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  1. They are having 6 close out auctions. Check (resource auctions. )Selling everything from the stores they are closing . If Titan is crooked the auctioneer has a worse reputation.
  2. Planted a lot of sunflowers and little bit of corn with dads 8 row 30 inch 500. Must have seeded 20,000 acres over the years with it. You would fill it with seed and not worry about it but the worn out 800 we bought to replace it always had you worried about air leaks and such. The tanks are flatter and widespread plus they fill with dirt more than the 500 did. The 800 row units so superior to anything out there. We want to buy a 1200 caseih to plant soybeans and some canola next year.
  3. The 500 and 400 cycle were so much more forgiving with their shape of the box. Not that the new ones don't work but are always so much more finicky.
  4. 70 miles would be a little over 4 hours. When I was little Dad would run the F gleaner home from his farm. A lot of times he would run it home in the dark to be here in the morning it was- 35 mile trip. We were farming land the last 3 years 45 miles away 2.5 hours with the 2188 but would go down gravel. All you have to do is make your mind up and do it. Last year had dinner in town. And a guy came from Canada with an 8120 with header in tow and was leaving for central South Dakota in the morning a 500 mile some trip he said and was doing it in 2 days. We moved a lot of machinery back and forth the 35 miles over the years.
  5. Around 10 or 11 is when they started having problems with the oil pump. My 13 started having issues at 100,00 and wife's suburban at 130,000. Our little Chevy dealer keeps all the parts on hand to change the pump but is a 1800 dollar bill. You can buy the parts and do it yourself for under 200. Like I said you notice it more if you follow the oil change light not by going 3500mile intervals. Not everyone has peoblems either just wanted to warn you in case your oil pressure gets low.
  6. Congrats on the pickup and the baby on the way. I will warn you Chevy has problems with the oil pumps if you keep them on the oil change light. I have a 2013 pickup and a 2010 Chevy suburban that both need the oil pumps replaced this summer. If you change the oil sooner around 3500 miles or so it keeps the inside cleaner and the pump seems to last longer. Never heard of the problem until my pickup dropped oil pressure this winter than a little while later suburban did the same. The suburban has never had anything but a gm oil change with gm approved oil so can't blame the oil.
  7. We're you empty? I know that is one of the biggest fears the concrete guy I do some engine work for has. He has had some engines start knocking on the job site and they get priority to get unloading.. Either it is going to empty itself or motor is going to blow trying. They have had to pull another truck up front on the older front mount pumps and swap hoses to running truck to dump some.
  8. Better late than never though. Fully headed and 15 %flowering. But that only gives you a 2 or 3 day window so basically after you see heads starting to emerge you should be spraying in a 3 to 5 day window. It definitely pays. You scab is determined by the weather 2 to 3 weeks before heading but you spray any time you raise wheat. I feel it gives us about 8 bpa every year we average about 55 to 60 bpa on our spring wheat and it is just a process like spraying for weeds. For what it is worth last year was no performance difference between generic and name brand fungicides. Although the name brand combines 2 modes of action.
  9. Make sure nothing is stopping the outside linkage from working properly though. Have had some newer ones 4450s and such where crap holds the linkage open. Or rusts the linkage up.
  10. There is a brake inside the trans. You have to pull bell housing front of trans off. But more than likely the pto plates are warped and they are in the front power shift pack if I remember right. Been a few years since I had a power shift apart. And no not really any adjustment to compensate for wear. I know I have replaced the brakes and pto discs on a few power shifts but been a while. My dream is to find a late model diesel 3020 powershift just to have around the farm. I think you can pull the powershift pack out the front after splitting but there will still be a pack of clutches in the back for more gears that takes more work to get out. Will look in book later .
  11. Almost every kind of planter except kinze running in our area. Neighbors run a 36/ 22 case ih for corn and soybeans. Other neighbor 16/30 caseih. We run an old 7200 jd. A lot of jd planters split row and 30 inch running . A few whites and a little ways away the horsch Anderson planter is popular. Although my buddy beat everyone in yield last year with a 12 row 900 setup with a cart to blow fertilizer mid row . He averaged almost 200 bpa up here where the county average is 85 bpa. They are even starting to use the narrow row planters for canola up here they save so much seed you can make a planter payment. The neighbors next to us with the 36 row planter seeded over 500 acres on Sunday with it the started in a 200 acre field and finished the next 300 acre field by dark were seeding soybeans.
  12. One thing that always makes me mad is the mess of wires you end up with when changing a box. When we bought our house it was built in 68 and had fuses. It was a work of art each wire came down outside the box and made a neat 9o degree turn into the side. Next wire over a bit and next hole under. The replacement box is a ball of wire. Another thing inside the box when you buy them is a diagram how to wire box. Bring each wire into box through hole and clamp. Then proceed to strip about 3 ft of wire from sheathing. Take individual wires from entry of box take them to bottom then bring back up and bend top into right angle into breaker. Makes for a neat inside of box. And extra wire for making adjustments
  13. Have a good trip and bless your heart and family for going to help out.
  14.  Hey Dale, Jim weigel here. just wanted your imput on something here. Found a real nice 856 standard with the adjustable front end, Guess I've only seen one other like it. Its also serial 7508 I believe so number 8 off the line. Do you think this tractor would be worth a little more money than most 856s? Spoke for it and plan to use it a little then maybe try to sell it. Has the big fenders but tires have been replace with 18.4 38s.thanks

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    2. dale560


      Yes it is getting on the dry side up here. First year we seeded canola was last year. It will do better on dry or sandy land than soybeans. Other than getting it seeded is the big thing. A buddy of mine planted about a 1000 acres of canola this year. The stuff we had last year didn't turn out to bad.

    3. jimw


       bought that 856, if I could get your cell will text you some picts. seems to be really nice.  How do you plant your canola? was using the grass seeder on the 9450 hoe drill, seemed to work but still waiting for it to come up. wanted to get down about 5lbs but only ended up with 4, hopefully works out.

    4. dale560


      701 208 1397. We had it seeded with a jd not ill drill. My buddy seeds it with an old jd disc air seeder. A lot of people up here are going to narrow row corn planters. You can go down to 2 lbs an acre with the right seeder and be okay. If it gets dry though nothing works well. Neighbor has it spread with fertilizer truck and drags it in that works to.

  15. Dad always talks about years ago in the late 60s. They worked on a lot of Minneapolis moline G and Us . Pull the heads off for burnt valve or bad seat and if you ordered a new head it would be in North Dakota from Atlanta goergia the next morning.