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  1. 1066 getting hot?

    Way low on antifreeze?
  2. A few 1456's in town

    most of them yuppies in them cookie cutter houses have no idea what you have there
  3. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    Heck, I had to put a buzzer on my 1660 people (not me!) kept forgetting to shut off the unload auger. It runs so quiet and the little light by the steering wheel nobody notices
  4. 1066 wedge lock, bolt size?

    I'd try it. Just don't burn it in deep
  5. 986 - 66 similarities

    Ya just leave it open station 86 style
  6. 966

    Could mean the hand pump under the steering wheel. Need to go look and see what it won't or will do. Won't steer at all? Or poorly? Or leaks somewhere? Never know till you look might just need the front end greased up good. If no steering or brakes at all then it can be the pump or air locked system. Cylinder is under middle of front end.
  7. 986 Questions

    I've never had a 9 or a 1086 but we had a 3588 2+2 for a few years so it had the same cab and shifters. Some hate them but I didn't mind it. Much quieter than the 1466 black stripe cab we also had. A good air seat and it's not a bad ride. Get them adjusted right and they shift fine. Try one out in all the gears. Take someone along who has experience with them. Neighbors have a 1486 they use all the time, tillage, planting, hauling grain. It has a ton of hours on it I'm sure. But it looks and runs like new yet because they take care of it. IMAGINE THAT. they just had the rear end overhauled this spring so it must not be that bad
  8. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    How much power you need? Ac cab is nice for haying. If you want ac definitely get 86 series. Otherwise 66 series is just fine. 9,10, or even a 1486. I've mowed lots of hay with a 13 ft discbine and a 966. Heavy hay it pulled hard up the hills in H2 but goterdone. The mx200 much nicer tho 😎
  9. Rotor speed on corn

    Where are your sieves set at
  10. led question for 66 series

    I got some from Larsen lights for my 66 series they are a little brighter but much whiter light. I think Larsen has about the best prices on these conversions and he gives great service also
  11. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    What are you going to do with it? If it will be a shed and show queen those tires might be the best thing for a smooth ride lol
  12. '66 series starter

    I'll be the dissenter here. We had a starter rebuilt by a highly recommended reputable shop and it lasted about a year... went and got a reman from mother cih and it's still going strong years later
  13. IH 856 rear end fluid change

    On the drain plugs we had a magnetic plug in our 1466 don't know if that was factory or what but I thought it was a good idea
  14. Low Hour 1066

    Our 1066 looks like that
  15. 30 years ago today it snowed

    My how wedding styles have changed. It will be 27 for us this year. We looked about the same ha. Happy anniversary. I must say you look scared s**tless