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  1. 1700 loadstar front wheel cylinders

    Just pull cylinder off to get size and shape . Rebuilt for most of them are easy to get or kit and rebuild
  2. With all the advice on here I think parts get blamed for way more than they should. Assembly is an acquired trait or talent. There are certain things you do like dropping piston into bore without rings to check clearance. Sliding rods back and forth after assembly to make sure bearing and pin clearance are right. Turning crank by hand to make sure bearings are aligned. Catching finger nail on sleeve to check for right profusion. All these things can ruin good parts. Good luck with parts you guys i have used about every brand of piston , bearing available they all work if assembled correctly and ran accordingly. And never ran one on a dyno either to break one in. If they run run them. And John Deere , perkin, cat , Detroit are all the same even used to get the lowly 5.7 ,6.2 gm diesel to run for a while. Like I said most of these engines are super durable and not complicated to make run. Not saying I haven't had a few hiccups either but you learn from doing.
  3. Aermotor windmill advice please

    You can still buy a new aero motor mill and tower here in the USA also. About 8000 for mill and tower for 6 or 8 ft mill the bigger wheels are about double I think. Checked online and I think all the parts for dempster can be bought also.
  4. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Just something to add to this on air compressors. Make sure you have them on a cutoff switch. Cut the power to them every night or when you leave shop. Same air compressor in the shop since 83 it was just one bought off a tool truck. Ran constantly for years. Motor has been rebuilt 3 times. Once from lightning hitting line at nighttime. Next two times for brown outcor power loss during run time. The last time motor burned out it actually started burning at 10 am in morning. I was outside blowing cab top off of loader power went out and came back . Burning motor out and starting it on fire. When I went into shop had to take extinguisher and put fire out. So shut off power when not there.
  5. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    Take car of yourself. My bil is just going to start dialysis. He is 45 and been on insulin since he was 20. Going to get a port put in to his stomach area in December. Then in February start a new style dialysis. Is supposed to get on kidney transplant list now. My wife struggles with diabetes problems also not something to mess with.
  6. Another simple 986 question

    You can even get a wrong starter in a right box. Ever since a backwards starter fiasco on a jd I check the click of starter drive before install.
  7. Tillage radish pictures

    We seed a little cover crop every fall it doesn't do much then but I am going to try and spread some in crop next year. We had a little seed left over so seeded cow pen in June if you do it right they turn out and do their job. This one frost pushed this one out
  8. Thieves

    We live on pretty small rural town here in North Dakota. 3000 people and our county has about 5000 people. A lot of my friends or most of them smoke dope at night. Most do their job and get stuff done right but about 20 percent of them and now the younger generation are all on the hard stuff. Stealing whatever the need.Here in North Dakota about once a week in the news about Narcon saving a life. The sheriff in our next county was dealing meth was turned into state and it only took a year for our state investigator to get evidence. The ring he was in killed a man by heating an ice auger with a torch and running it on his genitals. Man survived for a week and sheriff wouldn't investigate, then he got drawn into it.Just an evil we deal with I guess. The old dopers have all moved onto painkillers now . If you ever end up in hospital and need pain drugs good chance you are not going to get them. Someone is going to steal them or lick your pain patch empty before application. It is everywhere now days.
  9. Thieves

    My brother I farm with works underground construction in the summer. They had their tool van broken into and lost all the big stuff . Chop saws, pipe laser, and all cordless stuff. His boss was watching internet and bought back a newer stolen gas engine chop saw from theft ring that wasnt his. They took it to police and its serial number wasn't registered as stolen so they got to keep it. Some of their tools turned up later being resold and it was the son and family of a used car rip off place that was selling them. That is the other place most big dope dealers are in. The corner used car lot. Every pot head thinks he is an auction wholesale king and a good place to launder money through.the funny thing about thieves and dope dealers none are very bright but everyone of them can count cash fast.
  10. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Just checked out Baldwin filter web site. Seems they started in Wisconsin in the 30s . Moved to Nebraska in the late 40s to an old Air Force base. The founder sold it to new owners in the 80s after suffering a stroke. They bought out Hastings premium filters made in Yankton Sd in the 90s. And are now owned by a group that had the Parker hyd hose and fitting line. I always wondered what happened to Hastings.So by all means they sure sound like a second or third rate fly by night screw you over filter company. Down here in the USA the dealers are surprisingly competitive on filters and oil. If not I like napa but they have the gold line for the better filters.
  11. Thieves

