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  1. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    bought a 73 Nova rand new, that came with a 307 automatic........a year later it as sportin a 402 BB with a 4 speed, headers, aluminum hi rise intake, dual point distributor, solid lifter LS6 cam, dual line double feed Holly. normal shift RPM was between 8 and 9 grand. i know everyone said anything over 6 grand was certain death for the big block motors. one night i ran it 4 miles in first gear at 9000 rpm and she held together, anything over 9000 RPM and the points would start to float and she would sputter.
  2. they do make router bits specifically for undersized plywood just google undersized plywood dado bits
  3. type of tablet you use

    ASUS Transformer TF101 is what i have...its 6 years old....can be used as a tablet or docked with a real keyboard to become a notebook
  4. What color is your home?

    mines 90 y.o. ..Cape Cod style ......white with 2 courses of concrete blocks above ground painted battleship gray.
  5. Truck driving question

    sounds like 3-4-5 then into the high range
  6. Still Moldboarding in Spokane

    you want a long plow, look at a 16 bottom Salford, saw one at the New Holland dealer in Albert Lea MN. paced it off and it had to be close to 100 ft. long from tail wheel to front of hitch. 12 bottom beside it was over 80 ft.
  7. Truck driving question

  8. are those Warn locking hubs on the front?
  9. is it just me or is that a grill from a MM.......doesnt look like any i ever saw before
  10. Going to look at 1440 combine tomorrow,

    863, 963 or 1063 series heads will work
  11. grassland dairy and bgh

    dont forget all the butter they bring in from Utah...that might have it in it too
  12. always happened to me when plowing snow and it was-20 and 20mph wind blowing
  13. Last Call :)

    nice landing
  14. 560 mfwd

    was that the only company making them for the 560? seems the one i saw that a guy near me had was driven off the left side...not the right side. but then i could be wrong, its been A LOT of years.
  15. Air Force, '72-'75 basic at Lackland San Antonio training at Lowery AFB in Denver assigned to Homestead AFB FL 6 month TDY to Ubon AFB Thailand back to Homestead assigned to Udorn AFB Thailand discharged on Christmas day 1975 in San Fransisco