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    I like the mix between restored and "from the field" using tractors. I just got good tires on my Oliver so may mark my calendar for 2018. Mine is more field ready and not close to restored. Only newer paint is the hood.
  2. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    My brother has a 427. I think his is a 1966. It has a different carb and is in a former Super Gas 1979 Camaro. Runs pretty quick because the whole car weighs 2000 without driver. He bought the car May 9, 2010 with intentions of racing but has never had it to a track and probably never will. Previous owner said it was consistent 5.90 in the 1/8.
  3. Shopping for a crossbow

    I bought a PSE Fang and like it. 2 years ago I took a doe at 48 yards on the last day of season. Before the season I shot it in at 20 yards out to 60 and it was spot on where I aimed. During season I practiced about every other day. 345 fps and pretty light. Edited. I put the speed at 245 when it should be 345.
  4. That time of year....

    We had a renter a few years back that kept complaining that he was going in the hole. But he upgraded tractors and combine. When he asked to have the rent cut in half (it was way below what others around were paying) he was asked to move on. He had farmed the place for 18 years. Before he started renting we had soil samples taken and assumed he would fertilize well so he could turn a profit. Guess he took a different route to making a profit. He lost a little over 300 acres tillable. Now he complains about us to anyone that will listen. We have gotten to where we do not care what anyone thinks of us if they believe someone like this and not remember all we have done helping neighbors over the last 60 or 70 years. The new renter took soil samples and it has taken him 5 years to get it back in reasonable condition. Easy to work with and ahead of due date with the payment. And he is not one of those BTO companies.
  5. fastenal question

    Fastenal around here was catering to the big manufacturing. A few years ago factories started shopping McMaster-Carr and places like that online. That opened Fastenal to the one or two of item sales. They also tried catering to a farmer and stocking a bolt cabinet for them. Lately Fastenal started smooth talking the factories again and got their foot in the door again. I have not stopped in the store in a few months but it would not surprise me if our local does not go this way. I know the last time I was in there the young kid knew computers but nothing about bolts. If I need an odd bolt or something, I have found Ace hardware usually has what I need in stock and at a good price. Menards has a big selection of this kind of things too.
  6. New Member with a 1486 that needs a lot of TLC

    I just sent you a PM.
  7. It Got Dark About 2045 Last Night, And Was Still Dark At 0430

    So, that was it? The total darkness went fast. Back to "normal" life. Got to admit, it was interesting to be a part of it. I especially liked the coverage at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. TV news said next one will be in 8 years and go from southwest to northeast. Hopkinsville, Kentucky looks to be in the path again.
  8. Solar eclipse

    Somewhere down in Kentucky several years back, and on this same date, people claim to have had a shoot out with little green people/Martians, whatever it might have been. Story was on the Louisville news a couple of days ago about the event along with newspaper clippings. Probably something to do with "moon" in a jar but they said all were sober at the time. I am not taking any chances. I am buying out Bass Pro and Cabela's ammunition in preparation. Hopkinsville, Kentucky August 21, 1955. http://kysolareclipse.com/little-green-men-hopkinsville-aliens.htm
  9. Mmm Mmmm Good

    Our garden was just getting ready for the freezer when the raccoons got into it. I tried trapping them but did not want a skunk in my trap that close to the house so gave up that idea. I went to a farmers market and bought a lot and we spent a whole afternoon getting the corn to the freezer. Wife told me the next time, just get 4 or 5 dozen. Guess that means she wants more. We shuck ours and brush off as much of the silks as we can, wash the ears in cold water, then put them in a bag and straight to the freezer. When we take them out we boil them just like we would fresh ears. Tastes the same as fresh in the middle of winter.
  10. Any one know this guy?

    Are you coming up to Evansville tonight for the tractor pulls? PPL classes. I know it is about 2 hours but still should be fun. (If we don't break)
  11. What's Your Heritage?

    Some talk of their ancestors coming over on the Mayflower. My mom's side has been traced back and I can say with confidence, my ancestors were here to meet the Mayflower. Growing up, I heard the others in our family line were "French, Dutch, and don't amount to much." French, Dutch, Irish, Cherokee, probably other too.
  12. Just rambling...

    We live near the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge at Seymour, Indiana. Like the OP, we never saw deer when I was little. I just turned 68. Last evening about 7:30 PM my wife looked out the front window and whispered for me to come and look. A nice big doe was about 10 FEET from our front door eating. We are on well water and have a water softener in the pump house. The softener drains at the road ditch and makes an excellent salt lick so we see them there often, about 100 feet from the house. Even had a raccoon staring in our door on the deck a few days ago. We still have quail. Have seen a few turkeys for a day or two and they would move on. Pheasants are not seen around here. They release and shoot at Crosley but if they survive that, they do not live long. Over in the south east part of Jennings County, we have seen gray wolves and a bear or two lately. Coyotes are plentiful but hard to get a shot at because of the people/houses/buildings. The 50's, 60's, 70's were good times. Today is also a great time to be alive. Times are changing but if a person slows down and pay attention to everything around us, especially in the rurals, today is also a great day.
  13. Back in the mid 60's, we had a Farmall 656 diesel. Loved that tractor but it got away years ago. Sitting around today discussing tractors from our past and wondering if someone makes upgrade parts for factory defects. We recall the 656 cowl panels are fiberglass and prone to cracking. Does anyone make these in steel or aluminum? If so, now for a miracle- at a decent price and that fit right? Thinking of the 656 some more, the shifter gets sloppy over time. What improvements can be made in that area? What would be required to switch from factory 2 point to factory 3 point? Now thinking of the adapter points, thinking of the factory installed look. Keep it red and keep it running. Thanks
  14. Gotta try it

    The third picture looks like he is well on his way to being a plumber. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Not as Red anymore

    Complete with a high rise muffler and the knuckle buster on the steering wheel! Couldn't get better than that. Good find. And being from a neighbor, you probably know a lot of the history on it, or the neighbor can fill you in on it. Are those pictures at his place or yours? Looks like a White in the picture too. Now if you would add Ollie and Allis......