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  1. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    The fenders for the 56 series narrower on the top part and the mounting holes don't line up very good.Also had to tweak them so they look right.
  2. new red power

    Enjoyed visiting with Jeff at his booth,also had a chance to visit with Brian Long.Jeff also worked his magic on the badges on my 1456.
  3. 1066 using 1 gallon of coolant per day

    Have you checked the radiator cap?
  4. IH 537 manifolds

    Does the 537 look like the 549? I just saw an engine in a scrap yard that I thought was a 549,it was on a generator.
  5. 3788 transmission issues

    Looks like a cage from a ball bearing.
  6. Gary1466 was the Marshalltown store closed when you went there for the training?One instructor kept showing us the oil flow in a valve with pipe cleaners and when we told him he was backwards he got really ticked!
  7. Same rant, different day.....

    Think it would melt some snow flakes?
  8. Pictures

    Sounds like a good turnout for the ride today, good looking group.
  9. trailer to haul an 856

    A bare 1456,no weights,1/2 tank of fuel weighs 11000 lbs.Just weighed mine Saturday.Also have to remember the trailer weight has to be figured into the gvw.You can do what you want to but those dual wheels handle better than overloaded singles.
  10. IH cat parts arrive

    The felt seals need to be oil soaked when installed.Ends should stick out a little bit, keep each side even with the other Do not trim the ends.
  11. felt seals question

    Soak them overnight as said already and do not trim the ends.
  12. Missing has been found

    It's the same one , just a little different angle.Not ready to part with it.
  13. Hydraulic Reservoirs and a W-4

    On my two 9's that reservoir is on the left side to the rear of the batteries.
  14. Missing has been found

    To hot outside to do much so I was digging through some stuff I had in the basement.