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  1. I don't suppose you would have part numbers on that, would you? Thanks for all the replies. I ordered a seal kit for the hand pump, figured it wouldn't hurt to tear it apart and clean it as it loses its prime and won't turn with the tractor off.
  2. I am experiencing a power steering issue with my 806. The tractor will easily steer left, but turns right hard. The tractor has brand new fluid and filters. The problem happened after running an implement with the rear remotes, so I was thinking possibly got stirred up in the hydraulic system and caused a strainer or valve to stick. Anyone else had a similar problem?
  3. These numbers are with the engine warm. I was wondering if I should pull apart the oil relief valve and clean it. The tractor had been sitting a while. The hydraulic fluid was mainly water, and I drained the rear end and differentials, and put in fresh Hytran. Next on the list is fuel and air filters, which are on order. Somebody converted it to a single spin on fuel filter.
  4. That's good then. Do you know if the book gives a lower idle limit?
  5. Yes. I put a brand new SW gauge on it. The service manual I have didn't give a spec. Maybe I should look at getting a different manual.
  6. I just picked up an 806D a couple weeks ago, and was wondering what typical oil pressure is. After new filters and 15w40, I am getting roughly 10psi at low idle, 20 psi at high idle, and 40psi full throttle (it has a mechanical gauge. Is this in the ballpark? Thanks, Richard