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  1. Sad night for a good guy...

    I have seen manuals on all states ag parts that are either good used or reproductions for way less than John Deere. I also recently downloaded the tech manual for a 4840 from bobcat I think it was for 20 dollars. I googled the John Deere manual number to find that. Hope he makes out okay going forward.
  2. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    X2. Good advice right there.
  3. New toy for a demo

    We got a 938k for feeding cows a little less than 2 years ago. We were all Deere before that. It has a 5.4 yard rollout bucket for extra reach. It had 700 hours when we got it. 5200 now. It works very well. The rimpull control is great . We have it set on low and I have never seen them spin the tires and the tire wear shows it. We have a nokian tire on it now that looks like a snow tire. Haven't had any trouble with the hydrostatic trans. The third valve on the joystick sold our operators on the machine. It has worked very well for us so far. Near as we can tell it uses less fuel than our 624k.
  4. Silage packing tractor?

    We have 20 and thirty series deere articulated tractors packing. The 18 speed power shift hold up really well. Easy to go from forward to reverse. 9520 8k hours, 2-9420 10k hours, 2-9430 6-7k hours. Had to take fluid out of fronts on the 30 series because we kept taking out pinion bearings. 20 series still has inside tires loaded plus cast iron and no axle problems. They have all had center pins changed. They have also pulled spreaders, dragline injectors, and 40 foot discs all their lives. Pretty durable if your open to green.
  5. 986 coolant leak

    The A and I ones aren’t very good in my opinion. The only ones I have dealt with are John Deere ones and there is a noticeable weight difference between the two. They tend to develop leaks where the tube meets the core. Our local radiator shop builds good heavy ones. You may want to check that if you have one near you. I have gotten radiators from radiator supply house in Oregon for trucks and they are very well made. I priced one for a 4450 but with the freight the new one from Deere was cheaper. This is just my experience. The tractors I work on get used every day. If you are not as demanding as we are you may get along fine with one.
  6. Vehicle Diagnostics

    We use a Snap On Solus Ultra at work but that probably is not financially feasible for home use. It works good . Use Mitchell DIY for wiring diagrams and repair info when we need it.
  7. Running at max rpms

    I work on a 5000 cow Dairy. Have worked there for 18 years. I work in the shop as a mechanic. There are milk cows at 2 farms and heifers at the other two. It's all within a ten mile radius. We have wheeloaders to feed with but use the skidloaders for everything else. We have alley scrapers for most all the cows and heifers but still clean centers, walkways, and holding areas with skidloaders.
  8. Running at max rpms

    I don’t feel you would hurt a thing not running full throttle if you don’t need it. The farm I work for trades skidsteers every 5000 hours. We trade 3 per year. We have Caterpillar now and used to have Bobcat. We have 13 machines total. The two machines that get used the most get 2000 to 2200 hours a year. After a year we switch them to feed push-up duty. All of the ones until tier 4 came we had set at 3/4 throttle. The cats with tier 4 they adjusted the ground speed and hydraulic sensitivity so they won’t go quite so fast. We are in confined areas most of the time and don’t need the speed. Never had any trouble with the Kubota motor. The Perkins Cat uses we have had 2 fail. One got overheated and scored a cylinder wall and one the oil pump got weak.
  9. Small tire foaming

    I was struggling with the same problems on two power feed carts. I bought solid tires from a place called forklift tires inc. They are the guys who make the claw daddy skid loader tires. They sell you the tire and rim with the bearings in it. They worked really well. We have since traded one of the carts and Rissler’s put solid tires on the new one for us also. I recently bought a four wheel wagon to feed calves with and was able to buy that with solid tires as well. It is great not having to fool around with the endless flat tires.
  10. self propelled cost?

    It was from an auction in Cortland, New York two years ago. O'Hara machinery had sold it new so we were able to get some history on it.
  11. self propelled cost?

    When the farm I work at was looking at a new 8000 series Deere 700k was mentioned. It made the used 7750 we got at auction for 180k seem like great deal. In corn we use 3 machines so now we have a backup ready. Even helped the nieghbors out when their processor went down.
  12. Truck air valve

    Have you looked into buying a new one? I think that is a bendix PP 2 valve. That should be relatively inexpensive. Any heavy truck parts store will have them. There are no rebuild kits that I am aware of.
  13. Best area to buy a used truck?

    We bought a 99 IH Paystar that was owned by the city of Kansas City public works. The frame was quite rusty. We ended up replacing the outside frame rails. They might not all be like that from that area. Just sharing our experience . We have bought trucks out of Georgia and Utah that we’re very clean.
  14. green 6410

    I just checked my John Deere book quick and you will need new head and rod bolts. I would have the injectors checked and replace as needed. I just put an FP Diesel head gasket set on a JD 7.6 liter and it seemed like good quality stuff. John Deere offers their kits with different amounts of parts. I would at least check this because I have found when it comes with the kits it costs less. I have used Reliance kits with no trouble but I think the gaskets in the FP kit are better. I know you can buy aftermarket head bolts for this engine if John Deere is not an option for you. I would highly recommend checking the cylinder sleeve counterbores. We have had trouble with this on higher horsepower higher hour 466 motors. Overall for us that series of engine has been super reliable. We have 5 of the 6.8L in loaders and have gotten well over 15k hours with no problems. One has 25k never been touched buts its tired now. I overhauled one at 9k because of a blown head gasket but it was ran low on coolant because the deairation fitting in the back of the head got a pinhole and let the coolant leak out slowly. As far as a turbo I get them from D and W Diesel in auburn New York. It is the exact same turbo you will get from John Deere. I believe they will ship things any where.