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  1. National anthem protests

    I have heard that too. About the Cowboy and the chiefs. I have no idea if it is true but I do know that none of the Cowboys players partake in the BS.
  2. National anthem protests

    As a veteran, I respect the right of football players to protest during the playing of the national anthem. I have no idea what they are protesting. Nor do I care. Over-paid bunch of spoiled brats if you ask me (which you didn't). But, they have the right and I will respect their right. However, I have a right not to watch. I also have the right to boycott the NFL sponsors. I have not watched a single game this year and I have no intention of doing so as long as they are protesting whatever it is they are protesting.
  3. I have a laptop that I use at home and a laptop that I use for work. My home computer has gotten so slow as of late. The work computer is brand new so I have been trying to set everything up on it like I had it on my old computer. The problem with my home computer I really think it is the virus protection. McAfee is fighting Windows Defender for control of my computer! Plus, windows 10 has automatic updates that cannot be turned off! It is beginning to piss me off! And another thing- I'm sick and tired of passwords. Passwords on this. Passwords on that. I can't remember them all so I keep a list on my phone. If someone ever steals my phone I'm screwed. The wife won't listen to me so I have to get on here to vent. I'm done now.
  4. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    Just another thought. A young person might be more willing to take advise from someone who has farmed the land before. Good way to stay involved. A more established farmer has a plan for the land and act on that regardless of what you think.
  5. 1066 TA hestitating

    I wondered about that too. I don't slip back into high range. It jumps. Better be holding on kind of thing. I just quit using it.
  6. I knew it was something like that but I couldn't remember. Been a while since I check on it.
  7. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    Dads706- I guess it depends on what you want to do. My dad had a few hundred acres that he was looking to rent after he quit grain farming. There were people beating down the door to get at it. He chose a young man just starting out that needed a break. He could have made more money but dad likes to help people. That was probably 20 years ago. That young man has become one of the bigger, more successful farmers in our area. He voluntarily raised his own rent when he got established to match what he was paying elsewhere and treats my dad and the land well. They have a contract, of course, and when the rent is due, he is there with the check. On the other hand, dad was in the position to do that. I don't know your situation. Always remember that it is a business and treat it like that. If that causes hard feelings in the family than that is too bad. You are not the one being unreasonable and can lay your head down at night with a clear conscience.
  8. Also, check the laws in Indiana closely. I'm not sure you need a CDL for farm use.
  9. Hey RCB. Just my two cents. I believe I would get the day cab and low boy. Here's why- if you have a medium duty and a gooseneck, everyone who knows you have it will either want to borrow it or have you haul something. Especially distant relatives. If, on the other hand, you have a "semi", you can quote them a per mile cost. They can at that point take it or leave it. You don't care either way. You are either making money or not messing with them.
  10. hilary comment

    Good one!
  11. Know Your Combine

    Made it look easy didn't it.
  12. gunbrokers.com

    They are legit. As with anything, be wary of scammers. No worse than eBay.
  13. Mileage mystery

    R Pope, I have been thinking about your post since I read it 4 or 5 days ago. Let's look at this logically. You manually checked it and how you checked your mileage seems sound to me. One variable is what you consider full when full. Are you filling it to the same spot, using the same fuel from the same station? The fuel mileage is figured by counting the number of pulses of the injectors. The computer then calculates how much fuel it expected to pass thru the injector and the distance travelled. So this means the fuel passing thru the injectors when the tank is less than half full doesn't have as much energy as the fuel in a full tank. There are only a couple of things that can cause that. 1. Stale fuel or 2. Contamination. Only you can tell us if the fuel is stale but you might try adding fuel stabilizer and see if that helps. Water contamination doesn't make sense because it would do it full or empty. Air contamination coming from the pump makes more sense but I would think you would notice a drop in power. I am curious what you find.
  14. hilary comment

  15. Insurance companies are ridiculous

    I'm really surprised you can even find home owners insurance burning wood. They dropped my dad because of it. He looked around, couldn't find anyone to cover him so he put in a gas furnace. Worked out well for me. I hate cutting wood.