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  1. 756 block heater

    IH does list that 130085C91 block heater for the German engines, however, they only work in late s/n engines. 706, 756, 826, and 715 combines all have earlier s/n engines, where the block on these lacks the frost plug to accept that heater. The only way on these early engines is a tank heater, lower radiator hose heater, or that one I saw with the heater in the water manifold.
  2. 756 block heater

    I have only seen this in a photo (on Facebook no less), but, on the front of the water manifold of a D310/D358, there is a large pipe reducer. In it, it kinda looks like someone had used the thread-in block heater for the early D361 engines, and installed it in that location on the German water manifold. The element on those is just short enough that, assuming the pipe thread is all the same size, it'd probably work.
  3. Block heater 560!

    106725A1 is what you need. If your dealer can't get that exact number, you need a different dealer.
  4. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    I take it the current block heater is in the middle frost plug location on the 856's block? I think a larger thread-in one is going to be near impossible, as there's not that much depth inside the water jacket to allow for a longer element
  5. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    A 106725A1 is a 600 watt frost plug block heater for the IH six cylinder gas engines, D282's, and 361/407 Diesel's.
  6. Tie rod boot permanent repair replacements

    That's pretty sweet right there, since the current rubber ones are pure junk
  7. Dt407 rebuild problem

    Here's the catch. If your 407 has indeed been put together with an RD pump gear, the shaft from your 856 parts tractor won't work. The shafts are different. The RD conversion shaft is keyed into an adapter hub that is attached to the pump drive gear by three bolts. The Roosamaster drive setup that is original to 407 engines (and late 361's), the shaft is keyed directly to the pump gear. Meaning, to use your 856's parts, you'd have to pull the front cover from both tractors in order to swap gears. That involves removing the front bolster on both, n order to remove the crankshaft pulley.
  8. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    The exhaust housings are the same between a 229 & a 279. The only difference is the compressor housing & compressor wheel. Center section, exhaust housing, and exhaust wheel/shaft are the same.
  9. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    Since going to no-till years ago, we've made the switch from 18.4-38's to 20.8-38's on three of our tractors. The first was Dad's 1066. We changed those because we needed more ground clearance when lifting the 15' 5400 soybean special drill at the ends of the rows. On 18.4's, the packer wheels & arms would drag when turning. 20.8's lifted the tractor up enough to eliminate the dragging. My 1256 was upgraded about two years ago. It pulls the corn planter in the spring. Really had no reason to, other than Dad thought it would look good. He was right, we like how it looks & performs. The 1456 was done last fall, simply because a 1456 on 18.4's looks silly next to a 1256 on 20.8's. Since we don't do tillage, we don't need duals, so all the 18.4 duals are rolled up n the shed. Haven't acquired any 20.8 duals, since we don't have a need. Everything seems to perform just like it did with 18.4's.
  10. IH 1456

    Those look good on there!
  11. International 1456

    The 1456 has become the next "1206" in the eyes of collector's, and the prices lately reflect that.
  12. There are a scarce handful of 32/3594 experimental units out there that have 8.3L CDC Cummins engines in them, but, they're quite different from the ones in a 7100 series Magnum. At one time, there was one around Grand Island, NE.
  13. IH 1456

    Find yourself a 3LD-279?
  14. Wedgelock 34 inch casting-When introduced

    A 34" wedgelock hub is more common to a larger 23.1-34 rear rim & tire, but can be used on the smaller 34" rims, as the hub is the same.
  15. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    It's a T4 flange bolt pattern on the manifold, which is a very common bolt pattern for many turbos, like TO4 Air Research, 3LM Schwitzer, and H1C Holset. The original Air Research is physically quite large, but compared to others, is a small turbo. It's also odd because of the way it's oriented, as most others on IH's are completely opposite. I have noticed that Spencer Diesel has listed on their website a conversion turbo to go in place on a 560 manifold. I believe it's a smaller TO4 style turbo, appears to be based on an Allis Chalmers style Turbo, not sure which model.