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  1. TD 9 over rev

    Well i opened the petcock on the side of the injection pump this morning and diesel run out for several seconds so i guess i know where to start looking.
  2. TD 9 over rev

    The injection pump had fuel in it before the replacement of the scavenger pump. The packing on the shaft was shot and let fuel in the injection pump, thats why i replaced it. At the same time i also replace the o ring on the scavenger valve with the best option i had but maybe your right that i need a different one. The oringinal was a square shoulder/ edge oring and i put a round in there so maybe thats my problem. After the over rev i never thought to check the oil in the pump to see if there was diesel in there again. Thought that problem was whipped but i will check that tonight. Next question that return stand pipe must come out the bottom of the tank? I didnt know one was in there cant see it with the baffles in the way. The tank was about 1/4 full when it over reved. And im still pretty confident in the rebuild on the scavenger pump i looked for about a month for that tiny seal on the front of it with not much luck finally to find a injection shop in Ohio maybe? Cant quite remember. They had a hand full of ih rebuild kits left and didnt want to sell just the kits but would rebuild a scavenger pump and send it out. So thats what i had to do.
  3. TD 9 over rev

    Thank you for the replys this is the first forum ive joined (usually read down thru others online) but needed more info this time and i was loosing faith in joining really fast when i wasnt getting replys. The scavenger pump was a reman professionly rebuilt so id say that is not where my problem is but after i replaced it is when the machine tried to over rev on me. I recived my pump manual about a week ago and have look thru the adustments. The only one i still can not locate is how the rod should be adjusted that runs the fuel pump lever there is two springs and two nuts that hold the lever center. That is the only thing that i have adjusted on the pump and i think that maybe where the problem is but not sure.
  4. TD 9 over rev

    Guess i dont need to worry about anyone talking my ear of on this forum ......
  5. TD 9 over rev

    the governor must be located inside the injection pump ? And hopefully it is the copper washer needing replaced but i was wondering if something was causing to much pressure inside there and made it leak? I say that because it didnt leak before.
  6. TD 9 over rev

    I have a TD9 crawler that i use from time to time and it started to get fuel in the injection pump narrowed that down to the little lift pump and the scavenger valve. Bought a remaned transfer pump and replaced the o ring on the scavenger valve fired it up after replacing fuel filters run and sounded good. Took it out and was pushing dirt after about half an hour it bogged down on a good push and smoked more than usual made the push and went to back up and the machine reved extreamly high ! I slammed the throttle and the compresion lever back and it died down intantly. I looked at the diesel side of the engine and there was fuel covering the injection pump that had sprayed out from under the big acorn nut on top so i tried to tighted it but it was already tight. Any idea what is going on?