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  1. Anybody watch Miss America pageant last night?

    I wonder what her VMI is?
  2. Anybody watch Miss America pageant last night?

    Except that she pissed Trump pulled out of the Paris climate deal. I guess it don't matter where hey hail from....
  3. Son in laws first pull

    Nah, you married that.
  4. Feeder Market

    Been watching 6 weights sell for $1.50 and 9 weights sell for $1.80 the last few weeks. Not sure how that works Where are you at Hobby? I'll have 14 5-6 weights for sale here coming up.
  5. Stay or evacuate

    Got family in Haines City. Lots of down trees in their neighborhood but no major structure damage. They haven't ventured out yet.
  6. Should I...

    He's inland on high ground. Got the lawn striped to direct water flow away.
  7. Should I...

    We know he's a model steering wheel holder.
  8. Should I...

  9. Should I...

    Ain't Irma get you yet?
  10. Should I...

    He started here. I brought him over to the bash. I know, I'm sorry.
  11. Should I...

  12. Should I...

    Ah go jerk some tits.
  13. Should I...

    Geezus Lenny. I've been giving the dictator chit and can't even get a rise out of him/her/it. How'd you manage a 3rd? Heifer come in heat and needed more security to keep you around?
  14. D 360

    I just fired my 766 up to grind some feed. Inframed in 2004. Approximately 2000 hrs on it since. Runs like a top. Starts/fires off in a split second. Hasn't been started in a week. Took 7 seconds for oil pressure to come up. Just a comparison for you. I don't think you ran it long enough to get pressure.
  15. 886 fuel

    I personally wouldn't have tried to start a fresh overhaul without a fresh pump and injectors myself.