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  1. Magnums did not have them, Deeres did as we all know, someone put the magnet in the Magnum pump, it holds the rack wide open and makes for the stupid start up, simply remove the magnet so the tractor will start at a low idle like it should.
  2. You are screwed as it is insurance preference so even if you Dr. wrote a different script it is for the same thing=ins will not cover it.
  3. This will hurt some but the truth is the only good Red Power's are held in corn belt states, this is a fact, this is where the majority of the collectors and tractors are located. Flame suit on...
  4. I recall going to Red Power in MI...
  5. On a quiet night you can hear the exhaust manifold leak on a Expedition as it drives down the highway...
  6. I don't know if stronger is the word I would use for the 5088 rearend, it was still weak and a big money expense to repair, lots of 5088's have been scrapped or had Magnum rearends put in. Damn shame as a 5088 is one handy tractor.
  7. I appreciate the photos you post, some got butthurt over the case comment, it was not hard to see what you meant. It is a interesting story about the buy out of IH, some seem to forget that we got the Maxxum and Magnum out of the deal which are some of the greatest tractors ever produced. Keep on keeping on!
  8. Was a long bar that was attached to the frame rail with bailing twine at the factory, used to loosen/tighten wheels to move them in/out.
  9. Odd find in Central Florida today, was a old IH truck besides it, the Travelall looked very clean. What was a 3/4ton Travelall called?
  10. Why not just turn up the rpm's at the pull while they are checking rpm's? Chances are you will have to adjust at that time anyways.
  11. Looks great! Congrats on the win. What is the set-up?
  12. Depends on what you are trying to cook. I think the Yoder YS640 is the one to beat having said it sucks to reverse sear on as I like to smoke then sear the meat. If you are not trying to impress the neighbors then a 26in. Weber kettle with a slow n sear inside it is the way to do it all.
  13. I was referring to the use of kerosene vs water to extinguish the fire.
  14. You guys should talk of the ways used to put out cotton fires.
  15. Looks like a good ride, nice to ride some remote country.