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  1. Can't resist the red

    I hope it treats you well. We sell Case skid steers here at work. Mechanically they are sound but electrically they are a nightmare. We have had 5 apart for electrical trouble at once between me and two other mechanics. Seems to always be one in someones bay. We sell Kubotas as well and other than some routine maintenance and some busted glass we dont touch them. I like the controls and ease of entry on the Kubotas as well. I do like the red paint on yours though.
  2. 806 Hyd Pump Options

    I recently bought an 806 and it is going to need a main hydraulic pump. I'm wanting to go with a 17 gpm pump and a 2300# relief valve for loader work. I was wanting a hy capacity pump but the largest they offer is 15 gpm. My other option is an A&I that's 17gpm. I'm just not sure I trust an A&I pump. Last choice is Case IH. I work at a dealer and will get a pump at cost that is why these are my only choices. Any opinions on the A&I pump?
  3. Lamar Valley Yellowstone on Horse Back

    Great pictures of a great adventure. We are planning our week long horseback trip to the Big Horn Mountains for next year. If I had the time and money I would spend several weeks a year riding through new to me country.
  4. My last IH rep is retiring

    One of my fellow mechanics at the dealer I work at is 83. He hasn't been into work for a few months as he is battling cancer and winning right now. He does come in to visit. He has a lot of good stories. He started working at this dealer when he was 17 or 18, left for military and did a bit of trucking before returning. He remembers doing 560-460 bearing upgrades in the basement of the dealer so nobody would see them. We have another mechanic who has been working for them continuously since was in high school. Started in parts. He is 62 now. He ordered and brand new scout in the early seventies and took the bus out to Indiana to pick it up at the factory and drove it home.
  5. I've got Jimmy Zumwalts number. He can get you in contact with someone about your hay. 573-619-1860. I think they are planning the next convoy for April 7th. I won't be able to haul that weekend but surely they have some guys available to haul.

  6. Hauling hay to Kansas

    Yes they are all from the Belle/Bland area and left from Belle.
  7. Nice to see a neighbor, I live in Leslie, I just tell everyone Sullivan because more people know of it. I inquired about donating hay. Do you know if anyone I could contact. I would love to donate a load or two if someone could haul it.

    1. WishIhada1466


      Jimmy Zumwalt would probably be would you would need to contact about hay donations. I however don't have his contact info but I might be able to find it. Yeah we don't live to far apart.  Do you ever do business at Schaeperkoetters?

    2. WishIhada1466


      If things time out for their next trip out I could haul hay. I don't have a trailer though. Do you have one?

    3. Missouri Mule

      Missouri Mule

      I do have a trailer but I wouldn't trust the tires to go that far loaded that heavy. I cant see dropping $1600 to get this done at the moment. I haul everything locally just fine. Yes I deal with Schaeperkoetters quite often. Mostly with Luke and Kelvin at Owensville. I meant to pm you im not sure how I messaged through your profile??

  8. Hauling hay to Kansas

    That's on 50/63 east of Jeff City. They were stopped for the second blowout since they left Belle. They have a few t posts I donated on one of those trucks.
  9. Famous people you have met

    I've only met one famous person. Former MLB player Joe Crede. I've been out to his farm a couple of times to work on his round baler. He helped me put new belts on it on a 90 degree day. I saw him today in fact. He came in to get a tooth bar for his skid steer bucket. Nice fella.
  10. horses are pricey also

    Tulsa again. My Wife's 4 year old gelding Eli. She broke him herself. He has turned out to be a really good horse. He has a ton of character. Last but not least My Wife's gelding Dusty. He is 23 years old and still in great shape. He will be the horse our daughter will learn to ride on. He is our Daughters first ride this past weekend on Dusty
  11. horses are pricey also

    Bigfoot again in Arkansas. My 15 year old palomino gelding Tulsa pushing 700hd of bred cows 15 miles to calving pasture.
  12. horses are pricey also

    The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. I can't live without horses now. I grew up without them but when I met my wife she got me on a horse and I really enjoyed it. We started out just trail riding and then we moved to a ranch and feedlot in Nebraska and began using the horses for roping, sorting, and moving cattle. Best job I ever had. Now we are back in Missouri and I am a mechanic for a Case IH dealer and don't ride for employment just enjoyment. We still trail ride and do some team sorting. This is my 6 year old gelding Big Foot. 16 hands, part Shire, QH, Thoroughbred. He was bred to be a bucking horse but wouldn't buck. A guy from central Nebraska trained him as a ranch horse and he is a good one.
  13. Scary tractor rides

    I was spreading manure on some hilly ground with 3588 and big spread all a couple years ago. It was a little slimey on top but had not been having any trouble. The last load I decided I would spread towards home which was down a decent hill. I got part way down and the manure made it behind the tandems on the spreader. That took all the weight off the hind end of the 2+2. This caused the rear end to try and pass the front. I was trying to counter steer but with an articulated tractor it only made it worse. Finally it all slid to a stop and I was able to get going again without any damage but there was a moment of pucker factor.
  14. Beef Cattle offspring color question

    Each parent has 2 genes for color. Since black is dominant, the black cow has to have at least one black gene, call it gene "B". The red bull, since it is showing the recessive color, must have 2 red genes, "rr". Since when they were bred, you got a red calf, then your black cow has to be carrying a red gene, "r", also. So the cow is "Br" and the bull is "rr". The baby gets a gene for color from each parent, and it apparently got "r" from mom and an "r" from dad. You can still end up with a black calf from the same pair if the calf gets the "B" gene from mom instead of the "r". "B" would cover up the "r" it gets from dad. It's all luck of the draw. There is a separate gene for color dilution, which is how sometimes people get grey or orange-ish calves.
  15. That is one nice looking Percheron. I've always been fond of a draft's looks. Maybe that's why my bay roan has a good bit of shire in him.