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  1. 863, 963 or 1063 series heads will work
  2. dont forget all the butter they bring in from Utah...that might have it in it too
  3. always happened to me when plowing snow and it was-20 and 20mph wind blowing
  4. nice landing
  5. was that the only company making them for the 560? seems the one i saw that a guy near me had was driven off the left side...not the right side. but then i could be wrong, its been A LOT of years.
  6. Air Force, '72-'75 basic at Lackland San Antonio training at Lowery AFB in Denver assigned to Homestead AFB FL 6 month TDY to Ubon AFB Thailand back to Homestead assigned to Udorn AFB Thailand discharged on Christmas day 1975 in San Fransisco
  7. have a '02 Grand Cherokee inline 6 that threw a rod at 283K , may have dropped a valve causing the rod problem.thing was in great shape and everything worked, too good to junk out so i found a used engine with 135K miles on it for a grand and for another $500 had it installed. wasnt worth much with a bad engine but with a running engine i figured the value went up to about 3-4 grand.
  8. I am sure if I was shaken hard enough to make my nu--s hit the ground once a year my life would be MUCH shorter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah but we're talking about shaking a whole tree...not just a little stump
  9. neighbors bought a new oliver 1850....with a 8 bottom plow that combination didnt go to well
  10. well thats one way to get a stiffy
  11. 4 Case stores less than 45 miles...all owned by the same guy, who happens to be my neighbor. 4 JD stores also within 45 miles. 2 Fendt/Massey stores about 35 miles each. 2 NH 35 miles
  12. was 45 miles from one end of the farming empire to the other, drove that several times a year and never had a problem with bearings or tire wear. but then everything had a cab on it. couple bottles of Coke and a sub sammich for the journey
  13. not too sure but i'm guessing 60-70hp. he made adapter plate for the rear of engine so he could use the original flywheel, clutch, pressure plate , and starter. other than having to relocate the frame rails you'd swear it was original, closed up the hole in the hood where the muffler through and used the hole for the radiator cap to bring the breather pipe up through. whoever painted it did a fantastic job.
  14. anteater to me too
  15. thats what it looks like to me