    Sad thing. Meth and herion has taken over a lot of rural America. They had an episode on a news television program about 10 years ago how the drug gangs were tightening up credit. They basically said either you pay or die. They had picture of USA and everything west of Mississippi was under meth cartel control. Eastern big cities were still under cocaine gang control. I know we have gone through the same up here in North Dakota anything that can be stolen and easily sold or transported. They say lots of it gets packed together and taken south to bigger cities and sold at flea markets. Starts out with people smoking dope cheaply and moving up into high dollar drugs. Article in paper here a couple years ago some film projectors were stolen from big college in grand forks. They were bought of eBay in Minneapolis. They were serial numbered so traced to gang selling them a meth and dope dealers in grand forks.
  12. Red Power Magazine page 90

    In the td9 operator manual it shows a gasoline operated pan heater. Maybe the pipes have something to do with that been a while since I read it
  13. 7240 spinning

    Welcome aboard lots of knowledge on here.
  14. Combine wire harness!

    Which wires the engine wiring is pretty simple straight forward and could be made by hand. The other harnesses Are all pretty simple small ones to. Cab harness would be about biggest one to fix
  15. Feeding cornstalk bales to cows

    You will be fine rolling a bale out for them. People used to talk about injecting them with lick rub protein and that was all the cows got most of the winter. We were going to bale some but the white stuff came along and stopped that plan.
  16. Cattle drive today

    Needed to move about 100 pairs two miles home. Need to haul about 35 pairs yet
  17. Cattle drive today

    Rugby ND. We are north central North Dakota the farm / ranch is about 50 miles south of Canadian border. . Yes a bucket of feed or sound of loader tractor makes them move a lot easier. At home we lead them where we want them with a loader bucket of silage.
  18. Tillage radish pictures

    I don't think they use a lot if you get them seeded around August 1 they really would just be growing around sept 1 so your corn should be finishing by then. We were just seeding them when we finish wheat and would get little garden size. This plot was seeded with wheat seed in our cow pen part of field just to get manure to rot and give cows a little to eat. I was surprised how big they will get and root goes farther yet. Brother found this one after we chased cows home yesterday now I am a believer in trying them to help out yields.
  19. Cattle drive today

    No we don't do horses here just a SUV and a atv. But in this case we used a 1066 to chase them.
  20. Tillage radish pictures

    We are in our 3rd year of trying but have to get more serious next year would like to get about 300 acres growing. I am going to try and broadcast down the sprayer fungicide tracks to get them going earlier. Just seeing the early planted ones you know they can do their thing if you get them in right. I am guessing we are about same latitude here in North Dakota as you are out there Chris? We are 45 miles south of Canadian border here in ND.
  21. Electronic ignition - wow!

    Never installed a refit electric ign kit. But have changed plenty of coils and electric units when they quit. Grew up with points on everything just never had trouble with them so leave them in there.a screw driver some sand paper and you are usually going again with points.
  22. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Red for sure. Pictures when done with project please. We have a couple complete towers and windmills laying here. They are hard to find when you need one and pretty trouble free if tank is big enough.
  23. Tillage radish pictures

    I don't know about pastures but it works to broadcast in crop fields. Good luck with project never hurts to try.
  24. Anybody have engine conversion in a superduty

    Years ago my truck sale buddy here bought a new 76 or 77 Chevy k 3500 4 wd. 350 chevy with 4 speed 4 wd. He took it brand new to Detroit diesel dealer and they swapped in the 4:53 Detroit they used in the medium duty chevy truck line. He used it on a flatbed trailer hauling tractors for resale and his cattle trailer. The engine never did work well he even changed gears front and rear. The Detroit blew up eventually with few miles he then put a 454 into it. I put a set of 427 heads on the 454 right before he sold out and moved to town. From what they say it was a slick outfit with the Detroit just not enough speeds. Seen another older 4 wd chevy with a Detroit and same guy had a 3208 cat in a late 70s chevy
  25. Tillage radish pictures

    Yes the pigs are going to get this one though. You can graze the tops. The idea is to seed them in July give enough growing season to break up compaction and as they rot in ground build organic matter and voids for water infiltration. Dads buddy was eating them out of his field they were garden size in September seeded in aug.going to try broadcast seeding about 50 acres with 3 pt spinner in sprayer tracks next year 7in standing crop. You can see a raccoon or something was chewing on it before we picked it up