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  1. 1086 transmission trouble

    I didn't see that on my MCV but I did notice a small shaft connected to the clutch pedal that enters the MCV through the top. Is this what you are referring to?
  2. 1086 transmission trouble

    Hello, I have a 78 model 1086 that we found abandoned in a field. EXcellent tractor with just one glitch. If you push in the clutch it feels like a brake is pulling me to a stop. I can't shift the transmission after it comes to a stop. It feels like it has a bind on it. However if I let out on the clutch just enough to get slightly rolling then it shifts easily. It does this exact thing in all gears including reverse. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. 1086 transmission trouble

    I don't know. I will go look right now and let you know! Thanks
  4. 1086 transmission trouble

    The brake light on the dash is on. So maybe that is pointing me in a direction!!!
  5. 1086 transmission trouble

    Yeah 4500.00!!! All the lights work and even the windshield wipers!!! Seems to be a great tractor. Super clean. We feel really lucky
  6. 1086 transmission trouble

    I will do that in the morning. Thanks. Is there any way to eliminate it being the ta?
  7. 1086 transmission trouble

    I did pull the pin on the transmission brake but it didn't change anything. I haven't touched the ta. I know nothing about them at all!! Thanks
  8. Hello, I saw you posted a comment about the drive gear getting loose on the the piston pump drive. My piston pump shaft broke and I noticed the drive gear is very loose on the main shaft. It won't come off the rear of the shaft so I was wondering how hard is it to replace this????

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      OOPs I forgot this is on a 1086!