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  1. Agreed. I'd say minimum $50/hr from the time you start the tractor to the time you shut it off plus $1/mile to and from.
  2. You've known and chatted with me long enough. Brass balls man, brass balls.
  3. Sounds like the dog owner needs to handle it.
  5. ^^^ We're both in the wrong business?
  6. Well, the way I see it you have 4 options.... #1 Your stuck with a dog. #2 If they want their dog they can come get it or arrange/pay the shipping, just give you drop off time and place. #3 They want the dog and you want it gone, both start driving and meet halfway. #4 They don't care but you don't want the dog, start driving because 2800 miles is gonna take a few days.
  7. Swap sensor with a different row and see if it stays on row 5 or moves with sensor.
  8. USPS is dead. No idea how it can keep on as is. Used to be able to send/receive a letter or package over night anywhere in eastern SD. It now takes 3 days and continues to cost more every year it seems. UPS and FedEx are funny to. Anything east or west for even a few states seems to make it in 1-2 days but go 4 hours north to ND or 4 hours south to NE or IA and it's 3-4 days. Go figure.
  9. Wife says age, size and breed vary greatly between airlines as they all have different rules. Puppies out of Sioux Falls went live cargo through United Airlines which is the ones I actually delivered straight to the FedEx terminal. Older, bigger, heavier dogs were shipped via American Airlines. Kennel sizes and prices vary greatly too. Best thing is to start calling and comparing prices. The smaller airports were way easier to deal with then the larger. We did ship a few from Minn/St Paul and that was a b!tch.
  10. I'll ask her tonight. It was another major airline that she would book with. Gal asked her if cargo was ok because it was cheap. She tried it. Directions I got for delivery took me to the FedEx terminal at our local airport. Worked great and we used it for several years up until my wife quit raising puppies.
  11. My wife has shipped puppies all over the country and even a few overseas. She's used various airlines but has had the best luck with one carrier in particular. Cheap rates as she ships cargo. It's FedEx who takes them but she books through another line. I'll have to ask her as I don't recall. I was always the one that dropped them off and it was easy as I didn't have to go through the conventional airport. Just went straight to FedEx's hanger, signed some papers. In and out in 5-10min everytime. Not one complaint ever from the receiving party either.
  12. Being an automotive shop that sells tires I have a steady supply of used tires. I stock pile 10ply tires that aren't good enough for a pickup anymore but just fine for a trailer that moves down the road a few times a year. I try to plan enough ahead that I look the tires over and if any look bad I just change them out. I easily get a few years out of them. All the locals pretty much do the same as they know I have the stock pile. Trailers that live on the road get new tires every 2-3 years. I sell 10ply 15" tires and 14ply 16" tires. They hold up well.
  13. I've run my 400 cyclo with the 1000 pump on my 656 many times. I put a 540-1000 adapter on my 656 and at full throttle is still makes 8-10oz of pressure which for my planter is plenty. Anything over 10oz and the seed will bounce out of the furrow. I planted this year with my 756 on the 1000 shaft. I barely ran half throttle to keep the pressure below 10. The 1000pto pumps are more plentiful and more reliable then the 540pto pumps.
  14. Found a unopened bag of corn seed one year I'd forgotten about. Near as I remember it was 6 or 7 years old. I ran it through the planter for a food plot for deer and pheasant. Ended up harvesting it as it was the best 2.5 acres of corn I had that year. That said a germ test is easy to do.
  15. Thank you gentlemen.