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  1. 4500 VibraShank

    I'd strip it and take the seals to a hydraulic or seals specialist. They should be able to match them.
  2. Long time forum member passes away.

    Sad to hear it Boog, at least he's with Nancy now. Glad Ozfarm and I visited them when we were over a few years back.
  3. Awww, who let you out.....
  4. Since only the US and Bhutan are the only two countries not to use metric I think the world population may have it already solved......
  5. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    Hence why I bit my tongue..... he just sprouts Random figures as fact and still thinks $1 mill is a lot of money, when he said $17 mill I nearly asked which dealer.....
  6. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    In the little vintage machinery club Ozfarm and I are part of we have an old fart that is a one eyed D**re guy he loudly declared the other day that the green team spends " $1 million per month on R&D " I bit my tongue......... his other classics are that JD have 64% of the market share in Oz ( they don't...) and that JD invented the rotary combine but it wasn't worth it.... oh and JD made a $17 million profit last year.... didn't have the heart to tell him that CNH posted $303 mill last Quarter......... he is the epitome of the JD sheep...... Sigh...
  7. Till you want to go tiny and you divide an inch by 1000......
  8. You were the one that asked for a liquid measurement in the thousands..... And not absolutely, we measure grain in Kgs per hectolitre for delivery standards here in the west but that's it. I would assume we still sell tanks in gallons because as you say no one knows that we have larger liquid measurements in metric or bothers to use them.
  9. We do, after litres it goes decilitre (10L) hectolitres (100L) then Kilolitres it would be 2273 DL, 227.3 HL and 22.73 KL .... That said 5000 gallons is easier to visualise.
  10. Hardi is Danish and would use BSP ( British standard pipe) Metric doesn't need fractions it also makes more sense from a scientific and mathematical standpoint. For example to convert kilograms to grams or tonnes you just shift the decimal point either way. You can convert in you head in seconds without really thinking about it as opposed to imperial that has no set pattern, then you throw in US and U.K. Units into the mix and it gets confusing.
  11. Ok as an Aussie mechanic I think I can answer this......... We use a mix metric and AF on most things although most modern stuff is metric. We refer to fractional sets as imperial and tools kits are almost always sold with both measurements. We can buy bolts, nuts, shafting etc in both measurements. Axial flows with the CDC engine were frustrating as you would go to work on the engine and after spending all morning using AF, you would forget the engine is metric ! Im in my early thirties and having grown up with a father and grandfather that were taught in inches I can work with both, anything under an inch I use metric unless I'm using feeler gauges then I go back to using thousandths. I prefer farms sizes in acres but paddock sizes in hectares.......
  12. Anyone else working on theirs?

    We're about 6 weeks off harvest for our area here in west oz. Pulled the 2166 out of the shed last week, only a handful of jobs for the 246 hrs it did last year. Biggest cost this year is going to be a posifeed roller to try to get it to feed better in barley. On on the other hand the bosses other "combine" of the green persuasion is getting another pto out of a wreckers as the last one decided to shear the drive the the Hyde pump that lubes it and wrecked the bevel drive..... Another year another $10k repair bill.....
  13. John Deere rowtrac

    Deere just don't care about anyone but themselves.. For example: today in town was the local JD dealers golf day, 26 people played of that most were either clients or club members. Only ONE member of staff of the dealer played and that was the car mech and he's a club member, but to top it off none of the sales staff or heads of dept bothered to show up for trophy presentation or drinks afterwards....... Really dedicated to their clients they are........
  14. John Deere rowtrac

    They made a huge song and dance here in Oz when the green "4 tracked articulated tractors" first came out how they were going to decimate the quadtracs..... then the trans and diff issues came to light and suddenly the TV ads went off air, rarely see one on the dealers lots etc. I'm still yet to see on in person, don't even think the green team had one at the field days just gone.