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  1. Martin Truex Jr

    She is a tough woman
  2. Martin Truex Jr

    Good to see a good guy win the title in the NASCAR cup series
  3. Farm subsidy programs

    Not saying better everywhere and my family is by no means a mega farm we did things right and don't owe anyone anything today
  4. Farm subsidy programs

    All the large farms in my area are ran by families of many generations who were able to manage the 80s farm crisis
  5. Farm subsidy programs

    My family is still in business I just believe your bitter because you have an excuse for everything
  6. Farm subsidy programs

    Shocked that the miserable wanna be farmers are complaining of course you couldn't make it farming
  7. Remembering the farm crisis

    Could your life be anymore miserable I have never seen a positive comment from you on anything
  8. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Haylage in the fall when the weather cools off
  9. 1456

    That would make a nice tractor on my farm
  10. 1086 open station

    That is just false advertising then because it made me think it was real and rare
  11. 1086 open station

    Is a super h ta a real farmall built tractor I never seen one before but he has one advertised

    Wondering if i can mix 4x4 rounds of baleage with a 420 patz mixer and if my 1026 and 4020 will handle it
  13. Steps/battery box 66 series

    I like running are family 4020 and my uncle has a 4650 we pull are manure tank with but my red and blue tractors are much cheaper to fix and farm with!
  14. Steps/battery box 66 series

    They claim the 46 and 48 handle them best they are all green