air brakes....we call it a cheater CDL A in Illinois
  2. Life of a Boom Truck Guy

    Here are some more fromantic this past week.
  3. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    Why are there interstates in Hawaii?
  4. Know Your Combine

    I could listen to these all day. Of course, I'm sure these adjustments were not so easy in the field and more difficult if you were working on an older machine.
  5. Whose Ready For Some UpTime Service!?

    The combine video is now posted under "know your combine"
  6. Know Your Combine

    I found this pretty damn fascinating and a great video for those who don't know how a combine works.
  7. Whose Ready For Some UpTime Service!?

    I found a "know your combine" video that I'll post also pretty interesting stuff
  8. Whose Ready For Some UpTime Service!?

    the morning breakfast conversation is priceless...the wife is more concerned than the husband about the "4wheeler"
  9. Sept/Oct 1975

    i think I mistook your picture on FB as Billonthefarms and not apologies.
  10. Farmall Regular

    Looks like CIH brought some good stuff to the show...although the 175yrs if CIH is laughable. Did marketing really think that nobody would notice or question it.
  11. Wow...MM G1000 for sale

    i saw that guess is that cab will come off as soon as someone buys it.
  12. Did Anyone Attending The HCOP Pick Up The History Of

    I think i saw the OTB bought one on his FB page
  13. Wow...MM G1000 for sale

    That thing just looks mean with those rear meats. I am assuming that is a rear entry cab. the front cab corners look good for visibility.
  14. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to those who share the 31st with me!
  15. Wow...MM G1000 for sale

    looks really good and clean for original low hours. It says it is a wheatland....are those rare for a G1000? 50k is a pretty big number, but I have no idea so it could be right in line.