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  1. IH 886 with German diesel

    We have an original 886 with German diesal and it will pull like a mule not turbo and the fuel pump hasn't been turned up and is still at factory settings. My dad said when he was young they used t as a dozer pushing trees over and clearing land. Like they said earlier it will break traction before bogging down and uses no oil and is easy on the fuel.
  2. 1486 tach not working

    My dad has an original style tach on his 986 and it does not work at all and I was wondering what it could be. We also have a 1086 with a tach with all the fancy buttons ad it gives a false reading all the time too it lights up but it just gives a false reading
  3. Shifter

    It is a three speed on the column
  4. Shifter

    I broke my shifter linkage adjuster and I can't find another one where can I find one
  5. 1967 ih 1100b

    The right side is a little dented up because my grandpa roped it one time but it is pretty good over all
  6. 1967 ih 1100b

    The other day my grandmas found the original line setting ticket, sale paper, and operators manul for my truck I thought that was pretty cool
  7. Truck won't start

    What can I do about a sticky distributed advance
  8. Truck won't start

    Went out this morning and it wasn't doing that but it wasn't doing that but i adjusted the distributor and it runs smoother but the toms go up and down not all the way up but up and then down and if I rev it up it revs but it still goes up and down what is it
  9. Truck won't start

    I got the truck to run but it idles really rough and when I try to accelerate it it dies. It has a new fuel pump new plugs and plug wires. All the valves are opening and closing right. Ps if u didn't read earlier up it is a 1967 304
  10. Cams

    Ok do y'all think a 4 barrel would be a good swap from the factory two barrel and if so what size or kind
  11. Cams

    The truck is a 1964 Chevy c60 which is a two ton the max gvw is 19500 the gear ratio is either 9.97 to 1 or 8.87 to 1 on the low side since it is a two speed rear end and I am not sure about the high side. The trans is a 4 speed and it original. The 350 engine replaced the original 292. The reason I thinking about the engine on this truck is because we haul about thirteen bales of 4 by 6 bales and the motor is not quite enough to pull the load down the road and when you get to going up much of a hill going down the road or pulling out on the road it is pretty slow and I was just wanting to give it a little extra power to help it pull the load
  12. Cams

    What is most important in picking a cam and making the most hp lift or duration and what it the best for a 350/305 Chevy I know this is an Ih forum but I just thought I would ask
  13. Clutch and trans

  14. Clutch and trans

  15. Clutch and trans

    My 67 1100 I am working on hasn't ran it around 35 years and the clutch seems to be froze and I am wondering what needs to be done and what I would most likely need before I tear into it. Also the original transmission that came from my truck (was taken off many years ago and replaced) was kept and I was told that it had a chipped gear so I took the side off and it looks like first gear is missing a few teeth and I was wondering where I could find a new or good used one to replace it and also the part that goes to the motor is froze and I took some pb blaster and squirted some down into it and I was wondering if there was anything else to it.