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  1. Good times with good equipment

    That is so cool. That truck reminds me my dads p/u, an all black 1977 Chevy 3/4 ton. The trim package was the Bonanza. Remember those? I remember dad always saying it rode like a log wagon. I smiled ear to ear driving that thing to school. i still have the roll bar that I bought and had in the back. Had kc lights on it back then. thanks for sharing your pics. I dig it.
  2. Lost 706 D

    It's always interesting to me to see the changes from original on a tractor. Always makes me wonder who made those changes / updates and why. Our 706D is, like i posted earlier, a 1963 built in December of that year (from what I found in the Wisconsin archive). I guess it's a bit weird in that it has FT fenders with dual lights, the side lights are still on it as well, but it still has the original fiberglass seat. Anyway, it's always interesting to see them as they are.
  3. Lost 706 D

    Sweet find all the way around. The 706 is probably a 1963. Mine is pretty close to the one pictured. Same seat but mine has the rainbow tach. Mine was built in December of 63. It's also a d282. Good luck on getting her running and saving all the good old iron.
  4. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Not picking this apart (and I'd love to have the tractor), it looks to me as though the paint isn't original. The only reason I say so is the 3rd picture (closeup of Hydro words) appears to show a section that was taped off and painted. It doesn't stop me from appreciating a low hour tractor however.
  5. More early '06 questions

    Jeff i like the old style too for the same reasons. My guess is that the extension tube was considered an improvement to help keep out the gunk that always collects under the platform.
  6. What width Disc Harrow was 560Diesel design to pull

    I would agree that there are a lot of variables but.... we pulled an IH 37 14' with the 706d ( the 282) and it handled the disk with ease. Granted the 706 is heavier and probably has less tire slippage with the same load but if you aren't discing clay I'd go with the 14'.
  7. More early '06 questions

    On the subject of the hyd fill, there's a difference in diameter of the range cover too. I didn't realize it until I replaced the range cover to tighten up the shifting. the original dipstick (with the stiff ring on top) will flop around in a newer cover. The newer covers also accept the extension tube that comes with many of the cover rebuild kits. The newer dipsticks are the type with a wire bale to grab hold of. They come up to be essentially flush with the platform.
  8. More early '06 questions

    Here are the pics I took this morning....Sorry but my camera doesn't do closeups very well. The diameter of the plate is 2-3/4". I measured thickness at 3/32". To this plate is the retainer or "spring" so to speak. It's 3/8" wide and thickness is 1/16". There's a small rivet joining the two pieces. The retainer has a bend on both ends which you can see from the pictures. I think mine is bent a little more than it was when new (you can see this in the pics). It doesn't appear to be spring steel, but being riveted in just the middle allows it to flex enough to go through the hole in the cover. Hope this helps.
  9. More early '06 questions

    What a great find on the manuals. Sometimes fate smiles on us. I'll try to get the pictures and measurements tomorrow and post them here.
  10. More early '06 questions

    Do you still need pics of the plate that covers the fill tube? I can take a pic if you need it. My 706d is a '63 built in December of that year. I have an original owners manual but not sure of the print date but I can check. Ours has the hand operated foot brak so I'm not much help there. The tractor still has the fiberglass seat back but on the mech suspension.
  11. The Early '06's - (Updated with pics)

    My 706D is sn 6973 built in December of '63 and it has the short hydraulic levers as well. It also has the FT fenders but I'm sure they were added before we got it. Still has the fuel tank lights as well. I didn't know that there was a difference in the range shift covers until recently (I redid the range shift cover and had to find a new dipstick). Ours has a working rainbow tach so they stopped using the black face tach before my s/n. Of course you'll have the glow plug switch and meter as well. If you need any pictures let me know Good luck.
  12. 706 jumps out of low range

    X2 what bitty said. I bought the kit from Messicks and it was $186 if I remember correctly. Like was mentioned, make sure you drive the upper pin out of the shaft. The kit uses a spring under the cover to set the pawl instead of the over center linkage holding the shaft down. My upper pin was broken off cleanly on one side of the shaft. The new spring is pretty stout. I used an old valve spring compressor to squeeze the spring when I put the update in. I didn't change any of the linkage under the tin. Probably do that next along with the bushing in the range shift handle. Good luck.
  13. 706 jumps out of low range

    Definitely don't take the snap ring off the stubby shaft. That's the reverse pivot shaft and may cause more of a bind if it dropped down a bit. The cover is heavy but should lift straight up. Like was mentioned before, put something under the park lock pivot to hold the park lock shaft (that goes down thru the cover) up. That way you won't be fighting the park lock pawl being engaged with the gear. It should make it easier if the range is shifted to Hi. If in Hi, the reverse pivot will be clear of the cam and the cover should come right up. Does the tractor have the park lock update? If not you may want to consider that update. I just did that to mine and park lock works like it should (holds good on a hill). - john
  14. 1066 loader questions

    There are power beyond plates that you can buy but I think they're a little price for what they are.m My recollection is that they install at the end of the existing spool blocks and from there you plumb to the loader valve I can never remember if these tractors are open or closed center hydraulics. Your joystick must be the same (open or closed).
  15. D236 glow plug wiring question

    I just cleaned up the glow plug wiring on the 282. If memory serves, 12v comes from the 12v battery post on the solenoid to one side of the meter. From the other meter post to the momentary switch, the from the other switch post to the glow plug junction block. This is on a 706 so you might not have a junction block. From the junction block there are two wires, both with 12v, that each feed 3 glow plugs. Pay attention to wire size, each of my glow plugs pull 7-8 amps when energized. You probably want 8 gauge wire feeding at most 3 glow plugs. You'll want good size wire or "doubled up" wires on the other connections as well. The relay idea mentioned earlier would be a great idea. Goof luck.