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  1. PJ or ABU.
  2. Belarus rules!
  3. It's vented through the EVAP system. EPA made it illegal for the gas fumes to be released into the atmosphere so the EVAP system captures those fumes and runs them through the engine. It pulls a slight vacuum on the tank but not like you describe. Something is plugged somewhere. Gravel roads will do it.
  4. Screw that. Planting one direction is gonna be hard enough. I no-tilled alfalfa into bean stubble in late Sept once. Worked fine. I agree that there is no time line needed for what your doing. Burn down, fert and plant or plant and fert.
  5. I've had skunks and possum both do that. Just one at a time. Fox have always killed a few at a time. Owls will kill one and then spend the next few nights eating a little bit at a time. Never had a raccoon kill any, just steal eggs. All this is proof from game cameras in and around my coop.
  6. X2. The cylinders will move lightning fast but won't have much power.
  7. In my area wheel rakes are king. We do lots of road ditches here for hay and a rollbar rake just sucks. Now, that said, most hay is cut with a sickle mower or 3pt disc mower so it lays flat (not windrowed) and a wheel rake just works better. If I get a field all raked up and don't get it baled in time (rain) then I use a rollbar rake to flip the windrow for drying.
  8. This. JD 336 here. If it misses a bale I'm looking for something wrong, usually a twine change and someone tied the twine wrong. The only fits mine has given is a short bale every 50 or so. I chased that ghost for 2 years but finally got last season. Approximately 2000 bales last season and only 2 misses that I can remember and no shorties.
  9. Hahaha I knew what you meant. Just gotta liven things up here a little.
  10. Wow, heck of new year for you
  11. Back on topic here.... I have a 60" tiller that I have used on my 350 all the way up to my 766. The 350 idled down, 1st gear T/A back and its still too fast. 766 works best because it has the power at idle, run off the 1000 shaft with an adaptor so the tiller is spinning fast enough and it's still too fast in L1 T/A back but it works. A guy really needs a hydro. My 656 hydro was perfect. Run tiller at needed speed and could creep as slow as I needed.
  12. I'll be there all day Friday. Not sure if we're pulling into town Wed or Thurs yet.
  13. Atleast you have a little more protection then sitting in the open on an M.
  14. Who wanted the cab-less 2+2?