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  1. Yeah, complaining again.

    😀 I believe you a good friend of mine works for Ford he hooked me up on a transmission that actually holds up out of the box !
  2. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    The only problem I found is in cold weather the off brand would make the t.a very sluggish in my 684 unless I let it warm up .
  3. Yeah, complaining again.

    Yep the other half bought a new Colorado z71 can't take the crap off under the bumper because it will mess up the computer ufta !
  4. Tillage radish pictures

    I have wanted to try that for years ! How cold does it have to get to kill them ?
  5. Magnum

    Check the fitting for the hard line going into valve body for the trans on the bottom ! Mine came loose .
  6. Windshield wipper blade on 7120

    Old car quest refill number is 454-200 .
  7. Where to find 84 series fuel shutoff lever?

    I would pull all that stuff off blow all the lines out with air ! My 684 only needed a little help if it was less then a quarter of a tank to bleed new fuel filters!
  8. 800 cyclo accuracy

    The chains get warm and get jerky if they are Rusty new chain is cheap !
  9. life in our corner

    You flew by my place I heard you honk !
  10. Looking good l did my grandpa's 77 Ford in 1998 !
  11. life in our corner

    You need a hesston swather with a good header set up and save the tractor !
  12. Gonna rethink this one

    I feel for you, I hate buying tires !
  13. I was in the raspberry field you flew by making up lost time for the mess in Duvall !
  14. My 684 did the same thing it's crap in fuel tank .
  15. life in our corner

    You did good ! Only chisel plowed one field last year was a total loss I use it mostly on hi traffic areas in the spring! I wish silage trucks would stay out of the fields lol !