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  1. Nice looking tractor as is! Good luck with your project I hope you will post pictures as you go along!
  2. 1086

    Yep you're right. I looked on my phone and one looked like the 6 hole center and the other looked like the 12 hole center.
  3. 1086

    The 986 I just picked up has two different wheel centers too. I think they are 3 1/4" where your 10 has 3 1/2" otherwise I'd be trying to swap with ya, as I'd like them to match. If you find that piece at the cab top under the roof, and behind the flashers I need to know where to get one as well. My 1486 is rusted through there.
  4. 1586 Pictures

    Color me a bit jealous! Sounds like a nice tractor!
  5. Thanks! I still have a long way to go before I get ready to buy new tires, but was just thinking ahead.
  6. Thanks for the numbers and explanations. I really have no intent to try my hand at crop farming but you never know what the future holds. I knew I could figure the outputs, it's the inputs I really had no idea about. Again thanks for the replies!
  7. LOL I've had the IH bug for several years I just finally got real IH tractors :-)
  8. That seems to be the way here too, most crop farmers are farming 4-8K acres. No "little" crop farmers anymore. I was just curious as to what could be made crop farming. I know in the ins and outs of hay, and cows, and a little about hogs and turkeys, so I'm just trying to further my education!
  9. All, I grew up on a beef cattle farm, and while we grew some crops to help feed the cattle we never crop farmed as the original farm just didn't have many plantable acres. So lets say that I owned the ground, and the equipment (older but usable) to start crop farming, about how many dollars is it to plant, and fertilize, and spray and then in the end what's the profit from it? I'm obviously interested in both corn and soybeans, but am certainly interested in other crops as well. I saw a while back people grew sunflowers which I hadn't ever thought about. So can you that do this for a living help explain it to a dummy that's interested?
  10. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    Congrats! Post a picture when you get a chance!
  11. The thing is with these old tractors is you can buy them with some issues for pretty cheap. If you are capable of doing the work yourself, you can end up with a rebuilt tractor that you know for sure what you have for not a whole lot of money. You can buy a 1086 for 5-6K even if you put 20K in it making it all run and look like new, where are you going to find another 130hp cabbed tractor for 26K that's in excellent mechanical shape? If you can't do the work yourself you can always send them to Mike in Southern IL. You'll have more in it, but 100+ HP tractors aren't cheap, and you'd essentially have a new one that's 40 years old!
  12. So.... Yesterday a early 986 came home to the farm. I found this tractor on facebook selling page down near Paducah KY. The good news is this one seems to run pretty good! I don't have but just this picture of it for now, and really don't know that much about it. It's the most expensive IH tractor I have bought at this point but still don't have much in it. My buddy bought the 706 although it's still at the farm. It's destined to become a puller. I've known I was going to buy this 986 for about a month or so, but just couldn't get the details worked out to get it home with the holidays, and extreme cold weather till yesterday.
  13. 986 engine rebuild question

    Story of my life.....
  14. 986 engine rebuild question

    Didja get it running again?