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  1. Thanks...that is what I was thinking. So, do you have issues with the mx and EPA cert for the engine?
  2. Bitty- I was wondering about importing from Europe. Did you use a broker? Or how did you buy them? Seems they are at a bit of a discount and due to age they don't need emissions EPA cert. All- Anything to look out for? I see some cautioning to look for later models due to some improvements made in 1990 or so? Anything else?
  3. Hi, new member here. I'm looking to purchase/lease/rent an older Magnum. I've spent the last 20 years away from land management and would like to get back to that, actually I'm a forester by training. Not getting younger. One thing that interest me is putting abandoned farm land back into production or to correct the problems of badly degraded forest. To that end I've been researching tractors with over 200hp and a strong 3pt (equipment will weight 10500lbs) and quickly settled on an older Magnum (7140/50 and 7240/50). Price is a bit of an issue, I won't be getting rich doing this work but as long as I don't end up at the repair shop in the first 2 months I'll be ok. I'm looking to rent/lease/buy and am located in North West VA, not really big tractor country. So I'm looking for advice on what to look for when inspecting an older Magnum? Any and all insight is greatly appreciated!