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  1. Nice looking tractor as is! Good luck with your project I hope you will post pictures as you go along!
  2. 1086

    Yep you're right. I looked on my phone and one looked like the 6 hole center and the other looked like the 12 hole center.
  3. 1086

    The 986 I just picked up has two different wheel centers too. I think they are 3 1/4" where your 10 has 3 1/2" otherwise I'd be trying to swap with ya, as I'd like them to match. If you find that piece at the cab top under the roof, and behind the flashers I need to know where to get one as well. My 1486 is rusted through there.
  4. 1586 Pictures

    Color me a bit jealous! Sounds like a nice tractor!
  5. All, I grew up on a small farm in Southern Indiana, and own most of that farm today. I do not live there, but now rent the ground out for pasture ground for beef cattle. Dad always had beef cattle so that was a natural fit. Growing up, a dairy farmer neighbor had a IH 986 that he chopped with and did other jobs. I always loved that tractor and got to use it a few times to move hay etc for him. I've always wanted one. He also had a Ford 9030 so that was another bucket list tractor as well, but I bought a NH TV-140 a few years ago to use as a big loader tractor at the farm and really enjoy that tractor. As the story goes sometimes when kids grow up I moved away to college and stayed here about 2 hours from the farm. I now live in a sub-division but hope to retire to the farm one day. That said I am up there nearly every weekend especially in the winter, as mom still lives there although every winter she talks about moving to town. So.... with that said a couple weeks ago I found a 1977 IH1486 that was priced really well and brought it home. It needs a lot of TLC but is all there, and for what I paid I can throw some money at it to get it working. My plan for this tractor is to eventually buy a 15' batwing to help keep the farm/pastures mowed. I grew up working on tractors and have for several years had multiple Cub Cadets that have needed rebuilt/refurbed etc. I work as a social worker/therapist but am pretty mechanically inclined so I think I am up to the task of fixing this thing with a little assistance. I keep telling myself it's just a really big Cub Cadet! LOL From what I know about the tractor I bought it from it's second owner who used it mostly for irrigation until the clutch went out about 5-6 years ago. The TA also only worked in the high side. That farmer parked it in the fence row and left it sit for the last few years. Because it has sat unused it's had a few mouse nests in it and worse yet the motor is stuck. The cab also has all the typical rust for a tractor that has sat out. The hour meter and I think it's probably correct shows just over 7K hours. I know I will have to install a new clutch which means splitting the tractor. I have been looking at TA replacement and Leaman's looks like the best bet for me to send or take him the transmission and have him rebuild it. I am currently looking for someone closer to Southern IN to be able to replace the TA as I don't want to chance not getting it right when it takes so much work to replace. I am hopeful that when the tractor is split I can bolt a long piece of angle iron to the fly wheel to get the motor unstuck. I realize I may be in for an "in frame kit" for it. Dad had a C Allis years ago that stuck from sitting and we drug that tractor all over the farm and rocked and rocked and rocked trying to get it free. We finally split it, bolted the angle iron on and it came free very easily that way. I realize this isn't a C Allis Chalmers! But I can hope!!!! I need to buy a Service manual, and a few other books and am currently saving funds for the clutch, and TA repair. I will try and update this thread as I move along and please if you have any insight, advice, or wisdom on the subject please don't be shy. I know I'm in a little over my head here, but I've fixed worse, and this is a tractor I've always wanted so I don't really care if it does take 10 years! And Lastly I'm stoked to have a big red tractor and I can see myself collecting 86 series as I still want a 986, and wouldn't mind having a 1086 either! lol
  6. Thanks! I still have a long way to go before I get ready to buy new tires, but was just thinking ahead.
  7. All, I grew up on a beef cattle farm, and while we grew some crops to help feed the cattle we never crop farmed as the original farm just didn't have many plantable acres. So lets say that I owned the ground, and the equipment (older but usable) to start crop farming, about how many dollars is it to plant, and fertilize, and spray and then in the end what's the profit from it? I'm obviously interested in both corn and soybeans, but am certainly interested in other crops as well. I saw a while back people grew sunflowers which I hadn't ever thought about. So can you that do this for a living help explain it to a dummy that's interested?
  8. Thanks for the numbers and explanations. I really have no intent to try my hand at crop farming but you never know what the future holds. I knew I could figure the outputs, it's the inputs I really had no idea about. Again thanks for the replies!
  9. LOL I've had the IH bug for several years I just finally got real IH tractors :-)
  10. That seems to be the way here too, most crop farmers are farming 4-8K acres. No "little" crop farmers anymore. I was just curious as to what could be made crop farming. I know in the ins and outs of hay, and cows, and a little about hogs and turkeys, so I'm just trying to further my education!
  11. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    Congrats! Post a picture when you get a chance!
  12. The thing is with these old tractors is you can buy them with some issues for pretty cheap. If you are capable of doing the work yourself, you can end up with a rebuilt tractor that you know for sure what you have for not a whole lot of money. You can buy a 1086 for 5-6K even if you put 20K in it making it all run and look like new, where are you going to find another 130hp cabbed tractor for 26K that's in excellent mechanical shape? If you can't do the work yourself you can always send them to Mike in Southern IL. You'll have more in it, but 100+ HP tractors aren't cheap, and you'd essentially have a new one that's 40 years old!
  13. So.... Yesterday a early 986 came home to the farm. I found this tractor on facebook selling page down near Paducah KY. The good news is this one seems to run pretty good! I don't have but just this picture of it for now, and really don't know that much about it. It's the most expensive IH tractor I have bought at this point but still don't have much in it. My buddy bought the 706 although it's still at the farm. It's destined to become a puller. I've known I was going to buy this 986 for about a month or so, but just couldn't get the details worked out to get it home with the holidays, and extreme cold weather till yesterday.
  14. 986 engine rebuild question

    Story of my life.....
  15. 986 engine rebuild question

    Didja get it running again?
  16. 1086

  17. Gas vs Diesel Fuel Consumption

    Did any of the old combines have the right engine in them? Dad had a couple old 303 combines that were 6cly gas?
  18. 7130 on manure spreader

    I hadn't ever heard that term before. I had to google it! As much as I like IH tractors running a blower is where a Bi-directional tractor like my NH TV140 has to really shine. My neck hurts from just thinking about running backwards all day!
  19. 1586 Pictures

    Nice tractor! Congrats!
  20. I do have a question for you guys following. Both of my tractors have 18.4-38 tires. Can I put 20.8-38 tires on the existing rims or do I have to buy wider rims to do that? I was thinking of going to the bigger tires on the 14 eventually.
  21. I would if loved to have bought it too but I'm just not made of money..... Plus I hope to have several more years ahead of me for collecting IH 86 series tractors.
  22. The truck belongs to my buddy Keith who is getting the 706 and got the nice 1086. We've been best friends since we were kids. Still playing with tractors just as always lol. The farm is outside of Salem Indiana so it's a little bit of a trip from Warrick CO.
  23. IDK much about it. I'm still learning about these tractors. If I was going to keep it I'd probably leave it original and fix the few little issues it has.
  24. I was finally able to get the 1086 up to the shop at the farm. I have a tall car port half put up to put them in to work on them and keep them out of the weather this winter. I also picked up a Gas 706 pretty cheap, but my buddy wants it to build a puller, so it may soon leave. I was bidding on a 986 today on Auction House. It went for more than I wanted to pay, but it was a 1979 model (same as me) and was in good cosmetic shape. I hate I missed it as a 986 is what I originally wanted so the search continues for one of them. If I can procure a 986 then I might as well start looking for a 15 as well! LOL This is how stuff gets out of control!