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  1. 2350 mounting brackets

    Getting all the metal rounded up so I can get started. I didn't have 1/2 plate or channel iron big enough so I'm having to do some searching without buying big sheets or 20' pieces
  2. 2350 mounting brackets

    I like the looks of them mule Thanks. Looks tough and I think I'll copy it. Can anyone tell me what size of channel iron that is on the rear brackets and I'm guessing it's 3" pipe and is that pipe centered on 1/2" plate.
  3. 2350 mounting brackets

    Yes. That's exactly the type of info I'm looking for. I've searched for that but didn't have any luck finding it. Now I just need info on the rear mounts. Thanks for the help.
  4. 2350 mounting brackets

    Picked up a 2350 loader for cheap and plan on putting it on my 1086 but it didn't have brackets. Does anyone have a set they would part with or would someone mind getting the specs on them. I don't have a problem with making a set. I just want it to look as close to original as I can.
  5. Ac Parts from a 1486 to a 1086

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll see what it's gonna take to get my hands on it and go from there. 88series I'll check it out. Thanks
  6. Ac Parts from a 1486 to a 1086

    Im not scared of the work involved with it. I'm sure I've had worse jobs with my wrenches but yes according to the water pump pulley, no switch on the fan panel, no evaporator and wiring I'm pretty sure it never had it. It was on consignment at a dealer that told me the history and we all know dealers never lie. If I knew then what I know now I would of kept looking but mechanically everything else is sound. I have found a complete hose kit for around 300 and planning on a new compressor/dryer.
  7. Picked up my first ih 1086 and was told the original owner went through the whole tractor a few years ago and pulled ac parts off. After I got it home I found out it never had it. My plan is to either add ac or sell it and find one in good shape with ac. I found a donor 1486 within a few miles from me that has been sitting for close to 20 years but the system is complete. I'm guessing the brackets will all bolt up along with the fan pulley but if I'm wrong please let me know. I'm thinking I could probably buy the whole tractor for cheap due to a divorce grudge. Other questions between the two is on the 3rd remote. Would that easily be added to my valve stack. Anything else for me to consider between them.
  8. 86 series with no A/C ?

    Mine is single belt. Has double pulleys on the crank and alternator but a single on the pump
  9. 86 series with no A/C ?

    I didn't get a chance to verify what pulleys I have but I'm pretty sure I have 2 belts. If mine came with ac the previous owner took the time to remove the evaporator and I don't see any wiring for it. And I also don't have a switch in the cab on the panel
  10. 86 series with no A/C ?

    I just bought a 77 model 1086 without ac. I was under the impression from the dealer that the previous owner removed it when he overhauled it. After getting it home and looking it over I'm convinced it never had it.