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  1. Farmall H correct police

    I wish my wife had thinking like that . She rolls her eyes when I say something about a tractor I’ve spotted
  2. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    I use dewalt 20 volt at work ,use them hard everyday. They do good as long as you don’t drop batteries on concrete if you do they bust recently got some 60 volt for them they are rubber coated and will last all day.
  3. 656 d

    Talked to former owner said it was good tractor little hard to start in winter .They offered to bring it to me for $4200 I might offer to come get it for $3500
  4. 656 d

    This number and tractor data is not matching up too me
  5. 656 d

    I didn’t know they had glow plugs don’t know how feel about those had a 460 with them gave me fits are they the same on 656
  6. 656 d

    Haven’t seen it in person yet
  7. 656 d

  8. 656 d

    Local green dealer has 656d 3200 or so hours wants 4700 what y’all think thanks
  9. Stolen Tractors

    Had a $9000 four wheeler stole got $3300 from insurance, cops still call once a year to see if I have found it.
  10. Cattle guard finished

    I wonder how many people even know what that is nowadays
  11. Tractor hours

    I had mc105 McCormick that put a hour on in about 40 minutes started having a lot of other troubles changed alternator fixed it .
  12. common ag bearings to keep around

    Had a Heston roller it had two different octagon bearings that would go out . I bought same spares never had a single one go out after that.
  13. AC 190 XT, JD 4020 & Farmall

    I had a 4020 it was 99 on dyno.I liked it it drove nice had trouble with starting and charging system think it was 24 volt or something it’s been awhile.
  14. New c with carb trouble

    Got it home found someone made a gasket out of silicone, cleaned real good new gasket from dealer purring like a kitten. Thanks for the help.
  15. 5250 maxxum

    No 20 foot drills around here but i pull ten foot with 684 so it should I think