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    IH emblems. Collect, buy, sell, trade, repair, repaint, reconstruct, re-invent emblems from Cub-1456.


    756 gas purchased new by my father in 4/70. Inherited upon his death in 2010.

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  1. 274 and 284 Air Filters

    James, Thanks for the purchase. Yours went out today. PM me if you are looking for any other IH 284 Diesel parts. I have several new and used parts here. I have two 284 diesel's here and got tired of hearing that no parts were available for these 274/284 tractors. Spent several months investigating leads and back channels to source replacement parts. All these tractors were made in Japan 1977-1983. Very few parts source left in the world for most of this stuff....unless you dig....deep. Jeff in INDY
  2. new red power

    Well fellas, here's another photo to prove the backstory I wrote. As you may recall, I stated that my wife Lisa and son Sam joined me on the tractor when we got to the fairgrounds. Well, I forgot that Aaron had his trusty camera out and snapped this shot as we were creeping down the Grand Avenue concourse in front of that huge IH pylon sign. Truth in advertising here As you can see, we are still in High 3rd with the stick back touring that row of nice 56 series tractors. I was still on cloud-nine from that hour drive to the fairgrounds. It's been a great week and I appreciate all the fine accolades. It was a fun story to live...and write. All my BEST to you guys.
  3. new red power

    THANKS Jerry. Very humbled. Dad would be proud.
  4. 504 international hi-clear gas

    That is the same wide front end as any regular International 504 EXCEPT that it has longer knuckle assembly and knee extensions that go into the center tube assembly. These two items are about 6 inches taller than the normal Utility parts. Yes, all International 504 front ends are swept back slightly. The same center axle assembly tube goes on both versions. The rear axle is the same carriers, axles and cast centers as the HD version on the Farmall 460 and Farmall 504 which are 2-3/4 diameter. This tractor is a half breed between a International and Farmall using some of each chassis parts.
  5. Looking for a parts tractor

    Anybody know where there is a 460 LPG Utility being parted out? I need some sheetmetal and other parts. Converting a LPG tractor back to LPG after someone converted it to gas years ago. Any help appreciated. I know they are a hard bird to find.
  6. 504 international hi-clear gas

    IMO, you are likely missing a digit somewhere in that 34. That tractor is not near as collectable as the 460 International Hi-Utility's are which were basically the series before the 504 Hi-Clear International. The 460 HU's had around 350 total built with the supposed spilt of around 260 gas, 77 diesel and 13 lpg available in the 6 cylinder engine variants. The I-504 HC's use the same rear half as the I-460 and just put a 4 cylinder engine in instead. The 504's had a better hydraulics, steering and hitch than the 460 series but, less HP. IH (likely) did a similar engine variation production split (by percentage) of gas vs diesel vs lpg on the 504's that you see in the 460 series. You can find 460 HU's everywhere in the $6-9K range for a good used one. Of course, the LPG is the exception with only 13 known built. Collector value is commensurate to production numbers. On the other hand International 504 HC's tend to run in the $3-5K range for a comparable engine version. It's pretty common to find a gas or diesel 504 HC International for <$3500. Again, the exception would be the lpg version which is super rare and likely only a handful made. IH did a poor job of accurately capturing production numbers on chassis variations within a series. Same story here on the 504 HC's. I'm certainly no IH production expert but, based solely on collector value, (I ) think 34 gas 504 HC International tractors would be WAY out of line. Put a 2 ahead of the 34 and it appears more in line to me to believe. Hopefully a more knowledgeable answer will be posted on this thread. Sorry that (I) don't have hard data.
  7. 1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    If you have BOTH 460 HI-Utility LP Gas oval emblems, you have the most expensive items on that tractor already. If you do, that is AWESOME. If you don't PM me as I have some here. The LPG set up you need is found on a 460 Utility LPG. Find one in a bone yard and convert that RARE tractor back to the way it is supposed to be. GREAT FIND.
  8. 06-56 "Wheatland" option

    What you have these is a pair of 1206 side panels for the INTERNATIONAL chassis version 1206. Not the FARMALL version 1206. Same side panels but the FARMALL version had two holes for the cultivator bracket in the upper part of that panel. Those are not rare side panels. They were on every I-1206. The Whealand decal shown is incorrect for the 1206. Somebody has added those and the 806 emblems. You do have some value there as lots of guys restoring 1206 International tractors and wanting the "correct" side panels for their tractor. These are harder to find than the Farmall version side panels. PM me if they are for sale. Jeff in INDY
  9. Jeff I purchased a front emblem for my T-6 crawler last year from you and was wondering if you have any ideas how to paint background black?

    1. jeff311


      After you prep the metal, mask it off with tape using an exacto-knife and paint it black. 

    2. Dia480




    3. Dia480


      Jeff. I have an emblem that needs straightening,  is this something you do ? 


      Mike D 

  10. Need to source the lefthand step and shield assembly for a Coleman axle on a F-1256. Hydro on the 26 series is different than the gear drive on 06/56/66. Went to the normal source (Leaman's) in April and Ed currently has none with no timeline on re-supply even 90 days later. It's show season. Anybody else out there have these in stock? PM me if you can help. THANKS Jeff in INDY
  11. Hi Jeff,

    What are the details on the grill?



  12. Looking for a 424 Grill

    I have one. PM me for a photo and other details. Jeff in INDY
  13. RPRU 2021

    Here are the states that have "stepped up to the plate" this Century. 2000 Sandwich, IL 2001 Mt Pleasant, IA 2002 Penfield, IL 2003 Bloomsburg, PA IF you don't see your state on this list, you might want to remain silent about a poor review of another 2004 Mt. Pleasant, IA RPRU. Only 11 states have hosted RPRU this century. 2005 Lebanon, TN 2006 Mansfield, OH 2007 Bloomsburg, PA 2008 Columbia, MO 2009 Madison, WI 2010 LaPorte, IN 2011 Albert Lea, MN 2012 DuQuion, IL 2013 Lima, OH 2014 Huron, SD 2015 Sedaila, MO 2016 Union Grove, WI 2017 Des Moines, IA 2018 Montgomery, AL 2019 Bloomsburg, PA 2020 Huron SD.
  14. Back haul from RPRU to INDY

    As many of you know, I grew up just east of Des Moines. I'm currently having my dads one owner 756 restored in central Iowa. He passed in 2010 and we are getting it back to the way it was delivered new to us in 1970. I grew up on that tractor. It will be done and at my booth at RPRU in 2 weeks. After the show, it needs to get back to Cicero, Indiana, just north of INDY where we live. I will be packing up the show booth early Sat afternoon and hopefully heading east. Looking for someone on here that might be interested in delivering this to me in INDY on their way back east too. Would rather reach out to guys on this forum and "keep it in the family" than YT route at this time. PM me if interested. THANKS Jeff Foreman THAT EMBLEM GUY.
  15. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    I think you have an issue with #5 valve timing. Could be a bad cam lobe, scored lifter bore and/or lifter, bent push rod (check them all for same length), broken valve spring or keeper, or possible faulty distributor cap. Best luck on the investigation. This does suck after all you have done this one to ensure a proper professional rebuild.