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  1. Honestly, I don't have the money to do such a thing at this stage in my life.
  2. All of the information I have provided was given to me by my friend who drives for them. You mention weather...I have worked in a lumberyard for 14 years, not just inside at my desk, so I do understand how much fun winter can be while you are out delivering materials. UR benefits blow my current employer's out of the water! There are a lot of questions you are correct & I am eager to get those answered in an interview. One thing I don't know anything about is unions & I was told that I would be part of the Local 150 if hired & come January..wages are revisited and adjusted. I'm not sure if being in the union is a good or bad thing, I have no experience with that at all.
  3. Here is how it is structured now. The original founder/owner died in 2015. His wife & 2 kids want nothing to do with this place, but collect a check each month. The manager/VP bought into the business (I don't know at what percentage he owns, but it for sure can't be over 10%). He is 60 years old. As of right now, there would be only 1 person that would slide into that position if VP retired (he is my age, 33). I would technically become second in command, but my work responsibilities would not change at all. I already am the draftsman, boom truck operator, general delivery driver, load puller, fleet manager, and take care of all the state/federal DOT paperwork & compliance.
  4. I am content with my job here & been here for 7 years & only ever worked for 1 other I don't bounce around at all. Just wondering what else is out there...I hadn't really had any thoughts about this till about 4months ago. It also helps that the new job would be monday thru friday and right now I spend 10 hours at work every other Saturday.
  5. 10 minutes further to the rental yard
  6. United friend has drove truck for them for 7 years and he has nothing but good things to say about them, but it could be because it is a smaller branch location. As far as wages and advancement...I know that advancement isn't guaranteed of course, but he mentioned that with my background in trucking, farming, and machinery operation...he didn't see any reason advancement couldn't happen for me. For instance, if I were to fill in for a driver on vacation for a week, I make that hourly wage for a driver. That sounds pretty good to me. As you mentioned, this lumberyard is more family than business & if I could get a few more bucks an hour out of them, I wouldn't even be considering this...but I have had no such luck in the past getting a raise. Trust me, I am not money greedy at all & I understand my flexibility I have in my job is worth something for sure. If you knew what I made an hour and my job responsibilities, you might chuckle a little.
  7. In my current job, there is almost no room for advancement. I am pretty much as high up as I will ever be, unless I buy into the company or move into a manger position (there are only 2). We only have 18 employees & small lumberyard...because of this, my hourly pay isn't really inline with what I feel would be fair for me to make & the idea of raises is not something to be talked about. I am considering a change because of the possibility of better advancement within the company, benefits & lets be honest, a higher hourly wage if I advance in the eyes are set on being a driver for them pulling lowboys.
  8. I don't hesitate to post this here because I know most of you guys are practical, down to earth problem solvers around these boards so here goes. I have worked in the lumberyard business for 14 years now as a draftsman and also a boom truck operator, fleet manager & DOT compliance guy. I love what I do and love the company I work for. I have my own big office and have a great relationship with all I work with & the contractors I deliver to. I am pretty much my own boss & left to my own devices to get things done, both in the truck & at my desk. Now the kicker... A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a job opening for a company he works for (it's a nationwide company that rents/hauls scissor lifts, JLGs, etc..) He works there as a driver pulling lowboys. The job that I applied for is one step below this position. Basically, I assist customers that come into the store by loading the smaller rental items, loading if they bring their own trailer, or pulling a trailer with the F550 for smaller equip. deliveries. I may also have to help the mechanics or wash a piece of equip. from time to time. The hours are basically the same, but the pay is 75cents less than my current job & OT is not guaranteed (I work 45-50 a week right now). This company has more room for advancement up in the company & the next position I would advance to would be roughly $25-$28/hr. Anyone got any thoughts about changing my work life completely??
  9. let see the interior & while you are climbing up, pray to yourself "black console, black console, black console"
  10. I just gave you & him some credit in the comment section
  11. spot on! The guy pulling this exact trailer full of UTVs & 4wheelers doesn't get a second look.
  12. nailed it
  13. Any trailer over 10k GVWR
  14. Any trailer of 10k and combo over 26k...have so many argue this with me on a weekly basis. Such an awesome state
  15. Will you need to upgrade plates on your truck to haul a trailer with that much GVWR? or at the minimum upgrade to a CDL license?