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  1. 240a payloader

    Hey Everyone I trying replace a leaky boom cylinder and don't know what size the cylinders are. Trying to order a seal kit. Anyone know the part number or if I could order a generic seal kit? Is there a way to tell the size or how to measure? I have a 2400 series B with 240A IH payloader on it. I have googled it but nothing coming up? Best. Jack
  2. Tire width science or preference ?

    i took your advice and got some 13.6 x 24 bf goodwich on craigslist pretty good price at 280 for tires and wheels. Good lugs and perfect for what I need. Only problem is there are no holes for the wheel weights like my other wheels had. Can I drill into the rim to add the wheel weights?? Best jack
  3. Tire width science or preference ?

    Hi again! On my 2400 series B (574 basically) I am currently running 17.5 x24 backhoe tires which are completely shot. Bald no traction. I know that on the tractordata site it said stock was 14.9 width. I want to switch to an ag tire but not sure what width to go with. I've always heard narrow for traction wider for flotation? I found a nice set of tires and rims but they are 13.9. I really could use the traction with the payloader. Use to move dirt,rocks, snow anything you can think of. Would that width be ok ?
  4. 2404 or 2410 international series B questions

    Thanks for the info, would it be hard to add rear remotes? and then what is the function for those things behind the joystick ?
  5. HI, First time posting. I just got my first tractor a couple months ago, and i have been tracking this forum and people seem really knowledgable so I thought I would post my issues and or problems! I have had to do some work do her. The fuel tank between the fenders was just rusted beyond belief. So I took it off and it fabed my own tank for now. but would like to put it back original evidently. To my questions. First, I am not sure what model i have. Its a 2400 series B for sure, but I am not sure ifs its 2405 or 2410. I has the international loader and says 240A pay loader. And its gas, so that means it has the 2.6 or 2.9 motor and i don't know how to tell the difference. Secondly, it has the joystick loader and love it. But i have a leak from the joystick. Where can i get seals for this? Can it be split? and along with that it has two blocks on back side. Picture attached( looking at the joystick as if you where standing behind the front wheel looking toward the back). Can these be used for rear hookups? i am just to get some rear hook ups for attachments. Lastly, My pto lever isnt moving to engaged. Now i am not sure if its stuck or i am not doing something right. i have a picture of that as well. and my throttle seems to be not stock. i have seen 574 ( i think my tractor is based off that) and its a rod. I have been look for a whole throttle unit but no luck . thanks for the help guys.