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  1. I've made some great deals on CL, both buying and selling. I've walked away from lots of stuff too. All around my experience has been positive but I feel I'm pretty savvy. Lots of locals have me watch/search for stuff for them and check stuff for them before they proceed.
  2. Haven't done much research but I want to. Don't know where to start as I won't pay and everywhere I visit wants money. I do know dad's side is mainly Swede with a splash of Pollock and mom's side is strong German. G-pa on dad's side still has first cousins in Sweden so it hasn't been that long ago. I believe great g-pa is the one that came over turn of the century. I know nothing about how long mom's side has been here.
  3. Winner! And for the record, it is....
  4. ^^^ I will not hire a "firm" and then demand I select the employees. You don't like the help then hire someone else. I'd be damned if someone hired me and then said my employee isn't fit to do the job. If the employee isn't fit I'll handle that. If I don't then your business is my loss.
  5. 1066 should be open. Late 1086's we're closed.
  6. Sell the loader and buy one that mid-mounts, then you don't have to tank the tank off.
  7. If you hire a job done, you don't have any say about the employees. You don't get to pick and choose which employees of the outfit you get. Your only choice in the matter is to not hire the outfit.
  8. I still have 2 Honda 3 wheelers in regular use. A 110 and a 200. Back in the late 90's/early 2000's when they weren't worth anything I hoarded them. People would just give me machines. By 2004 I had well north of 100 machines. Mainly Honda but a few Yamahas also. I had every model Honda 3 wheeler made and multiple of each. Some ran, some were close to running and some were parts only. They started gaining value so I started selling. Made lots of money the next few years. Still have around 25 machines. 10 run and the rest are parts. Lorenzo, since you already have 2 Hondas to do the work then by all means get a CanAm for a toy. They are overall good machines. Like choosing between a Chevy and Cadillac.
  9. My auto shop is next door to one of the largest volume selling CanAm dealer in the Midwest. I do all their tire work. I feel CanAm is a top notch machine for sport and play. I had one for a few years. While it was a nice machine it was not the workhorse I was looking for. I now own a Honda and am looking for second. If I just lived in the country or even town and wanted a ATV it would be CanAm. Like you though I farm and ranch. CanAm was not that challenge.
  10. Ayup. Been in similar situations myself. One loan officer works great with you. They then move on or retire and the new one doesn't. Nothing new here. Happens all the time. He best be looking for a new friend.
  11. Looking at your location most RPRU's are far as is with me. We are both actually the same distance from Montgomery, 1225 miles roughly. Tony and Bill still win for farthest traveled almost every year with the exception of our down under friends.
  12. Surrounding town damage...
  13. Around here the bushel increase comes from the combine head being able to hug the ground better getting every last pod. Hard to find a field here that isn't rolled but if you do go look at it after combining. Tons of pods/beans at ground level.
  14. Lots in use around me (SD). Farmhand is by far the most popular.