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  1. One of the greatest stories from WWII. Have read Thirty Seconds over Tokyo more times over than any other book.
  2. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    Excellent trout fishing in the Heber Springs and Mountain Home areas of Arkansas. My wife and I go there a lot. We are seeing a lot of upper Mid West people (particularly out of Chicago area) settle in North AR/South Missouri.
  3. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    Nice to know there are some local boys on the forum. I am a native of Clarksdale but now reside in Memphis. My work (farm Management) takes me back to the Delta about twice a month. Finding the older I get the more I want to be "closer" to the country.
  4. Farming after heart surgery??

    The problem is the farmer lifestyle. Late dinners after all day field work. lack of proper rest; no exercise; etc. Worry and anxiety more than most professions. My father had triple bypass in the mid 70's; first thing the Houston Doctor told him was to get out of agriculture as a profession.
  5. 5288 Aux Fuel

    If the sender is bad in the bottom tank you will probably decide to remove it. Its over $300 last time I checked. I removed it on both of my 52's. Main tank at 70 gallons is enough.
  6. 86 series with no A/C ?

    Most of the 86's sold in the Mid South were open station. Farmers in that era didn't believe in wasting the extra money for "comfort" when labor was more plentiful.
  7. 5488 shifter

    There is a bolt that acts like a set screw down there; it may have worked its way loose. You access it under the cab hehind the battery box. I have heard some people say on the forum that the slot the lever goes into has to be built up sometimes with a welder. Check the bolt first.
  8. 986 cab what do you think

    Pretty sure the cabs for the 86s are the same as the 88s. MIke Links sells the patch panels for the rear posts and the top cover and drip edges. He is Triple R tractors. With a little creativity and sheet metal work you could probably work with what you have.
  9. 48 years ago....

    I was really into that stuff; I was eight years old and was fascinated with anything about flying and space. It made the imagination of a little boy in the Mississippi Delta expand quite a bit!!
  10. Anyone else change working hours when hot?

    'Nothing like being in the Arkansas/Mississippi Delta this time of year. Heat indexes over 100.
  11. 5488 Sentry Module

    Its the same thing I've been saying; the device was designed in the days of the Atari gaming console. Cant be that hard to replicate.
  12. 5488 Sentry Module

    They're wanting us to get rid of this old stuff. That's my take on things. The more independent you are the less money they make from you.
  13. 5488 Sentry Module

    if the pigtail you are referring to is the single wire going over to the right side of the panel; and if it has any wire left on it you could splice it and put an eyelet on it for grounding to the side panel per Mike Links instructions. Might want to check back with them.
  14. 5488 questions

    Make sure everything is tight as far as any fitting related to hydraulics are concerned. Any air in the system will cause it to "chatter".