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  1. What welders say

    Beeeeep That’s hot!
  2. C263 Gas Questions

    What did the 766 gassers have?
  3. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    Both of our 966’s have had the tachs replaced at around 6000 hrs. One has 4000 some more the other has nearly 6000 more
  4. Who had the first ivt ( hydro mechanical) trans

    I would love to have reliable information that says ih had it before Deere dang green weeny guys anyway 😆
  5. Quick question

    Pete is the master guru
  6. axial flow combine rear axle

    This is on my 1660 just used what I had laying around. it’s been holding several years now. It didn’t break all the way but it cracked bad.
  7. Case 1680

    No such thing. 🤔 if you mean a case IH , 1680 , then we would need the model year sorry pet peeve of mine when green weeny guys call them case combines 😠
  8. chain saw compression release mod

    We had an ez start stihl for a awhile. Hated it. Goofy dang thing never would spin it fast enough to start right.
  9. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    Yep. All new bolts.
  10. 66 series steering cylinder

    I would think in the middle of travel. When you turn the wheel all the way each way should be equal amount of cylinder rod sticking out
  11. 8920 Case Shifting Issue

    Is it this way with the clutch pedal down or does it matter ?
  12. Xmas & 2018

    All it takes is money
  13. IH on cereal box!

    Cool anything is better than a green weeny. I’d say it is a 666
  14. 1066 hydraulics

    I had a similar problem on my 706 once. Turned out to be a Teflon ring blown out between the lift arm valve and lift cylinder
  15. Why 501?

    I always wondered about that too. What did other companies do?
  16. 5250 maxxum

    I would think so depends on how soft the ground is and if you have mfd or not. I’ve pulled our 18 ft 475 with a 966. Not the easiest deal but it kept me from going to fast which is what I always am guilty of!
  17. Salvage values

    Is there a place that shows salvage values for tractors and combines
  18. Got my shed built today

    May I ask what was the cost? We had Amish do silo work they seemed to do everything the hard way but everyone kept working no yelling (well almost) no standing around and what do you know they get a lot done and reasonable cost
  19. Salvage values

    It’s for my combine. It works and runs like it is but it’s getting a little long in the tooth. I’m wanting to sell it I figure if I trade it it’ll go straight to the boneyard anyway. Maybe I should part it out myself I dunno. Thought if I could find a salvage value to start out with
  20. Another 7588 on auction

    Is anybody going to this sale
  21. Self loading round bale wagon

    We still use one that used to be self loading and unloading it had an arm that lifted the bales up and on then a single chain moved them back. Unloading them just run the chain and pull forward. Problem was the chain it always ripped the twines. Net wrap would have been worse probably don’t know never used it with net wrapped bales
  22. New! We don't even know what new means!!! 503 & 403 combines

    Oh man that is dedicated i would like to hear more about these my dad had a 203 before my time Bought it new and wore it out custom combining according to the legend
  23. 66 series steering orbit motors

    I got a new one for my 966 lots less than ih. Don’t remember how much but I think it was for a Massey. The lines are in a square instead of a diamond shape so ya I had to do some cobbling and the plate under the steering wheel needed bent out for clearance but hey it works and no leaks
  24. Ripper tips

    Is it common to rip there? Around here if you rip clay it just seals back up waste of time and fuel
  25. Hair Sheep in the south. Have I lost my mind?

    I use white wormers (panacur, safeguard) three times a year on my sheep