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  1. I was really into that stuff; I was eight years old and was fascinated with anything about flying and space. It made the imagination of a little boy in the Mississippi Delta expand quite a bit!!
  2. 'Nothing like being in the Arkansas/Mississippi Delta this time of year. Heat indexes over 100.
  3. Its the same thing I've been saying; the device was designed in the days of the Atari gaming console. Cant be that hard to replicate.
  4. They're wanting us to get rid of this old stuff. That's my take on things. The more independent you are the less money they make from you.
  5. if the pigtail you are referring to is the single wire going over to the right side of the panel; and if it has any wire left on it you could splice it and put an eyelet on it for grounding to the side panel per Mike Links instructions. Might want to check back with them.
  6. Make sure everything is tight as far as any fitting related to hydraulics are concerned. Any air in the system will cause it to "chatter".
  7. Make sure all of the in and out lines on the flow divider are tight. You could have and air leak, particularly if you have taken anything off to clean it. This occurred to me a while back.
  8. Still don't understand why these things couldn't be built again. They were early 1980's technology. Seems like some smart tech types could reverse engineer them. Must be a patent still in place.
  9. If term limits not now; then when?
  10. The majority of the public doesn't know history. What most don't know is the war was not necessary. Slavery was on the way out. The planters in the Natchez area of MS were on the verge of abandoning the practice. But once the invasion of the south began it became a war where yeoman farmers took up arms to protect their land. Remember, much of the country was still frontier. Once you pillage and seize the property of subsistence farmers you have a war on your hands; politics be damned.
  11. Anyone got some tips on installing one of these? Mike says he uses an impact; Just wondering about the boiled water idea. Do they normally only go on so far , and then after that its cinching it up with the three bolts alternating between the three? Book says 110 ft lbs
  12. Your work is unbelievable. RIch down in Memphis
  13. Time doesn't change the good looks of that series of machine. If only things today were as simple to work on get going again when a breakdown does occur.
  14. Seem to have it fixed. Replaced all four grommets in the two lines going into the pump; also replaced the gasket in the bottom of the plunger. Made sure it was tight and replaced the o ring on the outside of the plunger. Seems like that could be the problem. That o ring seals the plunger airtight; you have to also make sure the wing nut is tight when you cinch it up to make a seal. We will see.