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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Do you remember when the KW "Anteater" came on the market? Everyone laughed...and then everyone bought it. But even regional work won't cut it. Take a look at the typical day I had. I went to work, got my paperwork, went out to the truck, started it up, hooked up to a trailer that I hoped didn't need anything fixed on it. I drove to Houston, which was 248 miles. From there I either came back (which would be 496 miles), or went to Laredo (which would be a total 536 miles to my overnight stop). I usually spent the night at Cotulla, about 40 miles north of Laredo. Then the next morning I drove into Laredo, making as many as 3 pickups, and then drove back to Dallas, which would be a total of 448 miles. So, if there was a charging stating somewhere west of Houston, I could take my mandatory 30 minute break and make it to Cotulla. If I went straight back to Dallas, I would need a 30 minute charging session somewher north of Hunstville. If I left Cotulla fully charged, I MIGHT make it back to Dallas without a stop. Yes, I can imagine all this working. Do I think it will, anytime in the next 10 years? No. Oh, and just in passing, Walmart has been buying hybrid trucks from Freightliner for years.
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    As a truck driver (now retired), I think it's great they're trying new technologies. But I don't feel like Musk had any of his engineers actually ride with a truck driver for a week or two. They would quickly realize they need to zero in on a segment of the market and go for that. The current design misses on every market. And, of course, every time I heard Musk talk about his vaporware, I think of Elio. Which reminds me, I need to check my little book. I think about 5 guys owe me $100 they bet me on Elio's production date.
  3. Electronic ignition - wow!

    My guess would be you are hooked up to the resistor wire of the coil, instead of the full voltage wire.
  4. Electronic ignition - wow!

    There are good reasons boats don't have electronic ignitions, or at least they haven't until recently.
  5. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    On another car forum, there was a member who had been a liability lawyer for one of the big filter manufacturers. At that time (about 15 years ago), he said there were only 3 filter manufacturers in the U.S., and out of the three, WIX was hands-down the best.
  6. Poor UPS service

    Yes, Harvard Business School grads will be the death of us all. I watched them ruin Werner Enterprises, with their (at that time) clipboards, stop watches, and sharp pencils. They would stand behind the dispatchers, and when one got off the phone with a driver, they would tap him on the shoulder and say, "You were on the phone with that driver for 28 seconds. We need you to cut that down to a max of 23 seconds, so we can put 5 more trucks on your board. If you don't, you'll soon be gone."
  7. Poor UPS service

    It COULD be union misbehavior. I've dealt with those turkeys, and it's not pleasant. However, the overall problem with UPS is lack of consequences for failure at any level. Didn't get your package? The driver just says he couldn't find the address. Package gets thrown in a snowbank or under a dripping downspout? Driver says he didn't put it there. And the lack of responsibility goes all the way to the top.

    I would recommend anyone who thinks driverless trucks are just around the corner to go to some place like a grocery warehouse. Note the trucks lined up, waiting to be unloaded. Unless receivers agree to meet the truck at the gate with their own driver, someone is going to have to deal with the paperwork, park outside to wait their turn, etc. I'm not saying those can't be fixed; I'm just saying no one has been able to fix them in the 40 years I drove.
  9. '66 series starter

    Maybe your tractor remans or new starters are coming from China. But if you buy a remanufactured (or, in many cases, new) starter for any car in the U.S. at any auto parts store, it's about a 95% chance it is a part supplied by Cardone. And their factories are in Mexico.
  10. Dream job...?

    As a long-time truck driver, I always thought I wanted to get a job driving for one of the big NHRA teams. But I've talked to some drivers who have done it, and they say it's the best job you'ver ever had for the first year, and after that it's just a job. And a darned tough one, too.
  11. Your thoughts on tire pressure

    You need to do the math. The rating on the side of the tire will tell you what pressure you need to have. So, you need to have sufficient pressure to carry whatever load you think you'll be carrying on that trailer, including the trailer. I have a 7,000 GVW trailer, load range C tires, and at full capacity, and at full max tire pressure, I only have about 150 lbs excess capacity on those tires. And this is why, as a trucker, I saw trailers with blown tires by the side of the road all the time, or going down the road with a blown tire that the pickup driver didn't even know about.
  12. IH 464 seat suspension

    Thanks. I got a Tractor Supply seat with suspension, but I'm having to do a lot of re-engineering because otherwise it will be too high.
  13. IH 464 seat suspension

    It might be OK if I completely disassembled it and sandblasted it and soaked it in rust solvent, etc. I think the bottom rollers are rusted solid.
  14. I would say that might be the first time that Texas tractor has ever seen snow...but, having lived in Texas nigh onto 40 years, I know better!
  15. IH 464 seat suspension

    And yes, I do have the adjusting handle.