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  1. Have seen a versatile 300 dragging and leveling a road. It belonged to a 1st cousin of my dad's grandson. He bought it as a collector tractor to resell. I think they basically ran a hydro pump and motor hooked to a versatile transmission for four range gears. Never looked at one though.
  2. Forgot about the versatile 300 tractor it looked like the other versatile 4 wd tractors put had a hydrostatic drive unit built in the early 70 s I think. They are rare but you will see one once in a while.
  3. Love the hydrostatic versatile,ford, new holland lineup of bidirectionals. And for pure farm use a few payloaders are hydrostatic like a 444e jd and a Volvo l50 can't find a better farm loader
  4. Another thing I found out mark with all you have said is tire prices can vary widely in the same store or chain. A few years ago was working on a guys 3010 jd. He wanted new tires on back and I usually don't mount tires for other people but he was getting up in age and we did a lot of work for him so I told him get tires I will mount them while tractor is here. My dad calls his cousins son who sells tires for bigger chain in next biggest city. Chinese brand tires were going to be 485 dollars a piece think dad was going to make about 80 bucks a piece .So the tractor owners son calls the same store in the city he lives in 80 miles away they sell him the same 15.5 38 tires for 265 a piece same tire, same tire store just different city and sales man. When I bought my 94 Chevy new it had uniroyal tires when it needed tires I wanted firestone so went to Firestone store in big city struck up agreement they are going to mount 4 265/ 16 tires for 112 a piece. I had an exhaust pipe along that needed to be bent a little. Asked firestone salesman if they could give it a quick bend he said no don't have a tubing bender but walk across street to a coop shop they have one. I walk across street and as I am paying 2 dollars to have pipe bent I see sign at coop all firestone tires on sale for 3 weeks. So I walk back across to firestone store and this is a firestone corp outlet. Tell friendly salesman who We knew fairly well same tires on sale across the street for 104 dollars mounted. Either you take mine off or come down. He came down and then I asked him they even supplied the firestone to the local coop. So it always pays to check three times and now with internet you type your tire size in and brand you can have prices pretty fast. And If I had money Michelens would be on everything here. Cousin who sells trucks has son who only runs Michelens on his own semi tire life is longer and the carcass can usually be recapped.
  5. Yesca tender foot dad has one on his 806 must have had it put on in the late 70s does it help? No
  6. We just got hooked an extra 1000 on core charges last summer when I got a cih rebuilt for our early magnum. 800 extra for old style block, 175 for old style front cover and some other misc stuff got just under half the core credit for the engine. Had our parts guy call down or actually brought up their core credit report to see what they didn't like. Ours popped the rear main seal out and needed a crankshaft so I got a reman engine.
  7. Just went and looked at ours serial number is 15079. Scratched around the wedges and red paint shows more in wedge area. So they were red at onetime. White paint is nice and smooth no runs or sags and white in all the right places just if you look in wedge area can find red know.
  8. We still run sisal twine in our round baler. Don't have net wrap and won't use plastic twine. Buy about 70 bundles of twine a year from a few stores. They all seem to have twine that is torn or insects have ate the twine in the bundle. Almost once a bundle have to twist twine back together. Quality from 20 years ago not there.
  9. Dad has an international 806 7400 serial range and that came with 18.4 34 clamp wheels . I think they made ih 806 into the high 8000 serial but his was made sometime in 67 I believe. Been in the family since new and he put wedge locks of a wrecked tractor in the late 70s. When I go to the farm I will look at our 1206 and take pictures of the wheels
  10. I will have to go get our serial number. But that is three late models that have them. I know either ours came as replacements with white paint or they came on the tractor. No red paint anyplace but no casting codes.
  11. Used to see a bunch of w9, wd9 and 650 setting here but when scrap got high in the 2000s they all left. We bought up a couple for parts so we have some in the trees.
  12. I think our serial is 15,200 some. I know most people will say they didn't come with wedge lock but I am almost positive ours did, but our tractor would be made a few months later than yours. Like I said our wheels show no sign of red paint other than one wedge and look to be factory paint yet.We are in North Dakota and I traded the 1206 non running from a customer I had mounted a truck box and hoist for after they tipped their box off. I traded the insurance deductible for the 1206 and the only reason I wanted it was it was a farmall somewhat a rarity here all the 1206s we had and worked on were standards.
  13. Most likely been changed but we have a late 1206 farmall here I bought a few years ago and it looks to have come from the dealer if not factory with wedge lock wheels. The wheels are factory white paint with no red underneath and looked to be painted white even inside the wedges holes.and one wedge is factory white while other is red. It is a late 15,000 serial number. One day when we get to it I will take pictures of the wheels. I have looked for casting dates on the wheels but have never been able to find any. From what I know our tractor was original to the area not jockeyed around. I will have to ask old owners one day.
  14. If you go to a 430 baler in the electronic parts catalog. Find knotter base frame I think it is page e 35 and number 17 is the repair plate or wear strip they look to be no longer available but will give you an idea what they look like and where they go and can be made pretty easily. They will only work if everything else is set right and your knot is tearing from hooking on top of chamber. The holes to mount were in frame all ready or a new complete frame would fix problem also.
  15. It is a little strip of metal that is riveted to the bottom side of the top of bale chamber just behind where twine goes down as bale gets pushed back. You have to make sure every thing else is in good condition with the twine system. What happens is as you make a bunch of bales twine wears a groove in chamber and as knot is released and pulled off knotter it will go down through slot in chamber and as bale goes back come under tension. The groove can catch knot and cut it or tear the twine. You could make them they are just thin piece of metal. 1/4 thick by 1/2 inch wide and 1 or 2 long. The holes are pre drilled in chamber top and if you take a mirror or crawl in you should be able to see a pretty deep groove. They used to be listed in old parts books and were the same for all older balers. My dad bought a 440 baler from a friend of his who bought it new and used to custom bale for dad. He used it for a bit had trouble with the twine on one side and messed with the knotter then finally watched to see what was going on and found the repair strips in the parts book. We put them in and made a huge improvement just by pushing twine down out of groove. We mounted the strips with a counter sunk rivet bolt instead of rivets.