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  1. CaseIH 7130 #2

    Sweet. I love the mysterious magnum 88 story and anything related. Thanks for sharing
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Here is an interesting article on the Tesla company as a whole, it has some very intriguing information and view points. On the automated driverless scenario, with jobs drying up nation wide, and industries having little incentive to build or grow with in the 48 states, seems to me like taking drivers out of trucks is very counter productive to the cause... Look at it like this, for every traditional tractor built, a job is created/retained. For every self driving POS, it's guaranteed to eliminate 1. JMO
  3. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    X2, crap happens, hopefully he learned. If he doesn't, friend or not, you need a new operator
  4. Be sure to check out auction time for a planter, good 6 row 900's have been going from 1 - 2,500.00 Trouble is, unless you have your own combine, it's getting harder to find someone that has a 6 row head on a combine to pick for you. The 8 row planters are also getting more expensive due to many guys buying them as a "patch in planter" Far as your dual situation goes, you should be fine. Like others have mentioned, may not be ideal, but when you are starting out, you just have to make things work. That 9 sure looks like a nice tractor.
  5. Down Corn

    Let it come up next spring and work it or spray it, there are herbicides like others have mentioned that will eliminate it in a bean field. Like mentioned above, too much will founder a cow herd
  6. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Is that one above the pwr shift? If not how do we get the powershift picture??
  7. Fill me in on the MX240 tractor

    FoS..? F****** over Santa?
  8. More tire or more weight?

  9. Building a Sentry Module I'd say he's safe While you mentioned that you do not intend to build these for sale, you might keep your records and parts resources. As mentioned above the market is very small for these, but still necessitated if you have a quality product that works and still provides adequate transmission protection.
  10. Hood struts!@#$%^&*

  11. Any one dry their beans a little?

    You kidding me? I'd love to have 14%beans. So far we have averaged 9.5%... talk about header loss. Couple that with 57lb test weight and the stupid Barge rates. It's the sheer grace of God we have come out as well as we have!! Like others have said, not much heat needed to dry them down. LPG is still cheap
  12. IH 1456

    Ahhah, I was wondering. It didn't look right, but interesting none the less! You rip pastures for compaction? Or gonna plant it?
  13. New child

    Congrats dude! Glad to hear all is well! First one?
  14. IH 1456

    Love it!! How deep you going??
  15. tractor rental

    Kinda what I thought, but he won't reply how many hours it's been used, so I'm guessing he came here to complain about getting the shaft. Being a young guy myself, I really appreciated when an old timer helped me out with my day job. Ment the world to me and I do whatever I can to help him any time he calls. But neither one of us abused each other either. Straight up ask the guy if he's planning to buy a tractor. Interest is still cheap, if he's gonna keep at it he needs to buy his own anyway. But it's good of the OP that he is willing to help even though he's "feeling like his 7110 isn't being paid it's worth" Going to guess if he had an endless supply of money he would have a Puma instead of messing with renting a 7110. Which btw, if he had it 4 hrs, your 7110 is 130 hp x .25/HP x 4 = $130.00 Doubtful it burned more than 4 gallon an hour so, 4 x 4= 16 x $2.00 = $32.00 in fuel. That's $162.00 total "rent" and he paid you $120.00. You missed out on $42.00 the way I figure. If that bums you out too much, ask for the rest, or don't let him use it anymore. Tell him to do it by hand... It's only 1500 lbs.