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  1. Lee Klancher's Calendars

    "....cause every year it is a "new" Chinese punching the holes using the ( made in China) metric tape measure
  2. Interesting call from CNH today

    Richard's son and daughter own the 806 and all the Demo.'s I'll call CG and get his thought's ,,,unless Wilson already beat me to it.
  3. Got my shed built today

    That's as fast as it took Tony to get the first permit started. Sorry Tony
  4. combines in your life

    As a kid , I faintly remember the 52 he had, next came the 76. He did some farmer engineering and did a lot of custom navy bean harvesting. The #91 replaced the worn out 76 and the first combine I ran at an early age. When the 2 row New Idea picker sheller was flailing, it and the 91 were traded for a 403 and a 4 row head.....BTO's now That year was wet. The 403 would go anywhere the wheel was turned. After we finished our corn and nearly every small farmer in the area as well, it was the end of Feb. Between the trad-in's and custom work the 403 was nearly paid for. Added a 715 when I was getting more land and some custom work on my own.When the 80's crunch hit, dad retired and I'm on my own now. Sold the 403 and some of his equipment at his auction and put two more years on the 715. Found a late 915 low boy and ran it till the 1480 became the next leap forward.When the second rotor cage failed in the middle of soy harvest one beautiful fall day, it felt like an old friend had just died. A farmer salesman friend had a late 1688 lease return coming in. The next day I'm running beans and signed the papers in the cab a week later. Still have the 1688.
  5. new tractors arrived

    Bill......The ser. #'s are also stamped on the frame rail on top near the radiator........left side........or left
  6. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    Me,,once in the fall. I use a K-Line speed tiller set to mix stalks about 3in deep. No-till beans in spring. Most that run the GP's and Kruse's and Sun Flower's have to make a pass again in spring.
  7. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    So that 's what wrong with me!
  8. That would look nice sitting between the super rare 806 grove and 660 Hi-Clear....................
  9. A bit of rain here.

    Finished corn at noon Tues. Had to use the rear assist on 3 places in the last 25 acres. Nearly 4in. of rain after I finished so far. Where was this water when we needed it in July and August?(sounding like a typical farmer aren't I ? )
  10. Trucking quotes

    My area quote is $3.50/ loaded mile with destination charge for empty or one way return run.
  11. 1688 automatic header

    I had to add a light tension spring to my head at the cable and rod connection when it was new. It needed just a bit more effort to move the cable to lower quicker. A few thousand acres later the spring is still there.
  12. Borrowed the H for loader work

    so what is the story on the JD seat....?
  13. Who is close to Shiawassee County,Mi.

    My home farms south boarder road is Shiawassee Co. Due north of Corunna 9 miles.
  14. no red power this year for me

    Sorry Bill............I too will not be going this year. A bunch of little set-backs have put me a bit behind. My first kidney stone is not helping things one bit. Dr. wants to to track progress on this rock as I call it....5.7 mm this thing is no fun,,yuck!
  15. Springer's Retirement

    I can envision a 1 in. black strip down the center of the fenders and a IH logo on the bottom rear of the saddle's...............................