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  1. On a brighter note................

    She got her husband something like 350 million in the 2009 banking bailout
  2. Canadian healthcare

    If you have never been to mayo it is quit a place. Lucky to have doctors with that training so close. I know when we were in mnpls there were kids from Dallas, Florida , Cleveland , Oklahoma and other far away places just to see the children specialists. Wife had surgery years ago in mayo and we have been back once for checkup there it is huge when you first get there. And we are lucky 8 hours away.
  3. Oat growers!

    Just looked at ndsu site and 60 miles from us they had 10 varieties of oats in small plots . The avg yield was around 135. Some around 146 and some 120. This is 1 million live seeds an acre and the site is 60 miles south of Canadian border. It looks like 3 year avg is 140 or right around there. As much as small plots are made fun of they are great learning tools and the data is pretty even compared to seed company plots.
  4. Bean planter used for edibles.

    I think that is where a cyclo would shine. I want to find a cheap 900 series to set up for soybeans. On the cyclo change your drum set you gears and go. Used to fall in the camp that cyclos were bad for corn but just seeing my buddy with 900 his is better space than our JD vac.
  5. 1206 w/ 30 inch rubber

    I was going to say it wasn't a real 1206 by that serial but you see all the signs of a 1206 like white fenders and repainted grill.so I though you were just short a number. Always thought it is funny people ordered big rubber with 3 pt. But the maybe didn't use the big tractor for cultivating rows just for field work.
  6. On a brighter note................

    Honestly he has done more for the avg person in the last year than we had done in the last 16. Just the optimism with big business is thrilling to see.
  7. Years ago in the late 70s early 80s when getting ready to leave on the bus the today show was always on. We only got 2 channels so we're limited. But I remember when it would go over a 1000 or fall below it was a big deal at that magic number on the news. The Dow opening or closing was always one of the lead stories they reported. Then in the mid 80s the run up to 2000 was a big , huge event. Now we just expect it to go higher everyday with not much fanfare. But it is nice to see wife's 401k gaining instead of losing. If things keep going we might be able to retire in 65 years.
  8. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    At least all the pipe that gets sold for other use won't pass scrap yard radiation monitor . They aren't allowed to take it. The drill stem gets sent back many times to be reclaimed to be reused. When it doesn't pass any more to go down hole it gets sold off but almost all has natural occurring radiation from being in the earth. It is high enough that it can't go to scrap yards around here in nd. We have had some of the smaller drill stem almost 1/3 full of crap cut it with chop saw instead of torch keeps toxic fumes down. Another thing with oil wells is filter socks they use in bottom our law in nd is they are to high in radiation to be disposed of here but Montana law is less strict so they all end up in Montana dumps.
  9. 1206 w/ 30 inch rubber

    You must be short a number in your serial also.
  10. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    The crap in drill stem has to be the worst ever. Plus you a getting light dose radiation so in about 20 years you should just glow lightly mader.
  11. Canadian healthcare

    Same here over 1300 extra a month but in the last 10 years I bet our family is close to 5 million in insurance payout. So it is vicious circle everyone is one. But like the say of to work we go because we owe. One thing you don't have to wait long for procedures down he inbthe USA unless you are around big retirement areas.
  12. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    Noticed a lot of nice pickups of any flavor at the auction. Maybe I have gotten old and boring but a nice older pickup really catches my eye.
  13. Possibility of a 51st state

    They say hepatitis and other diseases are rampant in the homeless poor people of urban California and from the legal nudity in San Francisco all kind of transferable diseases on all waiting areas or public seating.All the tax money that was passed to help homeless has been diverted to illegal alien protection because that is the flavor of the day.They say it is reaching epidemic levels even Portland and Seattle small business are talking about leaving areas the homeless have no place to go or be so public restrooms are their entryways. They say the smell and filth is driving all customers out.
  14. Possibility of a 51st state

    We don't want him selling the good parts just Hollywood and San fransico. It was floated as an idea in congress years ago to sell off North Dakota to balance federal budget.At that time we had a long serving senator called Quentin Burdick. He was a democrat but they called him the king of pork. He returned an obscene amount of federal dollars to North Dakota in return for his votes during those years. Way over 2 or 3 times what North Dakota sent to federal government. Then when I was just in high school some idiot professors out east came up with the idea to fence the western half of North Dakota and return it to buffalo as a way to curb federal government payments. Professor popper and his wife was published in eastern papers as the Buffalo Commons theory.
  15. Programmer for c15

    Local price for corn 300 miles north is around 2.80 you can contract next year for 3.01. Then next year maybe get a 25 cent dividend from coop elevator. We sold all our corn in harvest from 2:55 to 2.70. Ethanol plant 120 miles away is 3.01 for February. We used a C on 8 inch auger some years ago and I think it had barely enough power for that.