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  1. 1206 w/ 30 inch rubber

  2. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    I'm thinking that would break something. Maybe the guillotine, maybe the plumbing, or the wheel. I'm not a puller though, and have no experience. It just seems physically wrong to go on that side.
  3. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    1,500 hr 12,000hr 14-15k hr. (Tach worked but hr meter was broken for a while when I was a kid.) On the three above. the 856 below I just found with 7000 on it, but the tach had been replaced and only was showing 2k on that one. Original tach broke at 5100. Owner had notes. I found a 7300hr tach, and put it back in. Tractor looks to be a 7300hr tractor. Matches the condition of our 10-14k hr ones, or I wouldn't have brought it home. Most "low hr" tractors I've gone to look at, turned out to be a nice long ride to just get coffee.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking tractor. I'm fairly new here too, but I suspect these guys are going to tell you to look,for original IH fenders, mounts and steps.
  5. Cool. You'll need bigger rims for the 20.8s, but that's probably good because you can just unbolt yours and sell them as a set. Halfway decent tires sell fast, given the prices on used ones
  6. Repainting metal 101?

    I love ford 5000's. And ford blue is about the easiest color to work with too. I too would avoid sandblasting. Why disturb that heavy factory primer? Manually Sand it smooth. Even Smoother if you are going for perfection.
  7. 756 rear end noise

    I have no idea, or understanding of what's really in the rear of these things, but I can't be the only one who is surprised at the magnitude of that noise. That's a good clunk right there. What is it guys?
  8. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    Looking good. Where did you get the battery covers? If aftermarket, how well do they fit? I need a set
  9. 656 pto slippage

    Pto clutches would not ratchet, and they really only slip, about one time, then they just kinda stop, right? That's my experience anyway. But I think I probably had a little more load on them than what this 656 is seeing.
  10. I always like that there nf pic of yours too. Neighbor always use to put one under his 1206 for pulling when I was a kid. Thanks, (They're mostly my fathers....I just try to keep them nice). There's another 1066 here someplace that keeps getting missed in the pics, here it is on the right. The one that use to have the white delux cab on it. 11 or 12k hrs on that one too. 856 is a little wet in that pic, had pulled it outside to adjust new/used throttle linkage. Original one had a adjuster nut tac welded in place.
  11. Aftermarket battery cover 856

    Are the $20 ones I see online just ridiculously crappy? Are There some that are better than others? I have to think they are probably all stamped cheaply in the same place. Anybody have a nice, but not perfect or anything, original set that's good enough for a working tractor? Thanks
  12. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    7and8and1456, Nicely done with the pics!
  13. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    They look terrible, but they are also tough bolts, and bolts aren't cheap. I think I'd still try soaking them for a bit, days, and then heating the nuts with a torch before I just torched or snapped them off. Maybe the are rusted thin on the back sides. He'll have to get one off and look.
  14. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    The bolts in your 2nd and 6th pictures. They bolt to cast iron tapered rim clamp pieces (see them in third pic) Stare at them, after washing, and you will see that two of them look slightly different than the other ten. Take note of them. They are important when placing the new rim.