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  1. Friday is the best day.
  2. I was looking for the original restore thread for the 5088 but couldn't find it but did find the AGtalk one so those that have not seen it can check it out.
  3. Giggity Might as well give us a close up of the Magnum while you are at it.
  4. Like you I have become a huge fan of the Dexter 8-10k oil bath axles running H-range 17.5's, they are the best thing going until you go off the pavement as they sink and will get you stuck. I read on the internet that a 14k gooseneck will get someone killed and that it takes a dual tandom gooseneck to haul anything...
  5. 5240? Sweet line up!!!
  6. Looks great! Sitting tall on 42's, 11's on front?
  7. I would drain the radiator, pull the thermostat, and put a hose in it and let the tractor run at 1500rpm with water running in it for about 20min., that should flush everything out, install new thermostat and fresh 50/50 coolant and good to go.
  8. Why would a 14k axle trailer be overloaded? A dual tandem gooseneck is great but the fact that he is under the rating and completely legal with a 14k, not sure why you think people are going to die and he is going to loose his tractor and truck...
  9. You could get away with a light gooseneck (14k) which will have two 7k axles.
  10. I always found the tilt wheels held up great unless some fatass used the wheel to climb on to the tractor...
  11. That would make it a true black stripe.
  12. Narrow front, M+W oil pan, big rubber, Tony that 1206 is bad ass!
  13. The oil pans simply we're not needed on red tractors therefore not many were sold, IH engines and cooling systems cold simply handle the added stress of a turbo and added fuel unlike the Deeres that required different fans, fan shroud, oil pan, air cleaner, etc. Because there are so few they are very hard to come by and bring a premium, some that are left are extremely pitted and in rough shape. I am not a fan of high polishing it as it is a rough casting and rough casting cools much better then smooth, that is why you see rough castings, painting or polishing eliminates the great cooling factor although you are still left with the added oil capacity.
  14. I didn't think Maxxum's used inline pumps?