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  1. Off color tractor fuel issue

    We have one of these with 25,000 hours. I have replaced the fuel pump in the tank several times. You said you were getting fuel to the injector pump though. So probably not that. When it quits you might try leaving the key on and cracking the bleeder screw on the filter housing to make sure that pump is still working. That Lucas pump can pull enough fuel out of the tank without the electric fuel pump to run the tractor on light loads has been my experience. Hopefully this helps.
  2. '88 2275

    Didn't check. It was a bolt together core. The tanks were okay. I will only get radiators from a few places because of quality issues. The ones I get from my local guy and Radiator Supply House are the best quality I have found.
  3. Walking tandem

    We run that size tire on our 10 wheelers and have the same problem with the tire wear. We mount them the other way about half way through to help with this. We run alliance 331 700/40-22.5 and a bkt 710/40-22.5 radial. We have the problem with both. Your walking tandem mount looks good.
  4. '88 2275

    Just recorded one in a 89 paystar. Big cam low flow. Similar in size to what would be in your truck I would think. It was 1400 from a local radiator shop.
  5. Steps/battery box 66 series

    Looks very good. Did you make the treads or are they available somewhere for sale?
  6. Change PTO or use adapter

    X2 on the John Deere ones being very good. Our dealer's are telling us they are no longer available. Anyone else been told this? We use them on manure pumps that can work a 180HP tractor with no problems.
  7. led lights

    Big difference there. We have LED headlights in one of our ten wheelers, night and day over sealed beams. Just bought LEDs for two more of them the other day. In the morning I am going to install some on a CAT 226D. We are blowing a ridiculous amount of bulbs and I think they will stand the vibration better.
  8. Truck Computer

    Frontier Truck Parts in Michigan fixes them. Not sure if that is any closer. If you call them they will send out a ups call tag to ship it to them. I had them do four in the last year and they worked good.
  9. 10.00-20 to 11r-22.5 swap

    The 11r22.5 and the 10r20.00 are 497 revolutions per mile. The 10.00-20 is 494 revolutions per mile. It should work fine. The suggestion about putting them both on the inside of the rear axle would take away any tread depth variation you may encounter but as long as you are not running thousands of miles a year it will be fine.
  10. 10.00-20 to 11r-22.5 swap

    He is right about the swap. Saves money. You need to look a revolutions per mile chart for tires to see how close the two sizes are. I have one at the shop but I Am at home. What type of rims does the truck have? I am fighting the same thing with a truck that has 12r24.5 tires on it. I need to switch it to 11R but it only had one bad tire so I bought 12R.
  11. small suv

    Had a 2014 CRV that was leased. No problems in 45k. Ended up getting a 2017 Subaru Forester as a replacement. Subaru lease was a better deal than a Honda. You can definitely get one under 30,000 dollars.
  12. 986 rebuild kit

    If your talking about that is an hour from me and is also known as Syracuse Crank. I called there a few months ago to get a quote on some machining because my guy was way behind. He informed me that Reliance had bought them out. I would assume all their stuff is Reliance now. I have bought Reliance kits from an outfit called D and W Diesel in Auburn, New York. I believe they will ship anywhere. They also sell FP Diesel and interstate mcbee kits. I am going to put an FP head gasket kit in a John Deere this week. Another mechanic I know used some McBee kits and said he liked them. I have bought from endurance power also with no issues.
  13. engine kit for 5488

    Interesting. I have used those kits in John Deere 6466 motors with good success. The place I get them from has been pushing federal mogul kits a lot harder lately.
  14. Dumpwarder project

    That's pretty cool. I would think that would work well.
  15. Dog containment devices

    Have the pet safe underground with rechargeable collar for a border collie mix. Works really well. 2 acres and collar cost 1700. Took about one week of training. She ran through it once and that did the trick. When we trained her the trainer installer told us to put her in the truck and take her down the driveway past the fence to take her on a walk. That was 9 months ago and she still won't walk out the driveway to go on a walk even with the collar off. She really knows her boundaries. It's nice to be outside with her and not have to worry. The guy who put mine in said there are more powerful collars for stubborn dogs. Hope you can find a solution.