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  1. 7130 on manure spreader

    I hadn't ever heard that term before. I had to google it! As much as I like IH tractors running a blower is where a Bi-directional tractor like my NH TV140 has to really shine. My neck hurts from just thinking about running backwards all day!
  2. 1586 Pictures

    Nice tractor! Congrats!
  3. I do have a question for you guys following. Both of my tractors have 18.4-38 tires. Can I put 20.8-38 tires on the existing rims or do I have to buy wider rims to do that? I was thinking of going to the bigger tires on the 14 eventually.
  4. I would if loved to have bought it too but I'm just not made of money..... Plus I hope to have several more years ahead of me for collecting IH 86 series tractors.
  5. The truck belongs to my buddy Keith who is getting the 706 and got the nice 1086. We've been best friends since we were kids. Still playing with tractors just as always lol. The farm is outside of Salem Indiana so it's a little bit of a trip from Warrick CO.
  6. IDK much about it. I'm still learning about these tractors. If I was going to keep it I'd probably leave it original and fix the few little issues it has.
  7. I was finally able to get the 1086 up to the shop at the farm. I have a tall car port half put up to put them in to work on them and keep them out of the weather this winter. I also picked up a Gas 706 pretty cheap, but my buddy wants it to build a puller, so it may soon leave. I was bidding on a 986 today on Auction House. It went for more than I wanted to pay, but it was a 1979 model (same as me) and was in good cosmetic shape. I hate I missed it as a 986 is what I originally wanted so the search continues for one of them. If I can procure a 986 then I might as well start looking for a 15 as well! LOL This is how stuff gets out of control!
  8. Pulling ripper with 1086

    I may be all wrong, but it almost looks like if your top link was a little shorter it would help the angle to get the teeth to want to dig in if that makes sense? It appears it's adjusted all the way in, but do you have a shorter one?
  9. 86 series split gasket mystery

    As someone who is going to have to take apart a 1486 at the same location, can you take some other pics of how you have this blocked up and what it all looks like apart?
  10. I am guilty of not always doing that....
  11. I noticed this tractor doesn't have the upper hand holds in it like my 14, and the other 10 my buddy bought. Being this tractor is a 76, and the others are 77 IH must of made that change to make the hand holds closer to the seat. My brochure I have for these tractors doesn't show those hand holds either.
  12. I found some time to at least look over the new to me 1086 I picked up. The pump was removed to try on another tractor and not put back on this one. It's supposed to have water in the oil, and the oil in it looks brand new. I didn't see any oil residue in the radiator so that kind of rules out the oil cooler. It's not stuck though! I wasn't able to get it pulled up to the blacktop to work on it as I didn't have any help Saturday and the neighbor farmer has my big NH loader tractor packing silage. But from what I can tell it's a 76 model, and it appears to still have factory paint on it. I don't see any paint lines anywhere. The bottoms of the doors are rusty, and it has some handles on the insides of the doors I haven't seen before. Headliners is shot, and it needs a complete interior kit, but those things will have to wait until I can get it running and all checked out.
  13. BUY ANOTHER TRACTOR! Sounds so simple right??
  14. Other options for overhaul kits

    So where's the best place to get a Maxi Force kit? I'm In southern IN if that matters.
  15. As is often the case with some of my projects they tend to get bigger. Thanks to 856 Custom myself and two of my High School buddies came home with 3 1086 tractors. One is really nice, one is really rough, and I got a decent one with water in the oil. The rough one is going to get fixed clutch and a few other things, and probably then live life on a hydraulic post driver that the one buddy bought. The nice one my other buddy bought and he isn't 100% sure what he's going to do with it. It's hard to start but seems to run well once it's going. It's got a few fuel leaks currently, and that may be part of the problem? He's a John Deere guy so I am not sure if he's going to fix it, and sell it, or fix it and keep it for a cheap extra tractor. The one with oil in the water I am keeping, and am planning on putting an inframe kit in it, and having the head rebuilt. I hope that will solve it's issue and turn it into a running/working tractor while I continue to work with the 1486. I started yesterday on the road at 6am and got in just before midnight. Made for a really long day! Tractors are just pushed off trailer and still sitting in the field. Big thanks again to 856 Custom It was great to meet you and I do truly appreciate you helping me find a 1086! We borrowed a semi from an uncle and flat bed trailer to haul two tractors. It was a several miles yesterday staring over this hood. Here's the runner and my oily tractor on the flat bed trailer at a truck stop. Here's the rough one that will be used as a post driver And here we are after just getting through Indy traffic.