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  1. That's the next thing I was gonna try mike. It seems like the lines have pressure on them therefore making hard to unhook. Now that it is down I hope I can get them unhooked and try the other outlet today.
  2. I dont have a check valve.
  3. Ok. After I posted earlier I got my dad to operate lever while I checked the linkage to make sure spool was moving far enough. I also tapped on the spool. It let the disk down. Now it does the same thing opposite of staying raised. It will not go up now. If I don't have the check valve what is the next step? Adjusting the spool with a screw driver from the bottom?
  4. I am having the same problem with my 5488. Can you tell me where and what the check valve looks like. Some commented about it being above the axle,. I don't see any box type check valve. Pics do wonders for me if you can get one. I really need yalls help.
  5. Thanks for letting me join. Im still figuring out how all this works on here.
  6. I have a 5488 I just purchased. I'm not very familiar with this series tractor. What could be the problem? When you hit the hydraulic levers they will move a little. There is also a winding sound coming from right side of tractor it seems like.