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  1. Loadstar 1800 Transmission Options

    Thanks for all the information. I did enough research to know that I don't want to switch to the fuller 6 speed. It requires changing more than I want to change. So here is another question. If a T36, T496, or a T699 would all be a bolt in replacement, which one should I use? I have a T496 but was thinking if one has an advantage over the other maybe change. With theT699 being a newer version there must be some improvements?
  2. Loadstar 1800 Transmission Options

    Thanks for the add. I have been searching through the various loadstar topics on troubleshooting electrical and transmission issues for this Loadstar 1800. This 1976 loadstar 1800 is my project. I put up hay and wanted a truck with a retriever bed to haul hay with and found this truck locally. It had been sitting for many years and with a little work I got the MV446 running. My biggest concern now is I believe the transmission is trashed. It's a T496 and I'm pretty sure someone put 90 wt gear oil in it. Smells like it and lots of brass, chunks of metal and other stuff came out with it when I drained the oil. The truck still shifts and moves but there is no way I would trust it. I have been looking around and replacement transmissions for these trucks are not very easy to come by in our area. I did run across a Fuller six speed FS6406A transmission that looks like it would bolt in. They were used in later model International trucks. Looking for any suggestions or comments if this would be a good idea. I have always really liked these trucks and want to get it back into useable condition. It's in otherwise pretty nice shape and looks better than most trucks relegated to hauling hay.