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  1. 766 Gas to Diesel

    What is different about the frame rails? Sounds like same length if only the exhaust side hood is different. Can the gasser rails be drilled to work?
  2. 766 Gas to Diesel

    Had someone call and ask if I wanted to do a conversion on a 766, going from gas to diesel. He found a gasser that had the engine freeze up and bust. What all is involved besides getting the 360 diesel engine? Don't want it to look cobbled up. Frame rails the same? Radiator? Thanks
  3. Deer season opens today...

    The best buck I have ever shot was on a foggy morning so hope your day is as good. Indiana archery season began October 1 and runs thru the first full weekend of January and so far I have not seen any deer while hunting. Gun season begins November 18 this year and runs thru December 3 with shotgun, ML, certain calibers of handguns, and rifles. Weather guessers are calling for 30 to 60 mph winds and heavy rains so not confident for tomorrow either. Talked with some other farms around here and they all complain about deer damage but will not let anybody hunt on their property. Guess I need to take up deer shooting as some do, spotlight and a pickup truck. Not really, I was not raised that way.
  4. Help me start my channel!

    Great to see tractors, big or small, in their work clothes and being used for what they were meant for. You must be from the south. Those trees are still green. Cub Cadets can be contagious. At one time I had 39. Several were for parts, still several runners. I had one with the tiller, one with Haban sickle mower, one kept the snow blower all the time, another 2 with a blade, at least 4 with mower decks, one was dedicated to pulling a lawn vac, another I left a lawn sweeper on, even had one for garden tractor pulling. I have since downsized to "only 9".
  5. Carlisle tires

    I put a set on the front of my 1650 Oliver 10 years ago and still good and no flats. Tractor has the base weight and 2 slab weights plus the cast grille and heavy tub.
  6. Hey Santa.....

    I want the 656 we bought new back in 1966. Would not even care if it was currently sitting in the dead row or something. Dad sold it to a neighbor several years ago and when the neighbor downsized he sold it to a jockey and it is gone. If that don't work, I want one like it that I can make believe it is the one we had. I have not found the serial number yet. I had a 766 diesel for a few years but sold it. Not a lot of sentimental value in it but I really liked that one too.
  7. Remembering the farm crisis

    The FFA jacket was worn proud by most that had one and their lifestyle was not one of troublemaker or just plain jerk. That said, I knew Mr. M. in his school days. We never felt the desire to imitate him, and still would not. Enough said.
  8. Bush Hog SM-60 Users?

    Does anyone here use a Bush Hog SM-60 mower? How good (robust, or just bust ) are they? Can they handle new growth saplings or just for grass? The brochure says up to 1" tree which sounds a little light. Thinking of putting one on an Oliver weighing around 9200 with 18.4x34 tires. I have a small ditch behind the house as well as doing the road sides and around the fields.
  9. plowing

    It is great having a tractor, truck, other equipment that has a sentimental connection. But even more special is using same and the sound, smell, the memories are priceless. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Tinnitus

    November 1969, my first permanent base in the Air Force. I was Air Frame Repair. (Tin Benders, Hanger Bangers) First day on flight line I was put inside a Huey tail section to back up the rivets while my trainer hammered rivets on a patch panel from the outside. He thought it was funny. I have had that ringing ever since. Bad enough I was almost discharged because of it. When I am deer hunting I concentrate on listening for deer and do not notice it as much. I also wear noise canceling ear muffs with the microphones. Really started bothering me most when I try to listen to my grandson. Doctor said hearing aids can make normal sounds louder to cancel out some of the tinnitus. I have them ordered but they are not here yet.
  11. Once in a lifetime rig!

    Wish I had heard of the sale coming up. I would gladly run the price up a little higher for a rig in that condition. That is above excellent condition. They are only new one time.
  12. Concrete sealer... yes or no?

    I built mine back about 1990. I poured 8" thick with a heavy mix and with rebar and the grid that looks like a fence panel. Then I cut the expansion joints and filled them with a silicone so they did not collect dirt. I told the concrete guy I did not ever want it to crack. I have had a fully loaded 1466 and a D3 dozer on it for a couple of weeks at a time and no cracks. I also did the sealer so it would not stain much. After all these years and repairs I can honestly say the sealer is worth the expense and time.

    I like the mix between restored and "from the field" using tractors. I just got good tires on my Oliver so may mark my calendar for 2018. Mine is more field ready and not close to restored. Only newer paint is the hood.
  14. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    My brother has a 427. I think his is a 1966. It has a different carb and is in a former Super Gas 1979 Camaro. Runs pretty quick because the whole car weighs 2000 without driver. He bought the car May 9, 2010 with intentions of racing but has never had it to a track and probably never will. Previous owner said it was consistent 5.90 in the 1/8.
  15. Shopping for a crossbow

    I bought a PSE Fang and like it. 2 years ago I took a doe at 48 yards on the last day of season. Before the season I shot it in at 20 yards out to 60 and it was spot on where I aimed. During season I practiced about every other day. 345 fps and pretty light. Edited. I put the speed at 245 when it should be 345.