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  1. 1940 B timing marks & indicator

    TDC mark is on the flywheel thru a hole in the bottom of the bellhousing. Chris B.
  2. 450 Diesel project

    My heat houser installed. This one is exactly as described in Guy Fay's book.
  3. 450 Diesel project

    Thanks. Other than needing paint, the steering bracket, and some seals, the gasser is done. All the hard work was done years ago, especially figuring out why the powering steering didn't work.
  4. 450 Diesel project

    And this last piece of the 450 collection. 9 years ago I picked this NOS IH heat houser for the 400 series tractors. Blue canvas says Farmall. I replaced the windshield which had spider-webbed and warped with some polycarbonate.
  5. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I'm not into crawlers and don't really encounter them. But, I have to say I really enjoyed reading this thread and will continue to follow it. These gas start diesels are fascinating as is seeing you fight thru pitfalls of old machinery and generally prevail. Chris B.
  6. 450 Diesel project

    Now it looks a little rougher. Engine was stuck but not hard. Freed it up in less than an hour with some rocking in 5th. Tires are still good. Water did its damage to the fuel system and I had to replaced the rusty and leaky gas tank. Could not get the carb to adjust smoothly after I ultrasonic cleaned it and Cuda cleaned it. The bowl had been full of water and was gelled when I tore it down--horrible condition. When I borrowed my Super M carb and got it running perfectly, I bought a reman and solved that problem. I suspect the old one has a hole or crack internally. Power steering on this one works great. 9 years ago, I replaced the priority valve with a Steel Wheel Ranch rebuilt. All I really have to do is replace the steering arm. The old one somehow twisted and created a bit of toe out. TA is good as well.
  7. 450 Diesel project

    Here's the 450G 9 years ago.
  8. 450 Diesel project

    For now, I'll spent the winter strategizing and gathering parts for a TA split, engine seals, trans seals, clutch. I need to get a battery box, lights, you name it. The front tires are new 9 years ago and still look good. The rear aren't new, obviously, but they are solid and matched. The old tires were way mismatched, holes in the sidewall with tube sticking, and someone had managed to stretch a 13.6 across a 14" rim. Looked funny.
  9. 450 Diesel project

    I had an easier time getting the diesel to start and run than the gasser. Seemed to run better than I remember. I fixed a steel hydraulic that had rotted from being buried in dirt under the dash. I may have put the cart before the horse, but I picked up new rims to replace the old rotted and welded junk on the tractor. I had been hanging onto a decent pair of 15.5 38s from my 560 for this old diesel not knowing if I'd get to use them. Replaced the axle seals as that was only one step further. Looking much better now. This is the state of the tractor as of today.
  10. 450 Diesel project

    This tractor was not at my place. My buddy who hauled it let me stash it at his place. Unfortunately, we had a falling out that I cannot recall why. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when my buddy and I reconnected. I spotted my tractors looking quite forlorn and sitting on flats. My 450G came home first since it rolled readily. The 450D dragged both wheels which turned out to be stuck brakes. A few minutes on the housings and I got it loose and my dad and I proceeded to pull it back. I had already checked the oil and antifreeze so I let out the clutch slowly on a gravel road and the engine spun over. Once we got closer to home I got her into gear and let my dad try to pull start it. About the 15 seconds of gray smoke then the black smoke started. Drove it the last quarter mile home.
  11. This project actually started about 8 or 9 years ago. Picked up a stuck 450D cheaply, I hope but don't remember. Knew nothing about these diesels other than their storied reputation. Pulled the head, dropped the pan and ended knocking the pistons and sleeves out as stuck assemblies. Once clear, the pistons tapped out easily and were all quite usable. I had to replace one cracked sleeve but put it all back together with new rings. I didn't spot any cracks in the head and there was no antifreeze in the oil when I took it apart. Once I sorted the gas side out it was running. One diesel line was leaking where it had rubbed against another line. Brazed that and replaced a couple others. I pulled the pump that was filling with diesel and sent it out for rebuild. Once, I played with the tractor a bit, the TA was obviously no good and it needed some seals and was generally pretty beat to heck. I found a 400D hood sheet to replace my missing one.
  12. The adjusters are a taper fit thru the face of the pressure plate. On the bench, I removed each adjuster, freed it up, coated with never seize. You then set finger height B with 3 pressure plate bolts and then set height A with the adjusters. Chris B.
  13. Need help with Farmall 400 power steering, please

    Sounds like a bad priority valve. Same deal with my 450, everything operated till I straightened the hydraulic valve selectors all to two-way--one was set in the middle. Engine quit laboring but power steering also quit. Turns out, the selector moved halfway loaded the system to max pressure and it got full pressure on both sides of the priority spool. It was so wore out oil was bypassing around the spool and not thru the power steering orifice. Only way to make power steering was to keep the system constantly loaded. Fix was a rebuilt priority valve. Gas tank has to come out to remove the assembly. The spool alone can be removed after pulling the snap and plug. Chris B.
  14. F20 aftermarket oil canister and clutch question

    Interestingly, this old girl still had the original Purolator oil filter. Put in a modern Wix, but I thought it was cool to see that old thing. Chris B.
  15. Picked up this nice F20, SN 148239. After a bit of troubleshooting and tuning, I got her starting and running well. Much easier to start than the F12. Anyway, I am unsure what this attachment is. As seen in the picture, it is teed into the base of the oil filter and into the block next to the mag. It doesn't look like something that is particularly user serviceable. Can anybody shed some light on this? Also, can somebody confirm an 11" M clutch works for this tractor. Got the pressure plate fingers adjusted, but the clutch doesn't want to let go readily. I saw it was oil soaked when I pulled it down and I'm guessing that is the problem. Thanks, Chris B.