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    all IH tractors over year 1960, i have a restored 1466 open station,a 1966 1206.cub cadets, model 86,108,109,129,149,1210,1710,782

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  1. 66/86 spliting stands 1-27 auction

    my backyard, our local dealership was in the process of buying ashland imp. they were'nt aloud to have caseih, so kubota was gonna be the big name,plus cub cadet. they backed out. and i figured wellington would move in.
  2. Pictures from National Auction

    dale, what did that cub cadet grader box go for? i want one,but i hear they bring big money
  3. that's sweeeet !!!! here is a 1586 with the round bars.
  4. 2188 led lights

    peterson parts. jeff peterson.
  5. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    neighbors have 8,the 8th one is behind one of the others. only use 2 of them anymore since they built bunkers.
  6. wilson, you still have your 1066 hydro?
  7. Mr. Rick G

    sorry for your loss rick, sending thoughts and prayers your way
  8. 86 series levers

    spent alot of time on a 786,1086,1486, and i would rather shift those than an 88 series, i can run the throttle and shift at the same em like a semi
  9. Stay or evacuate

    glad your safe sean !
  10. Here is a 1486 in a museum and its pretty to

    is this the one in the smithsonion? didn't a farmer drive it to washington d.c. ?
  11. Rantoul or Bust

    i need to make plans to go in 2019. that sure looks like a good time
  12. Rantoul or Bust

    i need to make plans to go in 2019. that sure looks like a good time
  13. Rantoul or Bust

    sean , you goin?

    sean, i see you made a new
  15. MTD 782 Hydro chatter/vibration

    and make sure you use hy-tran oil in the trans.