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  1. Luckily I don't have a lot of rocks to contend with. All the disc openers I bought came from the local CIH dealer and are earth metal.
  2. Like you this was my first year with a cyclo, just planted beans with it. I did no-til them for the most part. My planter when it came home was well used but did come with quite a few new parts. Converted the closing discs to the staggered style and replaced 12 (half) with new discs from Sloan Express. Was having trouble with the disc openers getting plugged up with mud and wound up replacing most of them. That got a little pricey but for the amount of acres this thing is going to plant should last me a very long time. I replaced a lot of other parts, drive chains, bearings (have a few more of those to do next spring), drum seals, press wheels, etc. My planter came with a Dickey John monitor and 5 bad seed sensors witch led to problems. Suffice it to say they all work now and one spare. Next year should go a little smoother.
  3. Hey, that was pretty easy, not going to miss photobucket at all.
  4. I'm with FarmallFan and Smoker1, love that 1206.
  5. 'Finished' planting beans Sunday, actually planted the last field on June 1. Kinked a seed tube on the new to me cyclo and only planted 11 of 12 rows on about 25 acres. Set dad's 4 row Kinze up to plant 1 row and planted it in everywhere I missed earlier. Will see how that works out.
  6. A little late to the party but will post this link anyway; http://www.heywheel.com/page3.html They have about any size Power adjust wheel you could need. Prices pretty competitive, not sure on shipping charges.
  7. There is a fellow over on the AC board, Rick Corder, he relines brakes and clutches. Does great work at reasonable prices. I have installed two of his rebuilt clutch set-ups and am very happy with them. E-mail, rickinmo@socket.net. I'll bet he can help.
  8. Here is a pic of one of the 7488's and a 7288 that were at the Marshalltown show in 2015. And one shot of the other 7488.
  9. The book I have has charts for 24, 36, 72, 96,144, and 240 hole drums. Put new drive chains on yesterday, need to double check sprockets for correct population.
  10. My 'research' I've done on the sprocket issue shows that the numbers stamped on them are half of the actual number of teeth. I'm trying to set my new to me 800 for soybeans with a 240 hole drums, think I have it figured out.
  11. Napa. Echlin ignition parts are the best I've found. They cost, but they last. The Tractor doctor had a column in the March-April Red Power about this, great info.
  12. How much corn is in the ground there? It's up in places around here, mine's not, thankfully.
  13. I didn't think about your board name until after I had posted this. Just a coincidence, though I may have a question or two for you in the future. MTO, that 45 is my 'pet tractor', have a lot of fun with that one. That picture was taken shortly after I rebuilt the engine, hadn't put the front weights back on yet.
  14. Newton, farm is West and a little North of town.
  15. Thanks Guys, should have mentioned I have three cub cadets too. A 782, 149, and a 1650 that I don't have a picture of. Here is a shot of the 782 and 149 (which now has a No. 2 tiller on it full time. My WD45 got into this shot.