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    Wondering if i can mix 4x4 rounds of baleage with a 420 patz mixer and if my 1026 and 4020 will handle it
  2. Steps/battery box 66 series

    I like running are family 4020 and my uncle has a 4650 we pull are manure tank with but my red and blue tractors are much cheaper to fix and farm with!
  3. Steps/battery box 66 series

    They claim the 46 and 48 handle them best they are all green

    I have looked at a patz single screw but not sure we can justify the cost it would require a tractor to dedicate to mixing feed and I'm not sure my 1026 or 4020 would handle it

    I only have 2 big dairy farms near me (400+ cows) big mixer and bunks fascinate me I can't imagine using such big equipment to feed why is such a big tractor needed

    How are all the dairy farmers here feeding there cattle? We use a stationary rissler mixer with harvestores and some ag bags also feed free choice baleage on the cattle exercise lot and small squares after each milking
  7. Steps/battery box 66 series

    Sorry for stealing your thread I really like talking dairy farming
  8. Steps/battery box 66 series

    Local big dairy farms run twin screw mixers with deere 48 and 4640
  9. Steps/battery box 66 series

    What's a 3588 I'm not really a red guy more just a tractor guy
  10. Steps/battery box 66 series

    That's cool we have a stationary mixer but it's an old rissler does your mixer take a big tractor like a 1566 or was it the best available tractor
  11. Steps/battery box 66 series

    Where are the fenders I really like the steps. What is the tractor used for? TMR mixer tractor?
  12. Harvestore Silos

    It's not your hay and talking about them on your computer just isn't the right thing to do. It's time for me to take advice and ignore computer farmers
  13. Harvestore Silos

    My family made it through the 80s and it's because of good management and low debt. My uncle farms my grandparents still today 5th generation and my dad and I own a second family farm so don't tell me how it is we did it with harvestores
  14. Harvestore Silos

    If a farm is managed well and more specific a farm using harvestores it's profitable my family has proven it they require management it's hard for me to understand how someone who went broke 30 years ago can be an expert or critical of anyone farming today
  15. Harvestore Silos

    Agree if making hay was as easy as said here we would all have harvestores full of high quality feeds