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  1. Added a few pages from my books that illustrate how to adjust the track and show where the spring is that John and Kevin mentioned above.
  2. I replaced the starter button with a nearly original 60A unit. Works great. As for tightening the track. I took off the cap that safely hides the grease zert and added marine all purpose grease. Enough to see if it worked. It did. See pics attached. I will return to the loader on the weekend to bring both tracks to specs. I haven't as yet found the springs that apparently "relieve tension if something (rock,stick) gets jammed in the track and is forced through by the power of the drive train". Are the springs internal within a cylinder or perhaps encapsulated where I can't see them? Dan
  3. I cleaned up all the parts/removed the old seals and packing from the hydraulic bucket cylinder. I am now ready to file/sand using emery cloth the pits/imperfections on the cylinder rod. I'm so new at this that I appreciate any help I can get w/suggestions of what to put on the seals when reassembling. Plus any suggestions for filing/sanding and what lube to put on the seals/packing when reassembling. Thank you in advance. Dan
  4. I purchased two buttons, one for the start and one for the ether. Does anyone know if this system is worth fixing. I usually like to drive my bus toward getting everything working like it was supposed to. Is there an ether canister that you fill with something, or is it something that gets replaced? Also I noticed that the temp and oil pressure gauges weren't working, yet it ran smooth. What is the first thing to do w/ea. gauge that's not working? I would feel much better if the gauges were working. The water and oil was up to par, but I like to have working gauges or is there something better? Dan
  5. John and Kevin! I am simply amazed on your knowledge base and warm ways in talking w/others! I feel blessed to have run into you and this Redpowermagazine team! Your awesome!!!
  6. I have a 1980 125E International Track Loader purchased in Nov. 2017. I need help tightening the tracks. I have the books, and am mechanically inclined, but apparently lack the super brain for tightening the track. I understand one uses a grease gun, but I don't know if there are idler bolts that need loosening first and later tightening or if you just put grease in. I also don't know of the exact location of the grease fitting or what type of grease. Also, does the track need to have pressure released on it somewhere before adding the grease. A video and/or specific pics and language would be greatly appreciated. Dan´╗┐
  7. Thanks for helping me find the year of my babe. Thanks for the pics illustrating how to tighten the track. Is there any idler bolts or other bolts that need to be loosened before tightening, or is it just the piston that maintains the tension? If bolts need to be loosened, what bolts do I loosen before adding grease to the fittings? Not sure exactly where the grease fittings are. Will have to look next time I head out to see the loader. Dan
  8. Dennis, thanks for the suggestions. I found a starter button on Amazon. See within. How do you know it's a 1980, did you figure it out through the S/N, if so where might I look up what is meant by the S/N? We pulled off the hydraulic bucket cylinder last night. In the pics you will notice there being less than half a dozen 1/4" areas where the chrome was missing. Can this just be filed to move forward? Will it last long by filing it? Also, I plan to tighten the tracks. What bolts do I loosen, what item to you turn and in what direction and how much sag do I want left when putting a straight edge over the track? Dan
  9. Anyone know where to find a starter button that will fit into the dash of my 125E SP International Track Loader?
  10. Thanks everyone. I uploaded my S/N. Thoughts of a site to find out the year and any other info. that may be helpful for me?
  11. Thanks Dennis! We live in Granite Falls, WA. I'm heading to replace the starter button and fix one of the loader's bucket cylinders tomorrow - both very new things for me to do. I will look for the S/N in the area you mentioned. The book speaks of and shows pics for S/N's for the Engine, bucket. It also shows one for the chassis, but doesn't show/say where the pic. was taken. Almost like by looking at the pic. you should know what part of the machine your looking at. I will look where you suggested and get back to you. Dan
  12. This is my first loader. I'm trying to get the S/N and age of the unit. Perhaps some of the pics I have sent give some clue to what they are, but I have no clue. LOL Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  13. George, thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a good idea, but a lot of work to re-do. Guess I wish there was a way to just forward my post, or at least send a copy of it to the Construction Forum on this site. Dan
  14. Thanks Guy! I added a few pics. in hope that they might assist in understanding if the pics I attached give any clue to the S/N and year it was built.