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  1. Completely irrelevant to tractor pulling but I couldn't help but think of this comedy sketch.....
  2. Steiger CVT trans

    Honestly I was just stirring the pot a little.... That said, Ozfarm's neighbor had an IVT JD and the trans was so noisy you needed ear muffs to drive it on the flip side my neighbor has done 7500 trouble free hours with his 7920 so........ personally for light/medium work (spraying, spreading, grain cart etc) I think CVT is fine but for tillage I'd prefer powershift or manual. Just my 2ยข
  3. Steiger CVT trans

    Well Fendt are shoving 500+hp through a CVT in the 1050 Vario, so it should hold up, its not a JD iVT.........
  4. This is my idea of restored, running but in working clothes.
  5. Went to a show yesterday

    I know of at least 4 Chamberlains in the US, 2 super 70's, a 40K and a 6G. The 6G is owned by a forum member and his mate owns the 40K. As an Aussie visiting the US it is somewhat surreal driving a West Aussie made tractor around the Mid Michigan gas tractor show... at least the steering wheel is on the correct side......
  6. Went to a show yesterday

    Nice to see some Aussie muscle in the line up!
  7. Red 4WD Tractors, Book

    I got....... a tracking number....... it left Chicago on its way here 3 days ago should get it end of the week...... hopefully.....
  8. For those un-talented backers out there

    From memory to get your semi licence here in Oz you need to be able to back around a corner and take off in the other direction ( 3 point turn) and for a road train/ b-double back in a straight line for a certain distance. That said there is still plenty of clowns driving trucks......
  9. Local guy here last year pulled out of an intersection and plowed into a car with a similar model JD sprayer, if he'd been a fraction of a second earlier he would have gone into the drivers door, fortunately he didn't. It wiped out the front wheels of the the JD sprayer and obviously wrote off the car, luckily both were unhurt.
  10. narrow front wedge on M

    Nope looks correct to me, you ever looked at at set of motorbike front forks? Putting the centre of gravity behind the wheel centre will make the wheel self centre just like a car or bike will when you take you hands off the wheel/handlebars.
  11. IH hit and miss engine

    Like I said in the post above yours 10 hrs prior?
  12. IH hit and miss engine

    Just did some searching, W 18418 would indicate it's a 1hp Mogul built in 1917 A google image search pic, Not mine! Look like it?
  13. narrow front wedge on M

    My guess would be positive caster to make it easier to steer and stop wheel wobble at speed ( shopping trolley wheel effect)
  14. What's Your Heritage?

    English / Huegenot on dads side , english / Scottish on mums. Dads side was lucky enough to have a choice to come to Australia as settlers.....