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  1. That is what the sticker on an 806 looked like. But with flat shields and white paint behind it. There was an old thread on here one time and I thought they mentioned 1206 stickers were not the same as 806. Only ever seen a factory sticker on 806s here nothing after that. Not saying they weren't made but never seen a 56 wheatland sticker.Back in the wd9 days there were a couple of super WDR9s around. They got you hand clutch and full coverage fenders they had a sticker that said Ricefield special or something like that on the hood. IH liked fancy stickers our 815 and 915 combine had grain and maize special instead of the normal windrow special we were used to.
  2. They seem to be the most durable except for some front cover leaks they are pretty reliable
  3. Dad added a double fan pulley on his 806 with air conditioner belt groove and made a mount from frame rail. No cutting tin or anything.
  4. John Deere dealer here was replacing the frame and front parts on one that was wrecked a couple years ago.
  5. Have seen 4 c15 cats blown up like that. Cousin who is complete stickler for maintenance and cleanliness had his c15 drop the injector out in Wyoming 18,000 and 4 days later was on the road again after having Wyoming cat dealer overhaul it. I will let other people chime in but it is not real common to hit a million miles. The high horsepower engines all experience liners moving , mains wearing the block and other problems that never occurred with 100 hp less. Relative who sells big trucks locally takes all trucks to engine makers shop. Has printout what engine had done per serial number or needs and very rare that none of them have needed a camshaft or anything done on top end before 500,000.
  6. A single turbo C15/ 3406e should pull like a son of a gun. They are pretty strong engine when right. As far as needing oh at 500,000 liners wear in the block, valve drops out of head , injector tip go through engine all pretty common to any high hp engine cat more so. Cummins like to wear the main saddles. Pretty common for first oh between 5 and 700,000. Cam wear is an issue on some serial numbers to.
  7. Where did it come out of new? Did they reband the pipe on or is that original?
  8. We have about 10 cows left to calve out of 200. So we get a newborn yet once in a while. The pastures could use some more rain hopefully get some this week or next. The little water on the ground is remnants of the .75 we got last Monday morning. This pasture we are putting a pipeline in to move water a 1/2 mile to the center of the section. This is real sandy hilly pasture we are trying to cell graze it and run 75 pairs on it instead of 50 we do now. We have 480 of pasture and 160 of crop that is wheat as soon as wheat comes off next month we will graze the stubble and odd spots in that field. The next section north is all crop but we have it perimeter fenced with electric so when that crop comes off we can graze ,feed cattle on that. We have a system in place we bring about another 60 pair that are all on the west side of the hi way and graze them on the crop land as long as we can into the fall. The cows on the east side of hwy go home onto some more fenced crop land in the fall. Then when winter gets bad we hop the west cows across the blacktop into the east cows only to start process over in spring.
  9. A little different crop our cows this morning. This is the next 640 acres south of the last crop pictures i posted. 480 of pasture and 160 of crop that is fenced. We are exactly 1 mile south of last crop pictures.
  10. Rugby mfg is still in business here. They got bought up buy a company that owns crysteel and a few other truck body companies. They make flatbed stake bodies mostly and contractor ,city dump boxes. Yes rugby is the geographical center of North America . I will have to take picture of monument. We could be about 100 miles south of Brandon I know Rugby is 46 miles from border. The guy that started rugby mfg was a German immigrant from Canada.
  11. Custom guys that chop around here are at about 125 an acre in 15 to 20 ton silage. We have a guy that comes up with a worn out JD and 2 trucks takes about 7 hours to chop 40 acres but he is about 110 an acre. I know the local guy always talk about being 500 to 600 an hour with the trucks. We used to chop our selfs with a JD 3800 but in the fall you just run out of time here.
  12. There were a fair amount of ford tractors around. People must have been loyal to them. Neighbors have a blue 2000 ford and a fair share of tw tractors around. Now we have three newer blue ones.
  13. How many hours does it have ? Can't be very high hours.
  14. Rugby North Dakota. About 80 miles south of Brandon Manitoba if I remember the mileage right.
  15. The draw bars down here all had a full length roller that had a clamp on both sides. The bolts would break and bust your middle support casting. It was more heavy duty than that one.I should have stated that is an example of what the wheatland sticker 806s were. Except the 6s usually had wide fenders most 56s had narrow by then. I would bet only 25% of the 06 tractors were ordered with pto here .I put a lot of them in 806s 1206s and that was from 88 on about 2/3s had ta down here. The cheaper the better when they bought them here. Those were big tractors for field work not light pto or winter time use. That one is close to new even had the pipe for the clamp wrench on the tractor. Dad had 2 of them here but get used with the wrench to split JD tractors a lot.