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  1. problems with my 3pt lift

    Thank u
  2. problems with my 3pt lift

    I have done that several times no help ,is that what controls the sensor is the draft lever ???
  3. problems with my 3pt lift

  4. problems with my 3pt lift

    Draft control all the way down and then the sensor is on the side by the the top link I don't have one on my top link so I guess that sensor needs to pop out somehow
  5. problems with my 3pt lift

    Thanks for ur help no it is open, its in that sensor is pushed in I need to get it to pop out somehow. Any one have a answer for me ? ?
  6. problems with my 3pt lift

    can someone help me out ? draft control sencer in 3pt arms wont go down ?? 1970 IH 444 they worked then senser got pushed in some how arms went up and will not drop ??
  7. can u help me with my 444 IH  ?

  8. Hydraulic problems.....help

    hello bob . thank u for trying to help me out . answer yes everything worked fine i leaned on the senser it went in, up went the arms and then they will not go down senser in in ?
  9. Hydraulic problems.....help

    hello i am new here, but i have read the forums for a wile I have a 444 IH really good tractor, but i have a problem with my draft control senser is in. the arms are up and will not drop can someone please help me with this problem thank you in advance Paul