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  1. Crispy 7120 Combine

    Must have been parked next to a Deere?
  2. Life in Alaska

    Man that's a lot of money in Quadtracs sitting there! How do they go about starting them after sitting a while? I wouldn't think the grid heater/glow plugs would be enough to pop them off?
  3. Fed Emissions test results fo Suburbam

    Did you at least stop at Hutchins BBQ while you were in town?
  4. Dow passed 24,000

    I want to sail on boat on liberal tears...
  5. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    LMAO You know liberalism is a mental disorder right?!
  6. Rodeo...?

    Never did much for me, I do enjoy roping and like "ranch rodeos". I guess after a day of seman testing bulls the last thing I want to do is ride one.
  7. Fall red iron pics!

    This thread delivers!
  8. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Liberalism is a mental disorder...
  9. Home made muffler eliminator

    Muffler eliminators are junk, last one I installed we had to cut in 3 places as nothing lined up, could have done it myself in the time it took to cut/Fab up the junk one... Would love to have a thick wall stainless one with mandrel bends!
  10. IH air cleaner for 826

    New filters have the largest holes for dust/contamination, over servicing does not equal longer life. Took me a long time to understand this as I was always the one to service well before needed.
  11. Lets see some steps

    Aftermarket. I want to say someone had a old advertisement for that tool box/step that they scanned and posted on here sometime back, growing up I never seen a IH tractor that didn't have the step/tool box and a aux front fuel tank.
  12. Lets see some steps

    That 560 you are referring to was not new, the tool box was a aftermarket add on. Lots of those tool box/steps added in my area.
  13. failed oil filter ?

    True but do remember that light vehicles have dummy gauges that will not show low oil pressure until there is none...
  14. High price or late year equipment gets your add at the top of the page.