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  1. Super nice 856

  2. 806 pulling tractor in 1965

    If I didn't know any better I would say it IS a 1206.
  3. 806 pulling tractor in 1965

    Has a oil cooler off of a 1206.
  4. Two post ROPS

    Maybe the state penitentiary makes them?
  5. What a sharp restored White 2-180 we have here

    Sharp! I always liked the Whites although I was never around one. Guy back home had a 2-180 that had a M+W turbo kit, ran lots of fuel and a strait pipe, could here it far away. Had a decal below the back cab where it said White, decal said power "White Power".
  6. IH 856 rear end fluid change

    After serial number 22,000'ish they came with the axle plugs removed so the axles shared fluid with the trans/rear end. Don't have the book in front of me. Having said that if a tractor has axle plugs I would remove them.
  7. 3688 vs. 5088 on JD Machine Finder

    3688 must be a misprint. 5088 all the way! 3688 still has old T/A and is not built anything like the big framed '88 series.
  8. Low Hour 1066

    Nice 1066! There were lots of them setup just like that in north central Indiana growing up, Firestones, year round cab, front auxiliary fuel tank, etc.
  9. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    I used ear plugs for years while mowing and could hear a spindle bearing going out long before I could ever hear it without ear plugs but do agree some of the newer noise cancellation head sets are so quiet I have to pull one out to start equipment to hear.
  10. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    Ran a 5 bottom behind a 1456 and had to mash the inside brake to turn and that was with a full rack, no thanks... Pulled hard and did a shitty job but maybe in the Southlands would be ok, would want one with cultures to cut the slice before flipping it.
  11. Well... I did it again.

    Great find!!!
  12. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    No music or phone then just rubber ear plugs. Listening to music, cancelling some noise, and using the phone on the cheap with a cord that is always in the way Complete noise cancellation, listening to music, and talking on phone (I would not own these without warranty as I do not trust them)