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  1. Vintage Ads

  2. Vintage Ads

    AEBI AM 53 one axle tractor brochure
  3. Vintage Ads

    I think that baler was made in Europe but not sure which factory though.
  4. Vintage Ads

    Bucher Seed Drill 1959
  5. Vintage Ads

    Baling like that is sometimes still done in Switzerland, mostly done before the new hay went up into the loft or when being sold:
  6. Vintage Ads

    ZEMP Self loading wagon ad
  7. Vintage Ads

  8. Vintage Ads

  9. Vintage Ads

  10. Vintage Ads

    Front cover of the AEBI Motor mower model AM 10 brochure sadly in french
  11. Vintage Ads

    Maschinenfabrik Fahr in Gottmadingen Germany. Fahr one horse mower with small gas engine:
  12. Farm Tool Trivia

    Its Farm tool Trivia time again: Who knows what this is?