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  1. 766 turbo manifold ?

    I have a few of the cumming trucks laying around but first I will get used to what power it has now before i turn it into a monster thanks for the pictures
  2. 1066 weight?

    I am guessing if the tractor had a front end loader you would want the extra weight .
  3. 76 IH 766 in reverse but stalls out

    I took off the floor cover and the cover on the steering column and there was lots of grass soaked with fluid and it was think I cleaned everything out and then the shifter seemed to work fine although Oi did find two roll pins in the clean up but I looked carefully but cannot seem to see where they would go. I will say one thing it starts really well
  4. 76 IH 766 in reverse but stalls out

    I finally got the clutch and flywheel done on the tractor and I was running it around the yard yesterday everything seemed fine but after a short while the shifter for low to high and reverse was not inside the section of the shifter box so it was stuck in forward gear and when I put it into reverse it would stall and the rear tires did not budge. rookie at this type of unit and if I remember correctly when I went to neutral the park brake would engage but not no any help on where to start , I have ordered a manual but it will be two weeks thanks
  5. 1976 ih 766 flywheel specs

    what is the max they can take off the surface he seems to think there is about a 40 to 50 thou ridge there now just to get back to even
  6. 1976 ih 766 flywheel specs

    I am trying to find the specs for the flywheel to have it machined does anyone know where these can be found it is a diesel or are you just better off getting a new one thanks
  7. extremely new 766 owner

    yes it is my first tractor I should get an operators manual so I can know exactly how to work it ,I use a little isopropyl in the tank of my Cummings truck to ward off and water issues and keep the tank full to quiet down the injectors and lube pump I put in canola oil. Looking forward to getting it up and running and if everything seems to work ok I will give it a new coat of paint , is ebay the best place to pick up manuals for it or elsewhere..
  8. extremely new 766 owner

    thanks for the info is there much difference between them and the others ,I will do my best to post dome pictures later today
  9. extremely new 766 owner

    the vin tag is on the rhs of the tractor
  10. extremely new 766 owner

    thanks I will check them out
  11. extremely new 766 owner

    I have never owned a tractor and recently just purchased a 1976 ih 766 diesel I have to put a clutch kit in it and a pto shaft and pto rebuild it has 6000 hrs and it has a front end loader ,the vin is 2490191U017619 just would like to know if it is a 76 and it also has the black strip and what the significance of that may be it also has a full cab I will post some pictures once I figure that out from my phone thanks Peter