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  1. soybean market

    I think our local elevator loads 110 car shuttle in 11 hours. They have to split train up because they are in town here but most new places build a mile circle track pull train in load as cars go in circle and call it a day. I know 3 to 4 people load the trains here and in busy season control room guy unloads trucks with grain incoming as grain is going into train from his control at same time. It is amazing at grain they can handle now. We haul about 1/2 our wheat to town during harvest and all our soybeans. Last year we delivered about 100,000 bushels during wheat, soybean and corn harvest with 8 loads of canola delivered also. The longest I waited was 5 minutes except for canola. One elevator I took wet corn to is a Gavilon. 70 mile one way and I scaled in after probing dumped in main pit house and scaled out in 3.2 Minutes with the semi. Scale is about 1000 ft from pits and drive back to same scale to weigh out. 3 trucks ahead of me that day but 2 were in other pit and one just leaving pit as I arrived so it all worked out efficiently. The local elevator our wheat and soybeans go to is super fast also can go 18 miles dump and 18 miles home almost as fast as I can dump at home into bins with 10 inch auger.
  2. View from my mobile office this morning

    We have an 8820 wheat special jd. Before we bought the 2188 the slightest hint of non dry vines plugs the grain augers will make you cry.
  3. ac & overheating grimlins

    The funny thing I have only replaced spun balancers on combines. Have replaced them on tractors but never to the point of coming apart. If pulleys are real bad they will slip. Quick check of fan belts is you need to be able to move engine with fan when not on full compression part of stroke if that makes sense. This only works on solid fans If fan just slips you will heat.
  4. soybean market

    From what I read and hear the Deep South has a tremendous crop coming off. And the Midwest is getting surprised by yields not quite the last years crop but close. One thing that helps price in harvest at least for us is the Chinese market. They are loading up on soybeans and pre position cargo ships for loading in anticipation. We are half ways to the west coast ports but grain trains can make it in a couple days. So as long as China is buying prices creep up but as soon as March comes and they can source South American soybeans they drop. The soybean ports and trains have super fast turn around almost like export corn. If all goes well the same train can be loaded sent west and be reloaded at some big super elevators in a week. Didn't believe that but we are 70 miles from a Gavilon terminal. Everything was backed up 5 years ago. We needed to move some wet ,lighter corn the manager told me 3 days his train will be back they just loaded said get ready they will start taking grain again and it was true. As soon as train came they were refilling bins from about a 100 waiting semis.
  5. Vintage Ads

    Auto steer and auto control from a new combine will let you fly that drone while combine is going Ralph. Heck it will even let you take a nap. Good videos and pictures Ralph.
  6. View from my mobile office this morning

    Thanks I like the looks of the setup in cab. Our wheat got down to 10.5 moisture on us. If you figure it out I think it is 4% loss in shrinkage alone.
  7. ac & overheating grimlins

    Check your balancer they will slip and come apart. I can gaurantee it causes the same problem have replaced plenty of them.
  8. View from my mobile office this morning

    Thanks for posting pictures. You just made up my mind for me. Looking next year for something to replace our tired 2188. If you can push 60 bpa beans at 4 mph I am going to get at later 2388 and set it just like yours auto steer and is that the universal plus or pro 600 monitor. Is it hydraulic steer or motor on steering wheel .If I can cut soybeans that fast wheat would go about 3.5 mph instead of 2.8. I want to run a 35 ft drapery but will have to go with an older one.
  9. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity. Like I said most people farming now need to raise a crop so fertility shouldn't be an issue. If it were me I. Would just ask for beginning soil tests and yearly and just talk to them regularly about any issues you might have..
  10. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    I would say give a younger family guy a chance. All renters now if want to stay in business farm well so it is just about who you want. Your Bil should know who in the area needs a little more land to help out.
  11. Rainy Day=cummins piston

    No the pieces stayed stuck in the piston. He had another one do the same thing about 5 years ago. Rest of engine is in pretty good shape. He bought a new head for it. I doubt truck will stay much longer he has gotten rid of all his fords and pay stars for kenworth trucks. This is about engine no 20 I have worked on for him. Put whole sets of sleeves into 3406, 855 s, m11 or L10 or like this one pop a piston in and go again. Last set of trucks he sold the pay stars were headed into southern Mexico from the Canadian border here. The owner of the place buys all the parts I just put it together for him and warranty worries are his.
  12. Off color tractor fuel issue

    Ran across this once when I overhauled a 4020 for a family. They had a 6300 they wanted me to put fuel pump in because it would quit. Then run good again for a while then blow fuse sometimes. The pump didn't fix it but they had Jd service guy come out with service manual and wiring diagram and the wires for low water in radiator are on same circuit as fuel pump it would screw up and cause fuel pump to quit. Can't remember if they said it was the switch or just a wire rubbed through causing it.
  13. Rainy Day=cummins piston

    Picture of the piston with seat pounded into it
  14. Rainy Day=cummins piston

    Local redimix guy had a ford drop a valve out of 8.3. His guys tore it apart and in the rain day I put piston in and head back on. Will go out later today and finish it and get more pics.dropped out on no2 so he just got one piston and sleeve.
  15. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Just going to post pics of both machines and the kids and wife bringing supper out to field one night. Kids names are Abby,Connor and Little one is Parker. Wife is Erin she works full time as a dental hygienist.