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  1. Farmall "B" Push Pull Run Stop Switch

    Thank ya fellas, I just ordered me a single terminal push pull switch. Much appreciated! Nothing 40 bucks wouldn't buy!
  2. Been working on my "new to me, Farmall B" and I rebuilt the magneto but now I am scratching my head on the push pull run stop switch. It is a 2 post switch, which I think is incorrect being the tractor has a magneto, but I am not sure..... I rebuilt the magneto and put a new coil inside along with points/condenser/gaskets/gear/etc. The previous owner bypassed the internal coil and put on an external coil. Well I wanted to put it back to original and now I am trying to make everything else right. The tractor starts fine but instead up pulling out on the switch to run, I must start the tractor with the switch pushed in. Does anyone know what I need to do to correct this and make everything original? Get a single wire push pull run stop switch? As of now I have the 2 post push pull switch wired as such, one terminal going to the positive post on the battery (6V positive ground system) and the other post is going to the post on the side of the H4 magneto. Thank in advance!
  3. IH Plow Identification

    That's exactly what I need! Thanks for the picture.
  4. IH Plow Identification

    I will have to look for one. Guess I've never seen nor heard of a little wonder. I have heard of the genius, and that was my first thought at looking at this one. Thanks sir.
  5. IH Plow Identification

    He said 14 or so. I don't think a B will handle (2) 14's in tough soil. It may in easy soil. That's why I was thinking of taking one off for virgin dirt.
  6. IH Plow Identification

    Can anyone point me in the identification of this plow? Being told it is an IH from the 30's. I am not sure but was wondering if a guy could possibly take off one plow and use it as a single bottom? I have a little Farmall B and want to use it to plow up some areas in the woods/food plots next year. This one is priced right! Thanks
  7. Farmall H three point

    My neighbor has a single cylinder 3 point on his and it works great with the belly pump. Don't know how a double cylinder would act? It may slow it down a bit.
  8. I am going to go take a look at this tractor myself and see what is going on. I have personally not put my eyes on it yet. It has all been hearsay. Don't the Schwartz have the tie-rods behind and the original farmalls have the tie-rods in front? Or is it vice versa?
  9. That is what I thought but I didn't want to go calling the guy a liar for something I was unfamiliar with! Thanks for the input sir!
  10. I have a buddy that just recently purchased an "H" and he says that the guy he purchased it from put the wide front on it and that it came off a "C / Super C". Is this accurate to say that the "C" wide front will fit on an "H"? Just wondering and would like to see what others may know about this! Thanks!