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  1. I think he is looking at those front wheels wondering why he didn't move those 4of those suitcases weights to the belly...
  2. That tractor will sell quick, nice tight original 1256's are hard to find! I think I found it on Craigslist, **** of a buy at $12,000!!!
  3. Any Ford dealer can run a free Oasis report on that truck and you will have the full history, guessing all the work done to it up till 100,000 was done at Ford dealer as why would you pay out of pocket for warranty work?!
  4. Turbo? Good buy!
  5. X2, they were the Magnum of John Deere.
  6. Even has the hard to find large capacity IH tool box.
  7. This, call Dave, don't cut a hole in the hood. He makes what you need to put a 5in. stack on a '66 series.
  8. oleman you make it over to Hutchins BBQ ever? Big fan of the place, McKinney us a little to busy for me but love East Texas. Looking forward to more on this thread, no one loves GM big blocks more then me. I would have thrown some money at those peanut port heads to get them to flow a little, makes a world of difference and the money spent shows on the dyno.
  9. No wastegate needed, HX35 has a different whistle, not over the top like a S2E. I think a HY35 would be a even better charger for a stock 358. Just a tad smaller housing, little easier to spool.
  10. I love it Brady! It needs dual whips or a antenna eliminator, the single antenna bothers me for some reason.
  11. 1256 engine This particular 1026 has the optional HD axle (aka 1456) axle.
  12. S2E is way to big, there are much better turbos out there for that motor since you will have to custom fab whatever you put on unless you find a M+W turbo kit.
  13. You could check all those leaks in under 30sec. with a can of either, if it revs up you found a leak.
  14. Most of them have already had the cab off/on so many times they come right off...