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  1. 5488 steering

  2. 5488 steering

    5488 steering has gotten hard. I have not had tractor long. While baling today it got harder to steer as the day went on. I did notice that when pressing the brake to which ever direction I was turning that the steering wheel would turn easier as it should. Would this be just a filter problem like on 66 series at times?
  3. 5488 blow by

    Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate you all in here.
  4. 5488 blow by

    Recently purchased a 5488. While idling tractor does not show much blow by. Hooked a 21ft disc to it today to break some ground. Tractor seems to give a lot of blow by smoke once engine is put under a load. Is this normal? I have heard mechanics around here say these tractors had more blow by than the 66-86 series tractors. What gear do most of you run these tractors in while breaking ground. Tractor seems strong and pulls good compared to what I'm used to. Blow by smoke concerns me. Thanks in advance.
  5. 5088 hydraulics

    Yes they are going up and down. I pull lever all the way back as far as it will go. It will actually hit the plastic back that the lever comes up thru. Arms only raise about half way up and stops.
  6. 5088 hydraulics

    Well I changed the tips to some older more used tips and everything work fine as for the auxiliary valves go. 🙌 Three point arms are still not raising up all the way. What's the advice on that?
  7. 5088 hydraulics

    I finally hit some time to work on the 5488. The pressure released in the hydraulic lines. Finally got the lines unhooked. Tried in the other set of outlets and had the same problem. I pulled the dipstick to check fluid level again. It sounds like it is sucking air when dipstick is pulled out. I have not changed filters yet. Any suggestions? When engaging the hydraulic levers it does put a strain on engine as it should.
  8. 5088 hydraulics

    That's the next thing I was gonna try mike. It seems like the lines have pressure on them therefore making hard to unhook. Now that it is down I hope I can get them unhooked and try the other outlet today.
  9. 5088 hydraulics

    I dont have a check valve.
  10. 5088 hydraulics

    Ok. After I posted earlier I got my dad to operate lever while I checked the linkage to make sure spool was moving far enough. I also tapped on the spool. It let the disk down. Now it does the same thing opposite of staying raised. It will not go up now. If I don't have the check valve what is the next step? Adjusting the spool with a screw driver from the bottom?
  11. 5088 hydraulics

    I am having the same problem with my 5488. Can you tell me where and what the check valve looks like. Some commented about it being above the axle,. I don't see any box type check valve. Pics do wonders for me if you can get one. I really need yalls help.
  12. 5488 lift arms

    Thanks for letting me join. Im still figuring out how all this works on here.
  13. 5488 lift arms

    I have a 5488 I just purchased. I'm not very familiar with this series tractor. What could be the problem? When you hit the hydraulic levers they will move a little. There is also a winding sound coming from right side of tractor it seems like.