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  1. 986 coolant leak

    Cover your grill partially if your worried about it running cool in the winter
  2. '66 series starter

    There is a good place 30 miles from you that does a great job rebuilding.
  3. 5488 Rear Axle Seal and Bearing

    I have been told .002- .003 of an inch or your seal won't last.
  4. 5488 running hot

    I think you are on the right track . Get the grill off and clean the radiator from the front. I do this every year or so. Obviously previous owner didn't do it. You can't keep it clean enough just cleaning from the back.
  5. 1688 automatic header

    Does turning your sensitivity knob change the way it acts ?
  6. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    You should get a longer clutch pedal with it as well as the linkage.
  7. 3688 vs. 5088 on JD Machine Finder

    I would go for the 5088. Much better tranny and hydraulics
  8. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    Good for you! I hope it works out.
  9. 414 on 3088

    I think the hood on a 3088 is shorter.
  10. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    It's getting to the point that dealers are happier to sell something far away because if you are willing to travel the distance to look at it I think they figure you will buy it anyway . Even if it isn't quite right. In your a case , they have your money and could care less about you. I have been in your shoes, you trusted him and then he screws you.
  11. Chopping pictures

    Very impressive. I think my bunker would last you a day and a half. How many acres do you normally chop ? We run a pull type on a 1086 . That is great that your wife is willing to help.
  12. Hydraulic levers on 966.

    I recently seen a 2350 with Westendorf brackets on the loader. It looked like a universal mount for the loader as there was a few holes that weren't used, and then they welded the other bracket to the bucket . There is a screw on the back of the spool under a half inch or so cap that you adjust the detent would be directly above the 3rd link for the 3 point. Sometimes the cap is missing .just pop it out with a small screwdriver
  13. led headlights

    I would call Mike Links at @ triple r tractors he should be able to help you. He is 88 series restorer on here. His number is 618795 3950
  14. manure spreader difference

    I don't think the 100 is much more than 6 feet long . The 200 is huge compared to the 100
  15. 5488 axle bearings

    Does anyone have any tricks on removing and replacing the axle bearings on a 5488 rear axle. I have the axle removed, and the planetary off. I am concerned with putting the new bearings on and getting the preload on the bearings set. I have read the procedure as described in the service manual. Just wondering if anyone has experience doing this and can offer advice. Thanks in advance.