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  1. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    If you turned North at Earl May that is East 23rd Street, 6 blocks East of the dealership.
  2. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    It would be about a mile to the west of where Wall Mart is, on the main drag through town. If you look at Google maps and zoom in enough it shows the HyVee location, Newton Imp. was just to the East of there. There is an anytime fitness there now.
  3. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    That's the old 'shopping center'. It's gone now, replaced by a HyVee store now, (with the most miserable parking lot ever conceived).
  4. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    My how the landscape has changed since then!
  5. COLD

    Headed out to hunt deer this morning, -9 currently. May be a short hunt!
  6. Super M ignition points

    Go to Napa and get Echlin tune up parts! Have had excellent results with them. Their caps have brass contacts in them I believe.
  7. gold in my basement

    I have a 681vs Ranger boat with 135 hp outboard in my basement. Been here since 2001, (other boats before it). It's a single car garage under the house. Maybe he has something like this.
  8. COLD

    Only been Cold here in central Ia. for a few days now, heck I ran the lawn mower on 12-23.
  9. 782 engine trouble

    Update 12-23. Props to Big Steve, it was the fuel pump, (I didn't even know these things had a fuel pump) Got one off of E-bay and got her going today. Even mowed the leaves in Moms yard that I wanted to mow 6 weeks ago. Good to have this put to bed before winter sets in for real.
  10. 756 lpg tractors

    The picture shows it setting outside the shed where tractors go to die, that's why I asked its fate. Glad you were able to save it.
  11. 756 lpg tractors

    That's cool! I was hoping it wasn't going to get parted out!
  12. Why 501?

    AC started a lot of their numbers at 1001.
  13. 756 lpg tractors

    Whats going to happen with this tractor?

    Like many here I had serious sleep apnea. During my sleep study I stopped breathing for 93 seconds straight. The technician woke me up and put a mask on me immediately. I knew I needed the cpap, just have to jump through the hoops. I think the severity of the sleep apnea has an influence on how you take to the machine/mask because like others here I was like a duck to water. Things that really surprised me; not having to get up to pee. That stopped immediately, sleep right through most nights now. Heartburn went away 99.5%, almost never need an antacid now, used to have a bottle of tums on the night stand. There are other unexpected benefits but those two really stand out.

    Every night, little over 4 years for me now. Can't believe the difference it made in my life!