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  1. 3x8 hyd cylinder

    Have a 3x8 2 way hyd cylinder that is leaking inside. What is the trick on getting the snap ring loose on the cap end of cylinder.
  2. oil in 291 cu gas

    Make sure you use low ash IH oil
  3. Locked up M

    The acetone and trans fluid work very well have used it a lot on rusty parts to free them up.
  4. Farmall 560 latest addition

    Good luck with the 560 lots of parts around for the 263 engines
  5. Farmall 560 latest addition

    It has the 263 engine?
  6. Difference between IH M, 400, 450 blocks?

    Wow M&W made 4 1/4 pistons for a 450? The SMTA my Dad had was a firecrauter kit SMTA it was about 60-65 Horsepower.
  7. First Photos of Garrett's H and #24 Picker

    Good pictures never seen one that small we had a 2MH on a SMTA .So do these pickers have a husking bed? Are those wheel weights on the front rims?