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  1. 1066 TA hestitating

    Owen is correct.
  2. W4. McCormick or International Badge?

  3. W4. McCormick or International Badge?

    ...or I wondered if they just threw International badges on at the factory if they ran short of McCormick ones. .
  4. W4. McCormick or International Badge?

    It seems that there are quite a few W4s around that have an International badge on the grille as opposed to the McCormick as usually seen. A friend of mine has one that seems to have an original International badge.... and no, it's not an I4. He has been trying to research this query and has found that he is not the only one to run across this. Any insight? Cheers... FD
  5. Videos from our hometown IH show!

    Thanks so much for the kind words, George! I'm sorry I missed you there, but you aren't the only one I missed! I was very busy all weekend running live demonstrations, which is a fun, but hectic weekend. haha.
  6. Videos from our hometown IH show!

    The drone videos are not on my own Youtube channel.. I will come back with updates when they put the others up though. Glad you all liked the little "virtual tour" of our show. Everyone is still ecstatic about this years show! Thanks!!
  7. Videos from our hometown IH show!

  8. Videos from our hometown IH show!

  9. Videos from our hometown IH show!

    On August 5th and 6th at our fun little 13 year old show, we featured IH. We go in a 10 year rotation on 10 major brands, and this was our year to shine! I took charge of the feature and asked the members if they were sure they wanted me to put the feature in the usual area, as it would be very full! They said "well, how much do you figure will show up"? My co-organizer and president said "Canada's 150th year, we will have 150 tractors!" They all chuckled. We took it as a challenge, and we ended up with 175 registered IH items!! It was awesome! We really push the live action displays, and it was non stop all weekend. I had my IHC 28x46 threshing machine, the corn husker/shredder, sheller, and another fella's hammer mill all running at once! We cut green corn with the binder behind my F-12 and fed it through a silage chopper, and we even combined wheat with my #80 and my friends #82 combine. We tractor pulled for 5 hours Saturday night with the pull sled that we hand built as well. Here are some photos and videos to enjoy! Cheers!! .
  10. Heads Up on Points Sets.

    That would be ultra-super fine paper. the kind for wet sanding paint on high end vehicles. And anyways, if you can embed sand in the points, they are not worth using. they should be made of tungsten or some other super-hard material in order to prevent erosion from spark jump. They should ideally be a near mirror finish for longevity.
  11. Heads Up on Points Sets.

    Yep, I always keep a good old condenser in my tool box to clip on the side of a distributor as part of the initial diagnosis for a poor running tractor.
  12. Heads Up on Points Sets.

    Just a heads up... I have noticed a few times in the last year that new points sets for the IHC H4 mag have a glazing on them. (supplied by Steiner). They look clean, but will not make contact. Sometimes it can be scratched off with a fingernail, (it is not recommended to handle points unless absolutely necessary).Yesterday they did not show any sign of glazing, but would not make contact. I polish them with ultra fine wet/dry sand paper and blow them clean with compressed air. I suggest when rebuilding the magneto to first remove the old points and condenser. Clean the housing as usual then install the points first and set gap to .013" Do not use the .020" feeler gauge supplied with the kit.. Be sure that the coil and condenser wires are not touching the case and check the points with an Ohm meter to see that they are making good contact when closed, and open circuit when they are open. This also checks that the condenser wire is not grounding to the case. Continue with the tuneup and always check for spark before installing. Cheers. FD
  13. Power by Detroit

    Here is a very fine 6-71 I picked up a couple of years ago. It came out of a GMC farm truck that was just too rotted out to be saved.
  14. Reman 466 smoking

    I have had issues with reman injectors from CIH and from another supplier for the jd pencil types. I will now only send them to my pump shop. Never had an issue with ones done by a good shop. Check your pump timing though. VERY easy to do. Remove the pipe plug, line up marks and check the front pulley timing marks.
  15. Power by Detroit

    ...Love my Detroits. Classic sound and as simple as they come. My restored 1969 6V53 is going in a Ford F-450 with 6 speed direct synchro Eaton, 4 speed overdrive 6041 auxiliary and a rear axle from an IH 4500 with 3:06 gears. The tags were missing from this engine but I have another set of tin covers that rate a 6V53 with C45 injectors at 210hp. Mine has N45 injectors.