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  1. Finally getting some much needed rain. It is not as dry here as some places but it has been dry none the less. The wife told me last night she was going to water the garden. My response was it's supposed to rain. She said they have been calling for it but it doesn't. So, she watered it. I woke up this morning and it is pouring down rain. While standing at the kitchen sink looking out the window I could here water running. So I investigate. She had left the water on to the garden all night. Between the sprinkler and the rain it should be well watered... God I love her!
  2. Good looking set up. Looks like you have a cab full with your partner.
  3. What are you cutting? I can't tell from the pic.
  4. We had 108 heat index yesterday here in the Ohio valley. Cooking hot! The Kentucky high school athletics association has a chart they use (so does the military). If the heat index is so high, no physical activity outside, so many break, etc... We looked at it at work and talked about trying to follow it but decided we would never get anything done if we did.
  5. Looks like you all had an awesome day! Is that your boat?
  6. It just hit 100 on the thermometer at the house. I may spend the weekend in the house. What's on tv?
  7. The cool part is you are honest enough to give someone who apparently knows little about tractors a good deal. Some would have figured out a way to take the ladies money.
  8. Tractor supply has the lacing and the install tool. I had to buy them on a Sunday for an emergency repair on my round baler belts.
  9. They couldn't do that today. Too many computers saying it's not possible.
  10. Lol. What the ....?
  11. I realize your post is about your tractor but I am amazed by the size of that rake! I couldn't even get it in some of the fields I bale much less have room to turn it around!
  12. Hold on a minute. You say you got it stuck in mud and it bogged down. What exactly do you mean by that? Is the engine bogging down? When you say it feels sluggish pulling an incline, what feels sluggish? Try this... start it up and put it in road gear. Rev it up to 1500 RPMs or so, hold both brakes in and let out the clutch. If it kills the engine then I would do more investigating before I say it's the clutch.
  13. Spit my coffee out. Great response!
  14. I enjoy looking at the farm equipment for sale on Craigslist. I found the last tractor I bought on the site. But some of the ads leave me scratching my head. The first was for an International 1480 combine. "Everything works as it should, even the a/c. Brakes a little weak. Won't start." Really? You've got to be kidding me... And then there was a JD 6620 combine. "Always shredded." In the pictures it was setting in weeds taller than the front tires. I guess the shed blew away.