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  2. What category would I got to for tractor questions
  3. Hey 660 would u be willing to sell any of the parts off your parts truck I have one that is a 67 1100b and is identical in color and body syle and was my grandpas and I am needing a few replacement parts for the rust out ones
  4. My dad has a 1979 986 and a while back the tach and the rpm gauge quit working and I was wondering if any of y'all have suggestions on why it quit.
  5. Where is the temp senser on that truck
  6. What transmission do y'all think that is
  7. that is the original miles
  8. The pictures didn't show up
  9. that's original miles
  10. What would I do to go about getting the lineset ticket?
  11. I am now sure what the transmission was doing. I inherited the truck and don't know much about it because it doesn't run and was parked before I ever came around. It was originally my grandpas truck and my uncle told me he bought a wrecked truck and put the trans from it and in the truck I have now be cause the original transmission was make my a noise. My uncle also told Me that the different trans that was put I the truck was not right and he said it seemed to be in 2nd gear wile in third. That is why I got the original trans and I was wanting to rebuild it and put it back on the truck.And yes it was a three on the tree.
  12. I have a 1967 international 1100 b and I am having trouble figuring out what type the transmission is exactly and where I can find parts to rebuild it. The transmission is a 3 speed side shift. I am also looking for a gas tank and I can't seem to find one. Thanks for your help. Daniel