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  1. Air Conditioning for ICB Cab

    Ok, I have a 756 Wheatland with an ICB cab, I want to put air conditioning on it. I think it was a factory option, does anyone have some pictures of what the unit looked like? I assume it went on the top of the cab where the fresh air fan is. Since I use this tractor for Haying I thought it would be nice for next summer. I would probably find a new aftermarket roof unit and put on there if I can do it without butchering the cab. I plan on pulling the cab off of the tractor this winter because I need to split the tractor and put in a new rear main seal, and since the cab will be off I want to redo the interior. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  2. Ih problems

    Looks like a 354
  3. 756 Clutch/TA

    My 756 clutch as always acted funny and now that I am actually going to started using this thing regularly on my MoCo I need to look into it. Here is what it does, if you have the TA in Direct and go to let the clutch out it acts like it is in TA mode, then when you let the clutch out the rest of the way, like the very last 1/2 inch or so it acts like it goes right into Direct Drive again. When you have the TA pulled the clutch is smooth and does not lurch ahead when you let the clutch out. The clutch and TA work fine and doesn't slip, the tractor has done this ever since I have owned this thing, about 15 years. I do not have a book on this tractor and hoping its just an adjustment, any advice or help would be appreciated.
  4. 826 Hydro Hydraulic Filters

    Can anyone tell me the hydraulic filter part numbers for an International 826 Hydro. Thanks
  5. UD9 / UD14 bell housing

    I found my answer, they both have S.A.E. N0.1 bell housings
  6. UD9 / UD14 bell housing

    Is the bell housing the same size and bolt pattern from a UD9 and a UD14, i.e. Where the clutch bolts on. Thanks
  7. Farmall Super H/MTA Rear light

    When I restore tractors for myself I like things to be as correct as possible. My question is on a Farmall Super H and Super MTA with Sealed beam headlights would the tail light have been a sealed beam or the combination tail light/work light ( old style Guide light) or was it an option, one or the other?
  8. My '54 Supers

    Yes, and it worked really nice, just takes a little patience. Much heavier than the original piece I cut out.
  9. My '54 Supers

    Yes those are the lift cylinders for my HM-250 cultivator, I just leave Them on the tractor, there are supposed to be brackets to hold the cylinders to the frame but I haven't found any of them yet.
  10. What engine oil to use in 544 diesel

    A German Diesel will slobber if not worked. I have had few over the years and you need to take them out and work em' hard a few times a year, make sure the thermostat is good also so it warms up properly. I had an 826 once that would not warm up at all even after installing new thermostats, so I kept the radiator partially covered most of the time. It did not run good unless it was hot. I have always used 15w40 in my Diesel engines with no problem, oil formulation has changed from when those tractors were originally built.
  11. My '54 Supers

    The Super H was my Grandpa's and the Super M-TA was sold new here in Hillsboro.
  12. My '54 Supers

    2 more
  13. My '54 Supers

    Had my '54 Super H and '54 Super M-TA together for the first time since I got the M-TA, So I just had to take some pictures before I stuffed them both back in the garage.
  14. Rear End oil for S-MTA

    I'll probably get shunned for this but I have been using John Deere Hy-Gaurd in all my IH tractors for 16 years without any problems, even my Hydro's both my 544 and 656 when I owned them. Plus I have easy access to it in bulk, and the price is right for me. So that's what I'll put in the MTA, does the belt pulley get its lubrication from that oil or is that separate?
  15. Rear End oil for S-MTA

    What should I be using for rear end oil in my Super MTA? Hydraulic or Gear Lube? I thought I read somewhere that the MTA's is when they started putting hydraulic oil in the rear ends, and how much does it hold? I don't have a book for this tractor.