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  1. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    Since going to no-till years ago, we've made the switch from 18.4-38's to 20.8-38's on three of our tractors. The first was Dad's 1066. We changed those because we needed more ground clearance when lifting the 15' 5400 soybean special drill at the ends of the rows. On 18.4's, the packer wheels & arms would drag when turning. 20.8's lifted the tractor up enough to eliminate the dragging. My 1256 was upgraded about two years ago. It pulls the corn planter in the spring. Really had no reason to, other than Dad thought it would look good. He was right, we like how it looks & performs. The 1456 was done last fall, simply because a 1456 on 18.4's looks silly next to a 1256 on 20.8's. Since we don't do tillage, we don't need duals, so all the 18.4 duals are rolled up n the shed. Haven't acquired any 20.8 duals, since we don't have a need. Everything seems to perform just like it did with 18.4's.
  2. IH 1456

    Those look good on there!
  3. International 1456

    The 1456 has become the next "1206" in the eyes of collector's, and the prices lately reflect that.
  4. There are a scarce handful of 32/3594 experimental units out there that have 8.3L CDC Cummins engines in them, but, they're quite different from the ones in a 7100 series Magnum. At one time, there was one around Grand Island, NE.
  5. IH 1456

    Find yourself a 3LD-279?
  6. Wedgelock 34 inch casting-When introduced

    A 34" wedgelock hub is more common to a larger 23.1-34 rear rim & tire, but can be used on the smaller 34" rims, as the hub is the same.
  7. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    It's a T4 flange bolt pattern on the manifold, which is a very common bolt pattern for many turbos, like TO4 Air Research, 3LM Schwitzer, and H1C Holset. The original Air Research is physically quite large, but compared to others, is a small turbo. It's also odd because of the way it's oriented, as most others on IH's are completely opposite. I have noticed that Spencer Diesel has listed on their website a conversion turbo to go in place on a 560 manifold. I believe it's a smaller TO4 style turbo, appears to be based on an Allis Chalmers style Turbo, not sure which model.
  8. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    Wow, the pictures of your turbo didn't come thru first time I read this post, Cooter, that is one of the cleanest original turbos for a 560 that I've ever seen! Now, I recall seeing a picture somewhere of a 706 FWA that appears to have that Turbo setup on it, because his exhaust pipe is much further forward on the tractor, like was common to see on 560's. How he plumbed it into the 706's air filter, however, is beyond me, as I'd think it'd put the exhaust elbow right where the air cleaner housing sits on a 706.
  9. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    Here's a sideshot of how the IH turbo is set up, and why trying to reroute the exhaust to come out of the original hole in the hood could prove very challenging
  10. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    Good luck with re-routing the exhaust with a new flange. Using the original IH Air Research turbo, the exhaust outlet is already facing the front of the tractor, so you'd need a 180* bend, which may or may not interfere will the intake plumbing for the turbo. As nice as the idea sounds, I think it'll only be a headache for yourself. Aluminum spray paint contains a seed oil in the base that, will harden like a shellac, aiding in maintaining the holding power of the already weak D282 head gasket, due to the engines design. Caterpillar bolts further aid this, as a Cat grade 8 bolt is superior to any other grade 8 bolt you'd get at the hardware store. Plus, the Cat bolts are not that spendy, you'd spend more money for genuine CaseIH head bolts & receive a lesser quality product than buying Caterpillar bolts.
  11. 3LM turbo

    I'm going to agree that the Turbo pictured here is a Schwitzer, however, it looks to me like a 3LM-353, which I HAVE did use on some of the late 1486's and did use on various 88 series throughout production. There was no set guidelines on whether a 88 series would get an Air Research TO4, or a Schwitzer 3LM-353, as I have seen both. The reason I say it's a 3LM-353 & not a 3LM-466 is because the compressor housing looks small in comparison to the exhaust housing.
  12. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    I found the Turbo setup for a D282 & installed it on a 560, as a project tractor of mine years ago. The hole in the hood isn't that hard to do, just use a 4 1/2" hole saw, running backwards, cutting from the underside of the hood. I did, and it turned out very clean. I've never dyno'd mine, but the intention never was for maximum horsepower, it was to just recreate the memory of a neighborhood 560 w/ the IH turbo. Mine doesn't seem to whistle like some, not sure why, if mine perhaps needs rebuilt, but, it sure runs really good. Aluminum spray paint on a head gasket & head bolts sourced from Caterpillar are the way to go, IMO, on any D282 for that matter. A dry-type air cleaner is a must, the oil bath isn't capable of handling the Turbo addition.
  13. D282 turbo replacement

    Problem I see with those Holset's, is that most of them are the small bolt pattern, while the DT282 manifold is large pattern. Obviously, if you're building turbo adapters already, you'll have to make one for the Holset
  14. Some People Shouldn't...

    That could get interesting!
  15. "Farm Stock" pulling

    1st thing I'd be looking for, if it were me, would be a set of 18.4 or 20.8-38 rear tires, hubs, and rims.