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  2. LooKS like way to much fun you guys.
  3. Another piece of FARMALL works is gone. While it has nothing IH on it.....IH guys or anyone from the QC area instantly recognize this Took this in 2014 Today - I guess somebody already missed the smiley faces!
  4. I don't know why you guys are so negative...that is 1 of 1 right there!! Factory grill guard, experimental engine access port, and factory ROPS
  5. I believe this was discussed on here also.
  6. congrats to you guys Sledge! Welcome to the IH Dad club!
  7. Looks nice and not a project. How is the 1K on the price scale. Good size for my yard and it's an older cadet and not run 3 years and throw it away mower.
  8. makes sense, thanks
  9. also, the tractor that is facing us (single rib fronts) looks to be driving from one rail car to another.
  10. what is this strapped to the engine?
  11. Nicely done! Looks fantastic.
  12. I forgot to attach picture
  13. Dale, I'm pretty sure premade in 10' sections. 4 sections in total..spliced in 20' from rear of truck and built a DOT "bumper". Vanderhaags did a great job and actually came in under estimate.
  14. Here is mine..310,000 miles on CAT 3406B, 8LL, 7,900hrs. I just got new frame rails under the bed in January.