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  1. 756 Hydraulic Flush

    Drain all 5. I like to use a clean bucket when I first pull the plug. That way if you have anything but oil come out you can examine it in the bucket. I drained the axle housings once and it sounded like a handful of b-bs fell in the bucket. Had to put axle bearings in that tractor. Not trying to scare you cause everything is probably fine, but if it isn't it's good to catch the problem early. Goodluck !
  2. 986 with fast hitch

    I know of a 986 with a fast hitch near me also. I was told it was factory
  3. ground/chopped hay in feed

    The only way to do it is hand feed the corn imo. Or use a tmr- wagon . That isn't much corn for any size cattle.
  4. ground/chopped hay in feed

    If you are doing it with a grinder mixer I don't think you can mix enough hay in and ever get it out of the mixer. What size cattle? That would take alot of salt I would think.
  5. 5488 rear axle seal?

    You can replace the seal without removing the axle housing, but you should make sure there isn't an issue with the bearings that caused the seal to fail
  6. local 5488

    That's because that's an mx. This is a 5488
  7. 496 disk cylinder

    I know that my wing cylinders are slaves to the main frame cylinders. But I agree with bitty. If you can I would rebuild the one you have .
  8. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    I didn't realize I was uncomfortable operating my 1680. Lol.
  9. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    Never ran a 2188. But I think I just found another reason to like my 1680. I always have wondered why they put so many buttons on the joystick.
  10. 986 coolant leak

    Cover your grill partially if your worried about it running cool in the winter
  11. '66 series starter

    There is a good place 30 miles from you that does a great job rebuilding.
  12. 5488 Rear Axle Seal and Bearing

    I have been told .002- .003 of an inch or your seal won't last.
  13. 5488 running hot

    I think you are on the right track . Get the grill off and clean the radiator from the front. I do this every year or so. Obviously previous owner didn't do it. You can't keep it clean enough just cleaning from the back.
  14. 1688 automatic header

    Does turning your sensitivity knob change the way it acts ?
  15. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    You should get a longer clutch pedal with it as well as the linkage.